Question: What Do People Do To Achieve Greater Success?

Answer: They join us on a NO COST webinar TONIGHT Monday 4th March at 7pm with Simon Zutshi

It’s not just what you know but WHO you know! You’ve probably heard this before, but how often do you meet the RIGHT people?

Property investor Simon Zutshi has something that can help. Simon took 8 years, through trial and error, to become independent (but he still managed it by 32). However if he had his time again, he would do things differently.

Mike & Rachel with Simon Zutshi

Mike & Rachel with Simon Zutshi

 Simon would find those already successful … and follow them; to learn from their mistakes and be inspired by their success. The GOOD news is you don’t have to repeat Simon’s journey. If you’d like to achieve in property (and quickly) you can start TODAY, here’s how:

We would like to invite you to join us on a NO COST webinar TONIGHT  Monday 4th March at 7pm with Simon Zutshi who is going to share how you can get other people to help you to be even more successful in your property investing.

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the size of your action list? Have you ever procrastinated because you’re ‘not sure’ what to do? This is normal – welcome to the majority of property investors (which is why most of them give up)

The secret is: use other people’s TEM. In this special webinar Simon will share with you what TEM is and also:

  • How to get other people bringing property deals to you
  • How to get people to invest with you
  • How to find perfect Joint Venture partners
  • How you can achieve more in less time
  • How to get more out of networking
  • The 3 mistakes most people make when networking

To get full details of what ELSE you’ll learn on the webinar and to get 2 BONUS VIDEOS just for registering click here NOW

We hope you can join us and Simon TONIGHT at 7pm on Monday 4th March.

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