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Landlord Possession Orders And Tenant Evictions Increase

Tenant Eviction Figures Increase Again

Tenant Eviction Figures Increase Again

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of PRS landlords seeking to evict bad tenants and the volume of possession orders doesn’t look like abating any time soon according to data released by the UK Government.

Government figures show that there were 103,329 landlord claims for tenant eviction and orders for possession made last year, the highest recorded rate over the last five years and continues to represent an upward trend.

It is estimated that between 67% and 80% of claims led to a possession order being granted by the courts.

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The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) say that cuts made to local housing allowance payments by the government last year have left many landlords with tenants financially struggling to make ends meet.

However the proposed changes to the way in which LHA payments are due to be made, come into force in 2013, will leave more private sector landlords who choose to rent to LHA tenants even more out of pocket.

At present private landlords who have LHA claimants that fall more than 8 weeks into arrears in terms of rental payments can apply to have future LHA payments made directly to them, cutting out the possibility of further arrears.

As of 2013 though this direct payment option will be taken away from UK landlords and it is this change that the RLA has criticised.

Asked for his views on the proposed changes, Richard Jones, policy director for the RLA, said that “The government approach is flawed, and there will be a much higher level of arrears, an unwillingness of landlords to house benefit claimants (at a time when there is huge pressure on social housing), increased unwillingness by banks to lend for this kind of property, much higher levels of tenant evictions and much greater degree of homelessness. Although the objective of helping tenants to manage their financial affairs is in isolation a laudable one, the Government has wholly failed to appreciate the consequences of this.”

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