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Property investors aspire and aim to be giving up the day job within a few months / years of investing in property and MyPropertyPowerTeam are pleased to be able to offer our readership this exclusive offer to receive one of the best property investment magazines on the market.

YPN readers share the TRUTH about becoming a full time property investor. We’ll give you 20 lessons you need to learn before you give up the day job. 

It CAN be done , but how do you make it work for YOU!

20 Lessons YOU need to learn including: 

  • Cash-flow = Oxygen
    Making sure you can replace that reliable monthly salary
  •  SWOT Analysis
    How well do you really know your own strengths and weaknesses?
  • Time Resources
    Getting ready to trade time for money again, BUT this time it is on YOUR terms! 

Get the full 20 lessons in YPN’s Sell-Out September Edition.

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Take Action Today with YPN Magazine

Take Action Today with YPN Magazine

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Giving up the day job just got a whole lot easier thanks to YPN magazine! 

Sept 2012

  •  Become a Property Social Entrepreneur – Be a force for good in your community whilst still making a profit.
  •  From Side Street to High Street – Making the move from residential to commercial investment.

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 Recent “Sell-Out” issues of YPN magazine:

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  •  Retire on 5 properties or less! We show you how to secure your financial future with a handful of properties!
  •  Claim abandoned property for FREE – 100% legally and ethically…….We’ll show you how.
  •  Joint venture success – It’s all in the chemistry … Five case studies of investors making use of other peoples money.

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Every month YPN covers a diverse spectrum of content for the UK residential property investor: 

Buying strategy, refurbishment tips or handling problem tenants, our editor and team of expert writers give their opinions and advice on all the pressing property matters in the month ahead!

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