Advertising Property For Sale

Advertising Property For Sale

Once you have made the decision to put your property for sale on the open market you will need to decide on your marketing strategy. There are various options available in the UK for sellers to consider; do you want to go it alone with a private sale, stick with convention and instruct a local high street estate agent or opt for the middle ground with an internet based agent?

Each option has its pros and cons but no matter which you choose you will need to get the property for sale seen by potential buyers!

For sale boards are a great strategy. Many people consider them old fashioned but they really are a cost effective, simple and efficient way of generating interest in your property. For sale boards will work more successfully for some properties than for others based on two main factors.

Firstly the area, is there good footfall or a high level of passing traffic?
The board needs to be seen in order to work!

Secondly the design of the board is vital, it must be clear and provide the necessary information.
If you have chosen to sell your property using an agent they will be able to provide you with a professional board, for private sellers having a property for sale board printed may well prove a good investment.

Local newspapers will generally have a property section you can pay to list in. Fees will vary across the country depending on location, readership levels and the length of time your advert will run for.

Advertising in local papers can be an expensive strategy so be sure to do your local research first.

Along the same lines you may want to consider placing a card in the window of local shops advertising your property for sale, this method can be very useful for generating interest especially in smaller areas and will normally be a more economical alternative than a newspaper listing.

Internet exposure is essential in today’s property market.
More and more people are starting their property search online so don’t miss out on this key marketing tactic! Whether you are listing on public sites such as Gumtree or choose a more comprehensive professional approach with the help of your estate agent getting your property online really is a must. The largest property portal in the UK is Rightmove, in order to list your property on Rightmove you must instruct an estate agent that holds an account with them.
Click here to find out more about advertising your property for sale on Rightmove.

Cost is always going to be a factor when it comes to selling your home, choosing a completely private sale is certainly the cheapest option but may not be viable for sellers looking to achieve a quick sale. On the other end of the spectrum a local high street agent will normally work on a commission basis, depending on where your property is located the fees could amount to 2.5% of the price you achieve for your property!

Opting for an internet based estate agent will generally make you are large saving on standard commission fees, as the majority of companies work on an upfront fee basis with no commission payable once the property has sold. As with all agencies do your research, find out exactly what costs are involved and what you can expect for your money before you decide which agent best suits your needs.

Written by Sara Borton, Urban Sales and Lettings

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