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The Increasing Need For Student Property

The Increasing Need For Student Property

Student Property: Just How Great Is

The Need For It?

When it comes to tactical property investment, it would appear that the UK student property sector could be one of the shrewdest and lucrative choices property investors can make right now.

In 2013 over £2 Billion (GBP) was pumped into the student rental sector by savvy property investors who calculated the increased potential yields were well worth the risks.

This is because demand for student accommodation is at a record high and seems almost certain to continue increasing due to the growing number of UK and overseas university applications being made by prospective students and the increasing number of places being offered on courses by universities in order to attract student interest.

The UK is the current leading host country for attracting international students, with higher demand for places from foreign students than the USA, making our nation the world’s unopposed central student hub, and with good reason, our higher education system is among one of the best in the world, so it is of little wonder that many world leaders are choosing to send their children here to give them a head start in life. And the way current demand for university places is growing suggests that this top education status will not be changing any time soon.

Year on year there has been an increasing number of international students seeking a decent place to live, among fellow undergraduates, while they embark on their studies. Property investors are looking for properties within the

This means that in many UK university towns and cities, market rental prices will inevitably increase due to the increased demand for dedicated student properties, and property investors are virtually guaranteed to see a quick return on their investments because of the overwhelming need for their services.

Yields in student housing are 5-6% higher on average than the standard residential property in the private rental sector returns are well worth the effort.

See the infographic below to view the most important statistics on the current climate of Student Property Investment in the UK today.

Written by Braedon Frank

Student Property Investment

Created by Aspen Woolf
Record University Applications Are Good News For Student Property Investors

Record University Applications Are Good News For Student Property Investors

Record University Applications Are Good News
For Student Property Investors

 Current and prospective student property investors have been delighted to see university applications hit record levels. According to a report from UCAS, this year saw a 4% increase in the number of applications, signalling a likely increase in demand for student property.

The increase in applications – which forms part of a continuing upward trend – comes in spite of the fact that there were fewer 18 year olds amongst the UK population this year. The rise shows that more and more people are looking towards higher education after leaving school and college. By the deadline on January 15th, UCAS had received applications from roughly 580,000 18 year olds. This represents approximately 35% of all 18 year olds in the UK.

Student numbers took a serious hit a few years ago, after a high-profile hike which saw tuition fees almost tripled. However, since that time student numbers have been gradually increasing again and have now essentially recovered from the blow.

The higher education sector has enjoyed something of a rebirth as a result, and university-level qualifications remain highly desirable.

According to Mary Curnock Cook, chief executive of UCAS, there is “a remarkably persistent growth in demand for higher education” which is illustrated by these recent figures. She went on to display that the increased demand could be seen universally. It applies to applications for all institutions, and from students of all backgrounds and groups. Demand was also increasing regardless of tuition fee differences, suggesting that this factor is now not hindering university applications in the way it did immediately following the hike.

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With UK University terms now started for the 2012/13 academic year MyPropertyPowerTeam offer 5 great tips for new student tenants who may be starting student tenancies for the first time.

Top Tips for student tenants

1.- Many landlords require a deposit for the rental of a property and may ask for the deposit and the first month’s rent.

  • This can be quite a large sum of cash to part with up front so when saving keep the necessary money separate and don’t be tempted to spend it or else you won’t be going anywhere!
  • If you are sharing with others, make sure that you and your flatmates have calculated how much you will each need to contribute every month
  • Budget adequately to have this money ready before you move in.

Under UK law all tenancy deposit money accepted by a landlord must be protected by one of three government authorised schemes.

  • Ensure that your landlord is protecting your deposit and ask for a copy of the Deposit Protection Certificate to be provided to you as proof of protection.

The majority of students should not have problems getting their deposit back at the end of their tenancy. However, you should be aware that any accidental spills or damage to the property could result in a damage deduction from the original deposit amount.

  • To minimise the chances of damage try to look after the property and keep it looking clean and tidy, as it was when you moved in. This may not always be easy in a house of multiple occupation (HMO) however each individual tenant can be held solely or collectively liable for all damage.
  • Read the terms of the contract to ensure you’re not breaking any of the landlord’s or letting agent’s rules and ensure you are aware of your rights and responsibilities as the tenant.
  • There may be separate clauses written into the tenancy agreement (AST) that may include points about not putting nails into the walls and keeping the garden tidy. It is only fair that you look after your home for the time that you live there.
  • Parties aren’t necessarily a no-no, but remember that any spills or stains could mean a deduction from the deposit when it’s time to move out.
  • Remember to show some respect for your neighbours if they are not invited to your parties, the last thing you want is the landlord receiving complaints.

2.- Part of the moving in process should also include an inventory conducted by the landlord or letting agent so that all parties have an accurate record of the condition of the property and everything within it on check in.

  • Be sure to ask your landlord or letting agent about the inventory.
  • All tenants should receive a copy of the inventory following check in and are required to sign to accept and agree the condition and state of repair of the rental property are recorded correctly.
  • Keep the inventory document safe as you will need it when the tenancy ends and you check-out of the rental property.

3.- All tenants are free to enjoy their home without interruption from the landlord or their appointed agent. However, you should be aware that your landlord may wish to conduct periodic inspections on the property, every 3 to 6 months or so.

  • This is quite normal and is primarily for property maintenance and the landlord’s peace of mind.
  • The landlord or their representative will need to give you at least 24 hours notice before they enter the premises and it is reasonable to allow them access, refusal may jeopardise your tenancy.
  • You must also allow the landlord or their representative, entry to the property towards the end of the tenancy, so that they can conduct viewings with prospective future tenants.

4.- Take care of all your belongings and possessions when moving into rental property as the last thing you will want is to have to fork out for new possessions as a result of damage, loss or theft.

Student houses are like an Aladdin’s Cave for thieves on the prowl and expensive student necessities like laptops, mobile phones, iPods, games consoles and TV’s are all worth stealing and most burglaries are committed by opportunistic thieves.

  • Avoid getting caught out organise tenant contents insurance, to cover your possessions.
  • This is the tenant’s responsibility not the landlords.
  • Don’t be careless about leaving windows open and doors unlocked when you are out
  • Ensure valuable items are left out of sight.
  • Set the radio and lights on a timer when you are out of the property for extended periods to give the appearance that someone is at home.

5.- Pay the rent, in full, on time every month – No excuses.

Living away from home can be expensive but it is advisable to ensure that all bills for utilities and services are paid in full when they are due. Unless stated in the tenancy agreement all energy and supplementary services such as broadband and or telephone are the tenants responsibility and not the landlord’s.

  • If you are sharing a rental property organise to pay individually to ensure that you keep a roof over your head during the university term.
  • Failure to pay for utilities and supplementary services can result in CCJ’s against you.
  • The landlord is within their rights to pass on any previous or forwarding addresses to debt collectors.
  • Failure to pay the rent will make you liable for eviction.
  • If evicted you will also face court costs as well as having to repay the owed rent.

Good Luck with your studies and enjoy the term!


Award Winning Property Management in Manchester

Award Winning Property Management in Manchester

Property managing agents in Manchester are reporting a rise in the number of enquiries from new property investors looking to enter the buy-to-let market and a high volume of existing landlords requiring better management of their current rental property portfolios.

According to Mike Clarke, Director of Castledene Property Management (Manchester) Ltd, Manchester city centre is a great place to purchase rental properties, as the current rental market is performing well. With a large number of students studying at different universities* in and around the Manchester area, the demand for rental property, in particular, shared and student accommodation (HMO – House of Multiple Occupation) getting stronger.

With the UK property sales market at rock bottom and asking prices for residential property still falling, there really is no better time to invest in property. With PRS rental returns increasing, and a wealth of products and services being made available, it is a really good time to be a landlord.

September is typically one of the busiest times of the year, with students returning to universities and private tenants moving into properties that have been available for rent and on the market since June/July.

Operations Manager at Castledene Property Management (Manchester) Ltd Mike Clarke stated that Manchester and the surrounding areas have become increasingly popular in the last 12 -18 months, with a number of proposals being put forward to improve the infrastructure of the area, including Port Salford, set to create thousands of new jobs, and new developments continuing to spring up around the city, landlords are looking for suitable properties to purchase for rental purposes in prime locations around the city centre and Salford Quays.

Castledene Property Management - Manchester

Castledene Property Management – Manchester


If landlords need award winning quality property management anywhere in Manchester or the North of England 

call 0161 777 8844 or 0191 527 4000 .


Award Winning Property Management Services

Award Winning Property Management Services





 *Manchester University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Salford University, and The Manchester College


Landlords advised to seek student tenants

Landlords advised to seek student tenants

The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) has issued advice on the UK student lettings market to first time landlords.

UK Landlords should look to the student lettings market in order to get their empty properties rented out, according to ARLA.

With over 600,000 students starting university courses in major UK cities this September, the student lettings market is a thriving business sector.

UK landlords who are used to renting to working tenants and securing the rent with Rent Guarantee insurance may be wary of entering the student rental market but ARLA insist that the student rental market is a thriving business concern.

ARLA has issued advice on the best steps to take when renting to students that is invaluable information, especially for new or first time landlords.

Guidance for landlords includes ensuring students understand their obligations as tenants, (even when they are likely to be away from the property during long university holidays), joint or several liability clauses, in case students leave the property unexpectedly and conducting a comprehensive inventory, as students don’t always have the best reputation for looking after properties.

Specialist UK Landlord and Letting Agent service providers, Legal 4 Landlords, also urge new or inexperienced landlords to seek advice from a reputable property managing agent, with a proven track record in successful HMO and student lets, before entering the student lettings market and advise landlords to enquire with the relevant local authorities about licensing and compliance with any local legal requirements.

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