Its Not Too Late To Get FREE Property Insulation

Its Not Too Late For Landlords and Tenants To Get FREE Property Insulation

The UK Government’s Green Deal is set for launch in October 2012, replacing current schemes for property insulation, with new funding aiming to provide energy efficiency works for those on a very low income and additionally for premises where the cost of improving the energy efficiency will be cost prohibitive.

The new funding criteria means the end of the current subsidies for cavity wall and loft insulation, which have been available for years.

There are some incredible offers for property insulation as the energy companies become more desperate to meet the targets set by the government before the end of this year, although the allowances are not going to be as generous as they are now.

Most energy suppliers provide free property insulation, whilst some are even giving cash bonuses of up to £100 (GBP), or a finder’s fee of up to £50 (GBP), along with the free insulation.

The offers are only available for owner occupiers, tenants and landlords in the UK.

If properties don’t have adequate loft or cavity wall insulation, property owners, landlords and PRS tenants should act now before the offers come to an end.

Contact the Energy Saving Trust on 0300 123 1234

UK landlords are urged to get properties insulated now whilst it’s free, and avoid the forthcoming paperwork which will be associated with Green Deal funding, before the enforcement of energy efficiency standards are introduced.

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