Free Webinar Packed Full Of Useful Content

Free Webinar Packed Full Of Useful Content

Free Webinar Packed Full Of Useful Content 

The ‘HMO Daddy’ Jim Haliburton is recording a free training session
for property investors who want to get better yields and increased return on investment from their property investments.

You may remember Jim from the Channel 4 TV programme “Meet The Landlords” where he showed the TV cameras inside a couple of his HMO units and didn’t shy away from revealing the struggles that some landlords face on a daily basis.

Jim has always had a no nonsense approach and tells it like it is and he has agreed to provide a great deal of solid content with real ‘meat’ from his paid workshops – all for FREE!

You can register here now

In this free online training, Jim will provide insight for those people who want to get started in property investing, as well as providing great information for those people who are already investing and wanting to know how to get a better Return On Investment (ROI) and higher yields from their property portfolios.

Free HMO training with Jim HaliburtonJim will then also share how he bought a Mega HMO using his Options strategy and how you can learn to do the same!

You can register here now

You may already know a little about Jim, like the fact he has been doing HMO’s for over 22 years, has written THE ‘HMO Bible’ on HMO property investing AND that he has over 110+ houses in his portfolio with hundreds of tenants.

Why not learn from an expert who has walked the walk for many years? You will know that this online training is UNMISSABLE!

If you are serious about property investing, get registered now:



P.S. Mark the 19th & 20th July in your calendar too and I’ll let you know more later


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