This is meant to be private, but it’s the start of a new year, and we exist to help property investors find the resources they need to profit from property, so let’s not waste time!

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The Top 7 Property Predictions for 2013 – Exposed -Register for YOUR Unfair advantage NOW!

Here at MyPropertyPowerTeam, we want YOU to start 2013 fully armed, so you can smash those property investment resolutions and show the world that you have the knowledge to succeed as a successful property investor. 

So its time to gain a really unfair advantage!..

How much easier and profitable would your 2013 be if you could to listen in on the answers to some of the BIGGEST questions in UK Property Investment:

  • What will be the new ‘No Money Down’ of 2013? 
  • What Investor Types will Survive, Thrive or Fail? 
  • Residential, Commercial or Private finance for 2013? 
  • What will happen to property prices in the next 12 months? 
  • What are the best & worst Cashflow strategies right now? 
  • Which significant new regulations affect you?
  • Which surprising budget change could wipe ALL your income tax in the next 12 months? 

If You want the inside story on what’s REALLY going to happen in the UK property market in 2013… 

Then listen in as the UK’s most prolific Contrarian Property Investor (Rob Moore) reveals his “Top 7 Property Predictions & Early Mover Opportunities for 2013”, on THIS online event:

This is the 3rd annual Property Predictions online event hosted by this experienced and, very controversial Property investor… 

In 2012 he predicted that HMO strategies and private finance would be huge in 2012. Many savvy early-movers and established property professionals took his advice and went out to create MASSIVE cash-flowing property investments… 

So if You would like to get in early on the predictions and BIG trends for the next 12 months…

If you’d like to know where the real low-deposit, high return investing strategies are hidden, 
(no other online training advertises these!)

…and if you want to know what to avoid like the plague, that many ‘know-it-all’ property investors will fall victim to…

Then simply request an email invitation here:

 Just so you know, he’s not charging a penny for this!

And by the way, it’s being held by an investor-entrepreneur who went from £30K (GBP) in credit card debt to over £5 Million (GBP) in income and £25 Million (GBP) in assets in 4 years!

All as a beginner!

I wouldn’t say he’s anything special, but in amassing £25 Million (GBP) he’s learned a few ‘little known secrets’ about contrarian income investing and he is the Go To Guru who helps me! (I’ve found out that two of those secrets are Leverage, and ‘Other Peoples Money – OPM’)

Learn more here:

The best part of this is…You only need to spare 1.5 hours on the 8th January at 8pm, from the comfort of your own computer, to learn everything…

Fair warning though…

He’s only making 300 spaces available – this is intended to be a ‘private mastermind’ session

But You can listen in!

Request an email invitation here:

I’ve already tried it out earlier, and it works

P.S: There’s a surprising story to how he went from £30K (GBP) credit card debt to £5 Million (GBP) in income & £25 Million (GBP) in assets in 4 years, and you can learn how to do the same here:

It’s THE online Property Investment event of 2013… but You’ll need to register NOW  

Rob’s limiting invitations to “The Top 7 Property Predictions & Early Mover Opportunities for 2013

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