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High Court Judges Lose Perks In Lodgings

High Court Judges Lose Perks In Lodgings

High Court Judges Have Perks

Cut By Lord Chancellor

The perks enjoyed at the grand residences and high end lodgings used by High Court judges when they are not hearing cases in London’s High Court are being scrapped by Chris Grayling, the Lord Chancellor.

High court judges are feeling the pinch as they have had their Sky broadband deals cancelled in the latest effort to save money.

The High Court judges get to stay in 32 publicly-funded lodgings, from penthouse flats to Georgian town houses across England & Wales when hearing cases and the latest cost cutting move has provoked a great deal of anger among the judges, who once enjoyed all the perks of gentlemen’s clubs and were waited on hand and foot when they were on the judicial circuit hearing cases outside of London.

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This is post number 1000 on Spotlight!

Spotlight by celebrates its 1000th post

Spotlight by celebrates its 1000th post

For over 3 years now the team at Spotlight have brought property investors, landlords and property professionals the latest property news, events and happenings and raised the awareness of countless thousands about how property can make profit.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our 6 administrators, 4 editors, 72 authors, 312 contributors, 12 advertisers and 5,368 subscribers for sticking with us for the last 3 years and making Spotlight what it is today!


Posts and news stories from Spotlight are syndicated across the entire web and are regularly commented on via various social media networks and we have even had news stories picked up by Sky TV.

We have had stories and articles covering almost all the hot property investment and landlord topics, from Government legislation to finance and all things in between.

One of our first posts was to help spread the word to all landlords and property investors about the importance of attending property networking events, organised by like minded people who understand the power of communication and value the worth and contribution of others. At the time of publishing (August 2009) there were 35 UK property networking events – Today August 2012 there are 68 UK based property network meetings and 1 in Paris, France.

One of our most popular articles concerned property fraud and identity theft, has racked up an astonishing 65,987 views since publication on 1st September, a little over 11 months ago. The news story is still ongoing and the investor is now over £22,000 (GBP) out of pocket and is no nearer any form of resolution.

Read the original “Spotlight news article – Property Fraud on the increase” here or read the article “Stop Fraudsters Selling Stolen Houses

In an update, the victim Donna Jeavons said ” The stolen house situation is still NOT sorted, been battling now since Jan 2011!!!! Lost loads of money on it up to now, about £22k now lost! Sick and tired of the situation to be honest, don’t know how or when it going to end… so I will see how I feel when it has ended. Its looking like I won’t get back mortgage interest paid to date, purchase costs and insurance paid out, I may get some of my solicitor fees back… we will have to wait and see.”

Please keep reading, contributing and commenting on Spotlight and we will endeavour to bring you even more from property and all things associated with it!

Here’s to the next thousand…….

Spotlight values its contributors and want you to get involved

Spotlight values its contributors and we want more landlords to get involved


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