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Reena Malra - Queen Of Lease Options

Reena Malra – Queen Of Lease Options

Don’t Attend Another Property Event
Until You’ve Read This!

There are only 12 Places Available on Reena Malra’s Lease Option Vs Instalment Contract Secrets Revealed Masterclass for 28th September 2013

Reena Malra will again share her extremely successful 7-Step Command & Conquer Property Formula with attendee’s of September’s Lease Option Vs Instalment Contract Secrets Revealed Masterclass

Last Few Places For September 28th at Heathrow

Last Few Places For September 28th at Heathrow

Book your place now and discover

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Multi-Let Success Strategy with Peter SinghMulti-Let Success Coach
Reveals Success Strategy

Last week, I spent a couple of days talking with Multi-Let Success Strategy coach, Peter Singh who overcame tremendous obstacles in his personal life to achieve real success in property investment and become a real life inspiration for many property investors by using a unique Multi-Let Success Strategy to bring in almost £8,000 (GBP) per month (pcm).

Peter is a genuinely nice guy and his story is fascinating and compelling, there were stages in his life when he was a gambler who faced death threats for not winning money for other people and this affected the financial well being of his entire family in the process, resulting in death becoming a very realistic thought for him.

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Reena Malra Can Show You How To Make 5 Figures A Month From UK Property!

Reena Malra Can Show You How To Make 5 Figures A Month From UK Property!

Here’s How To Make 5 Figures A Month From UK Property

Let me ask you a quick question…

Would you like to discover how to make a 5 figure monthly income from the UK Property market…

  •   WITHOUT having to take out a mortgage
  •   WITHOUT needing to pay any kind of deposit
  •   WITHOUT having to borrow any money, and…
  •   WITHOUT the need for even a simple credit check?

Oh, and I almost forgot…

WITHOUT the need for ANY experience whatsoever?

You would?!

Then you can find out how to do it yourself right here

Our friend Reena Malra – the self-made property millionaire and leading creative strategist, has been helping people just like you to make a 5-figure income each and every month using her secret underground creative strategies – with some truly spectacular results!

Take a look for yourself here:

But crucially for you, she’s now opening up the doors for a select few attendees only!

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This is What 99% of Property Investors Do…

Everywhere you look there are still doom-laden forecasts for a property price crash. If you’re wondering what most property investors do when the market is all doom and gloom and everybody is panicking – it’s precisely this …

They do nothing about it and bury their heads in the sand.

But you can avoid this by learning how to successfully build a property business in ANY market and in ANY financial climate, regardless of the price of houses.


London Ealing is Where Goals Are Achieved!

On June 22nd, our good friend, Matthew Moody is hosting a one-day event in London Ealing called “Cracking the Property Code Live!and it’s all about how you can build a profitable property business using the latest techniques and strategies that he will brain dump for you in an intensive event.

So if you’re thinking about starting a business in property or you’re already in property but things are not quite working out the way you want; you need to be at this event.

Tickets start from just £9.99 – get yours here

We are very much looking forward to attending as it’s going to be a great day with over 200 property investors there – selected exhibitors to help you with services – and of course, killer content from Matthew on how to build your property business the right way!

Make sure you get your ticket today

Remember that tickets start at just £9.99 for a full day of content – it really doesn’t get any better than that so don’t dilly dally as there are limited places available – book yours today! 

Matthew Moody

Matthew Moody

About Matthew Moody

Matthew Moody has been investing in property since 2004 and been involved in the HMO market, educating, sourcing, management and coaching people for over 9 years. 

From humble beginnings in Hull as the son of a policeman, he now owns a cash flow rich portfolio of £3.5 million (GBP) properties (the majority 6 bed+ HMO’s) and was instrumental in his last business (Millennia Property) for winning Letting Agent of the Year in 2010, managing over 600 units of property and taking control of over £16.5 million pounds (GBP) worth of property through instalment contracts and long leases. 

His mission is to make a difference in the property world and show people that you don’t have to struggle; you need to take the right action step-by-step to truly live out your dreams. 

Cracking the Property Code Live!

Cracking the Property Code Live!

Discover your outcome, prioritize your life and take massive action today!

 Results Action Purpose


Make sure you get your ticket today


The Event

Results – achieve the results you want in your property business

Purpose– know your purpose and why this is important to you

Action – take the right action to move your property business onwards and upwards

1 world class speaker

Cracking the Property Code Live is the culmination of 10 years in the making and brings the very best educator in the property sector to share with you his key to success.

Spend the day with Matthew Moody learning how to create a business that is profitable, sustainable and learn:
  • ◦How to understand if the path you are on is the right path for you
  • ◦How to choose two property strategies that work for you
  • ◦Which systems to use and which ones to ditch
  • ◦Which three marketing strategies you need to use
  • ◦How to have more time, and make more money

Exhibitors are:

  • Mir & Co Solicitors
  • HMO Tax
  • The Mortgage Practice

June 22nd 2013 – The London Ealing Hotel, DoubleTree Hilton – 09.00am – 05:30pm

Make sure you get your ticket today

Would you like to earn a full-time income, by only working part-time?

Discover a step by step plan of how to move from being an amateur property investor to a professional property investor, whereby you can make your full time income from property, working just part time, which means that you can spend the rest of your time doing whatever you want!

The property investor delegates on Simon Zutshi’s £12,000 (GBP) Property Mastermind Program are working towards exactly this goal.

And YOU can too!

On Monday 20th May 2013, Property Investor’s Network (PIN) founder, best-selling author and property investment educator – Simon Zutshi – is going to hold a special “Pre-Berkshire Property Meet” workshop from 2pm to 5pm, at the Holiday Inn, Maidenhead

Simon is going to share some of the systems and processes that are normally only reserved for his Mastermind delegates

This is a HANDS-ON workshop and not just theoretical. This is a brand new event that will be rolled out fully later in the year at a much higher price, however for a small group of property investors who want a step change in their property investment results, this is your invitation and your chance to attend now for just £20 with a full money back guarantee if you are not delighted with the information that Simon is prepared to share with you. There is no risk for you and everything to gain.

Simon intends to limit the number of delegates to ensure you gain as much value as possible for this incredible event. Book your tickets by Clicking this link now!

Places are very limited and will be allocated first come, first served basis.

To watch a short video and reserve your place; Click here NOW:

PS This event is only suitable if you want to become a professional property investor.
To reserve your place and not miss out, click here:

About Simon Zutshi

Learn How To Go From Being An Amateur To Professional Property Investor With Simon Zutshi

Learn How To Go From Being An Amateur To Professional Property Investor With Simon Zutshi


Simon Zutshi, experienced investor, successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, is widely recognised as one of the top wealth creation strategists in the UK. Having started to invest in 1995, he became financially independent by the age of 32.

Passionate about sharing his experience, Simon founded the property investor’s network in 2003 which has grown to become the largest property networking organisation in the UK, with monthly meetings in 35 cities, designed specifically to provide a supportive, educational and inspirational environment for people like you to network with and learn from other successful investors.

Since 2003 Simon has taught thousands of entrepreneurs, property investors and business owners how to successfully invest in a tax efficient way to create additional streams of income, give them more time to do the things they want to do and build their long-term wealth.
Simon’s book “Property Magic” which is now in its fourth edition became a an instant hit when first released in 2008 and remains an Amazon No 1 best selling property book.

Hi My Property Power Team readers…

Top property sourcer, trainer, property coach & author Mark I’Anson wants to help you on your property investment journey

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I'Anson

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I’Anson

Mark has designed a one day workshop which will help you find motivated sellers, convert these leads into property deals and then support you to either grow your own property investment portfolio or become a property sourcer. 

In the workshop Mark will take you through his straight forward process which enables you to maximise your property investment and business resources. He does this by focusing on one area for your properties which reduces your entry costs and get better results. 

Mark will work through this process together with you, which will enable you to tailor it to your needs. You will gain confidence in speaking to vendors ….. This day will also give you a range of transferable skills as the content can be used as a “bolt-on” with many other property investment strategies.

  • Are you starting out on your property journey?
  • Or part-way through?
  • Are you confused by all of the strategies out there?
  • Are you looking from some new ideas or just losing motivation?

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HMO Secrets WorkshopThe HMO Secrets Workshop is presented by Matthew Moody, one of the leading authorities on HMO’s in the UK.

The HMO Secrets Workshop teaches property investors the 7-step system that allowed Matthew to become financially free by the age of 31 and to have managed over 500 units and taken over £16.5 Million (GBP) pounds worth of HMO’s in just 18 months.

Book Your Place NOW!

On The HMO Secrets Workshop investors will learn how to

  • Correctly identify an area of high demand

  • Ensure the right property type is purchased

  • Budget professionally for the purchase and refurbishment

  • Use the right marketing to get your property known

  • Prepare the property the right way that guarantees 50%+ conversion rates

  • View a house so that no stone is left unturned in turning a “no” into a “yes”

  • Manage the property to minimize your time and maximize your profit

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Are you looking to invest in property over the next 12 months? 

The property investing SALE ENDS at Midnight TONIGHT! 

Property Investing Quick Start with Simon Zutshi

Property Investing Quick Start with Simon Zutshi

Whatever your experience, a one-day Property Investing Quick Start [PIQS] seminar from Simon Zutshi is a GREAT place to start and 2,500 people just like you have already attended his one-day PIQS seminars;

Here are some of the RESULTS:

  • Tony Law got his first deal just weeks after the course and secured a £35,000 discount on the property
  • Hansa Sharma from Slough went onto buy her first ever property just 9 days after the course
  • Anne Glass bought 4 properties and saved about £100,000 after attending the course

All of these investors have one thing in common:

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FREE Property Investor Webinar – Tonight –
Wednesday 28th November 2012

How to be a better property investor with Simon Zutshi

How to be a better property investor with Simon Zutshi

Last week we listened into a fascinating NO COST webinar by Simon Zutshi in which he shared some surprising results about property investors from the success research he has been conducting over the past 12 months.

The research was about “why do some people achieve so much more, in record time, with their property investing than the vast majority of people?”

Do you want to know more about these success accelerating discoveries?

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There is a huge event for HMO Landlords on 24th November 2012 in London UK s


with Matthew Moody

Saturday, November 24th, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (GMT) London, United Kingdom


HMO & Rent 2 Rent Bootcamp

HMO & Rent 2 Rent Bootcamp

Have you ever wanted to truly become a successful property investor and actually make money every month?

If so, there’s only really one way to make £350, £400, £500 or even £1,000 actual net profit every month into your bank account.

The answer is Houses of Multiple Occupation – or houseshares or HMO’s or multi-lets.

Whichever way you skin it, HMO’s make cash day-in and day-out.

On this one-day bootcamp, you’ll be put through your paces by the Black Belt of HMO’s in the UK, Matthew Moody, a prolific HMO investor who in his last business operated over 600 HMO units across the UK, business owner, educator and author who has taught over 1,000 people how to invest safely, ethically and correctly into developing their own HMO business.


On the brand-new one-day bootcamp, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 specific types of houses we want to buy and why
  • How to evaluate a house in less than 37 seconds (or less!)
  • How to determine whether there is rental demand
  • How you convert a house into a money machine within a weekend
  • How to make the Rent 2 Rent system work for you – and get your first one within 30 days or less! 
  • How my system works to get you to £500 pcm pure profit (or more!)
  • How Lease Options & Installment contracts allow you to quadruple your portfolio within 6-12 months and put even more cash into your bank account 
  • How to systematize your business so that you don’t have to work like mad to manage it properly.
  • Why I always buy discounted property and how you can too
  • How to market your houses properly so that they rent/sell quickly in any market
  • Which lenders, rates and brokers I use and why you should too
  • How to get outside finance to help grow your business (even if you’re broke)
  • Tax-deductible assets that can save you thousands in start-up costs
  • How to recruit contractors to work in your business the right way so that you don’t get taken for shoddy work and inflated prices
  • You’ll get a personal introduction to my team of experts
  • How to control HMO properties without owning them through Rent 2 Rent and other Control and Conquer methods – invaluable
  • And much, much more… 
  • Plus a full workbook to take away from the event
  • Plus digital downloads to get you started the very next day with your own HMO portfolio including Licence Agreements, Rent 2 Rent contracts, Lease Option sample contracts and More!

There Will Never Be A Better Time To Invest In Property helps property investors and landlords build their own property power team to enable them to profit from property - Visit our main site now!