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How To Profit From Online Shopping With Amazon

How To Profit From Online Shopping With Amazon

How To Profit From Online Shopping
By Partnering With Amazon

Are you interested in profiting from the booming trend of online shopping that doesn’t involve affiliate marketing.

You see, according to a recent international study, the average British citizen will buy 21.2 items online in 2015, spending around £55.36 per purchase online.

And there’s a way you can profit from this, simply by partnering with Amazon.


How to make £1,000/month or more by partnering with Amazon

You won’t need any special skills, web site or email lists. In fact you can do this even with No Experience.

  • You don’t need to stock products.
  • You don’t need to sell anything yourself.
  • You don’t have to speak to customers.
  • You don’t even need to make a product.

Intrigued? Of course! If not then you should be!

The thing is, ordinary people are already profiting by partnering with Amazon, receiving a cheque from Amazon every 14 days.

And you can do the same.

  • Jackie’s Amazon business generates around £3,000/month in sales.
  • Neil had tried property investing and internet marketing. But he hadn’t been successful. Then he discovered Amazon. His Amazon business now generates around $25,000/month in sales.
  • Tumi has had her own Amazon business for around two years. It now generates around $50,000/month on the Amazon US web site. And around £25,000/month on Amazon UK.
  • And there are many ordinary people generating an extra £1,000 or more every month.
Could The Amazon Gold Rush Make You Rich?

Partnering With Amazon Is A Gold Rush!

How to make £1,000/month or more by partnering with Amazon

If you’re wondering why I’m quoting these figures in dollars and pounds it’s because some people offer their products through the Amazon US site, while others stick to Amazon UK.

Why are people making so much money with Amazon?

The reasons are simple. Amazon’s sales booming. They’ve jumped $50 Billion dollars (USD) in the last year. And are forecast to reach $200 Billion (USD) in 2017.

As shoppers we trust Amazon because we know we’re safe when buying through them. As a result Amazon is the largest ecommerce platform online.

And the only product Amazon actually own is the Kindle.

What this means is there’s huge opportunity for entrepreneurs such as yourself. That’s because there are over 120 million products available through Amazon UK alone. Never mind Amazon US, Amazon Australia and all the different Amazon sites in Europe.

Look, there’s not enough room in this short post to give you the nuts and bolts of this amazing Amazon opportunity.

That’s why you can download a special free report from the highlighted links.

Inside you’ll discover the four simple steps to generating an extra £1,000/month with Amazon.

There’s no obligation. No future commitment. Just the opportunity to discover if this Amazon opportunity is right for you.

How to make £1,000/month or more by partnering with Amazon

Here’s to your success

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Local Authorities Urged To Build More Private Rental Sector Properties

Local Authorities Urged To Build More Private Rental Sector Properties

Local Authorities Urged To Promote Institutional Investment In Private Rented Sector Over Home Ownership

According to the report “Making Renting Viable“ commissioned by the British Property Foundation (BPF) and conducted by a leading London law firm; more UK local authorities should focus on building new residential properties for the private rented sector to encourage institutional investment instead of promoting local homeownership.

The British Property Foundation and Addleshaw Goddard who conducted the survey, reckon that UK local authorities should earmark land within their council boundaries for private rented sector (PRS) properties and set housing development targets to encourage pension funds and other institutions to invest more in the private rented sector.

Partner at Addleshaw Goddard, Marnix Elsenaar, said: “It’s vital councils recognise both the need for an institutional private rented sector that’s not the same as buy-to-let, while ministers should update planning guidance to make building for rent economically viable. Residential property was seen as more difficult than renting out a commercial office block, but the landscape has changed. Institutions want reliable, long-term returns and they should see a good degree of income growth in the private rented sector.

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Will Your Property Be Affected By Fracking?

Will Your Property Be Affected By Fracking?

Fracking Concerns Ignored By Local Authorities And Government

There is a great deal of speculation and controversy surrounding the latest methods for extracting natural gas from under our feet, a process known as “Fracking” where a toxic mixture of chemicals are pumped into well heads to release gases trapped in the underlying bedrock.

The process is designed to fracture the rock strata, allowing gas to escape and rise to the surface and the controversial method is already being exploited widely in some states in the USA, with alarming results. Minor earth tremors are being caused and ground water is becoming saturated with methane and other flammable gases and some residents living near the remote drilling sites have to rely on bottled supplies to be able to drink and water cattle, however the companies controlling the drilling are happy to pay people off and ignore what they are being told.

Here in the UK, gas companies have identified potential sites that they reckon hold enough natural gas reserves to last for the next 30-40 years, unfortunately these areas are also heavily populated, not like in the USA.

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UK Residential Property Prices Continue To Increase

UK Residential Property Prices Continue To Increase

UK Residential Property Prices Up For Seventh Month In A Row

Residential property prices in the UK have continued to increase for a seventh straight month in August, according to the latest house price index released by mortgage lender Halifax.

The growth in property prices suggest that the government initiative designed to kick start the property market is indeed working, to support the demand from willing first-time and next time residential property buyers, although there are fears that the UK could see another property bubble emerging, because property prices are rising so quickly.

Halifax said that residential property prices increased by 0.4% from July 2013 and were 5.4% higher than 2012, providing the UK residential property market with the biggest annual price increase since June 2010.

In July, residential property prices increased 0.9% from June 2013, and were up 4.6% from July 2012.

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The World’s Most Expensive Residential Properties

The World’s Most Expensive Residential Properties

Residential properties come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes in the form of an astounding castle fit for a queen, or a billionaire mansion that can be the perfect little house in the country that every rich man loves.


No matter whom the owner of the residential properties are, if he or she has an unbelievable piece of property, you can be assured that there is a lot of money involved.


Inspired by this idea and to help every curious person out there, created a complete infographic with the theme “The World’s Most Expensive Residential Properties”.


This is a list of the most amazing residential properties on earth, the kind of real estate that people only see in the movies or if they are sightseeing in a different country.


When you consider that on average residential properties in England and Wales are worth almost £250,000 (GBP), the value of some of the world’s most impressive residential properties is just staggering.


Starting with the Buckingham Palace, which is worth £5 Billion (GBP), Windsor castle £166 Million (GBP) and ending in the humble Balmoral Castle £160 Million (GBP), Her Majesty the Queen is the owner of the most expensive property in the world and her total property wealth is estimated at a staggering £5.326 Billion (GBP).


Distinguished billionaires and millionaires own some of the most fabulous real estate in the world, like the Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich, who owns the 80,000 square foot, Villa Leopolda in France worth £460 Million (GBP).


The Yemeni businessman Mukesh Ambani, the richest man currently living in Asia is the current owner of Antilla house in India, 27 storeys tall with 400,000 square feet of floor space worth over £1.3 Billion (GBP).


The founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner owns the world renowned playboy mansion in the USA, worth a mere £35 Million (GBP) complete with its own private zoo.


The infographic shows how much each of these properties are worth, how many rooms there are in each one, when were they built and also their amazing features like big pools, tennis courts, bowling alleys, gyms or even zoos.


This infographic even shows the major events that have occurred in each property’s unique history, like the fire that partially destroyed the Windsor Castle in 1992.


Original Source

UK Buy-to-Let Needs New Landlords

UK Buy-to-Let Needs New Landlords

The demand for rental property in the UK is such that many experts are predicting that as many as 1 in 5 households will be living in rental property as tenants by 2016.

In order for this estimate to be accurate there will need to be an additional 1.1 Million more rental properties made available in the UK private rented sector.

Experienced property investors are expanding their rental property portfolios and the demand for rental property is so strong that many new property investors are being encouraged purchase property for longer term rental yields and become landlords.

UK PRS landlords are reported to control as many as 4.8 Million PRS rental properties throughout the UK, up from the reported 2.5 Million in 2002.

PRS rental properties in London account for 27% of all residential properties while social renting now accounts for just 24%.

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Weak Economy Gives 

International Property Investors Green Light

Weak Economy Gives International Property Investors Green LightThe surge in Central London property values has failed to deter overseas property buyers who are still actively purchasing available residential accommodation.

Ironically it is the weakness of Sterling (GBP) that has made residential property in the UK capital attractive to international property investors, helping to fuel strong demand for residential property in London from foreign investors, according to one residential estate agent.

As we previously reported in February international property investors are already targeting high rental yields from rental properties in the UK (read full story here)

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Adjustable Mortgages – A wrong option for commoners is perfect for US Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg!

Ajustable Mortgages - Best Rates For High Net Worth Borrowers

Ajustable Mortgages – Best Rates For High Net Worth Borrowers

According to the recent news reported by Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg successfully managed to refinance his mortgage with First Republic Bank in the U.S earlier this year. The Facebook founder refinanced a $5.95 Million (USD) mortgage on his home with a term of 30-years adjustable-rate loan, starting at 1.05% rate.

It is definitely a perk for Billionaire Zuckerberg, as he scored an adjustable-rate loan that started with a 1.05% rate in May.

This year the lending rate has reached a record low. The borrowing cost is comparatively lower for big shots like Zuckerberg. According to the latest report from the US Labor Department, it estimates a 1.7% inflation rate till May 2013. Although it is considered to be a modest rate, it can still pinch pockets as the US dollar is losing value much faster.

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UK Property Market Still Recovering From 2007 Financial Meltdown

UK Property Market Still Recovering From 2007 Financial Meltdown

Five Years After the financial collapse of the UK’s 5th largest mortgage lender – Northern Rock, the UK property market is still struggling to return to its halcyon heyday, many potential homebuyers are still trying to get on the property ladder.

However, educated property investors are cashing in using the best techniques taught by successful property investment experts who have been making money from property since the crash.

What happened?

In late 2007 and early 2008, many UK financial institutions suffered near collapse due to the onset of global financial meltdown. This economic crisis was the worst since the Great Depression of the1930’s.

Northern Rock Fiasco Still Haunting UK Property Market

Northern Rock Fiasco Still Haunting UK Property Market

Banks had to have government bailouts and investors faced economic downturns on stock markets the world over.

This led to the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the United States of America (USA), where US banks had to provide emergency bailouts to the 2 main mortgage lenders, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, due to restrictions on the availability of loans.

The repercussions of the US crisis were felt in the United Kingdom, particularly in the property market.

The U.K. credit crunch began because The Bank of England had to provide emergency funding to the 5th-largest mortgage lender in the UK, Newcastle-based – Northern Rock. The Northern Rock Crisis caused panic on many UK high streets.

Investors suffered vast losses due to the high proportion of mortgage loans made to homebuyers in the United States who had a poor credit history. Banking institutions and investors were left unable to offset debt from these sub-prime mortgages.

One UK lender affected by the toxicity of the situation was Northern Rock, who were bound to struggle because they were acting as a specialist mortgage lender.

Although Northern Rock was still profitable at the time, many customers withdrew the contents of their accounts out of fear of losing money. Northern Rock suffered losses totalling over £2 Billion (GBP) and had to be bailed out by the UK government.

Five years on…

The UK property market has changed dramatically since the 2007/8 global credit crunch that affected Northern Rock.

Now, it is much harder for property buyers to even get a mortgage, as lenders have reigned in lending because they are still scared of over exposure and almost all mortgage lenders have tightened their qualifying criteria and revised the loan to value of many of their mortgage products, with some lenders withdrawing what used to be their most popular interest only mortgage products.

Even selling property to potential buyers has become more of a challenge. As property asking prices continue to fall

Statistics Then & Now

Number of properties advertised for sale

2007 – 120,000
2012 – 93,000

A drop of 23%

Number of properties sold

2007 – 129,000 properties sold.
2012 – 74,000

a 44% drop.

UK property asking prices figures for both 2007 and 2012 are almost the same, with 2012 just about £1000 (GBP) less than in 2007.

Number of mortgage approvals

2007 – 105,000 approved.
2012 – 50,000 approvals.

With the collapse and government buy out of Northern Rock, the UK banking system has seen some readjustment but it is safe to say that the UK property market has changed drastically.

Northern Rock, a once solid financial institution was bailed out by the government and became publicly owned 3 years ago is now owned by Virgin Money, and is remarkably still trading, although the government state that lessons have been learned, many UK investors and even homebuyers are still struggling with doubt and it may be that the UK property market will never be the same again.

Now there is a brand new resource available for serious property investors, who want to get the most from property – A step by step zero-to-multi-millionaire Property Investor Roadmap – written by successful Multi-Millionaire Property Experts – Rob Moore & Mark Homer of Progressive Property.

Download your copy here

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