MPPT Spotlight are focusing on Tenants this week with a series of articles on getting the best out of tenant

MPPT Spotlight are focusing on Tenants this week with a series of articles on getting the best out of tenants

Its Tenant Focus Week on Spotlight and we are going to publish a few helpful hints and tips over the next few days for landlords to incorporate into their rental property businesses and also pass on to tenants in rental properties.

The whole point is to raise awareness and overall standards within the UK’s private rental sector, whilst educating landlords and tenants about their respective rights and responsibilities.

All parties involved in renting property should behave respectfully towards each other to minimise misunderstandings and keep the lines of communication between the landlord, letting agent and tenants open and free from irrelavant clutter over silly unconnected issues that can sometimes spoil a tenancy.

Below is an excerpt from the general advice published and offered to all parties involved in property rentals issued by the Housing OmbudsmanThe Housing Ombudsman offers the following basic requirements to landlords and tenants to make sure that all parties involved in property rental are treated fairly:

  • Everyone is entitled to receive the same standard of service regardless of their background, appearance, age, beliefs or lifestyle.
  • Be aware of the effects of bias and prejudice on decision making.
  • Ensure the focus is on the individual, taking into account the person and their circumstances.
  • Be flexible in application of policy, practice and process to ensure that individual needs are taken into account.
  • Be consistent when dealing with an individual person and when dealing with other tenants or complaints.
  • Be clear where responsibility lies for any action, including resolving the dispute.
  • Progress a complaint to escalate to the next stage unless there is a good reason not to.
  • Give everyone involved in the complaint the chance to explain their point of view.
  • Respect privacy and keep confidentiality
  • Sometimes people behave in a way that is unreasonable or unacceptable. While that can justify changes to standard procedures people must still be treated fairly. 


  • Landlords are expected to treat all tenants fairly.
  • It underpins and increases trust in the landlord and tenant relationship
  • Landlords are entitled to balance the needs of individual tenants with the needs of other tenants and employees. 


  • Tenants can expect to be treated fairly when they raise a complaint.
  • Scrutiny and tenant panels can hold their landlord to account for the way it treats tenants. They should also ensure that they treat both the landlord and the tenant fairly when considering complaints.
  • Tenants need to be aware that their landlord is entitled to manage their expectations and that if their behaviour is considered unreasonable, their landlord is entitled to treat them differently when handling their complaints.

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