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With the general upturn in mood and less gloomy economic prospects than the majority of developed nations, there is a great deal of speculation that the UK property market is set for boom times again, and our neighbouring counterparts are viewing the UK property market with keen interest.

How Scandinavian’s View The English Property Market 2013-2020

The UK property market is divided into London and everything else. London is markedly international and attracts investment and people from all over the world, partly because of it’s non-restrictive taxation policy towards domesticated foreigners which has made London the billionaire capital of the world.

As a result London suffered only a minor setback during the global financial crisis and several property types, like high end residences, are reaching record high prices in today’s market.

At the same time Manchester, Birmingham and many more old west coast industrial cities are reinventing themselves after being hit considerably harder by the crisis and the economic stagnation.

These cities are going through a phase of massive development, often including a total inner city infrastructural makeover and inclusion of old industrial waterfront areas into the living city centre, just as in Manchester (Salford Quays) and London (Olympic park).

At the same time the level of education is relatively low in the UK and the local city economies are often too weak to create new growth and development on their own without help from external capital and an influx of citizens from rural England.

London, Birmingham and Manchester are the future winners in the UK and plans are in place to kick start the development of other cities and the UK property market.

The development of many city centres in the UK over the next decade may finally manage to let go of the old industrial economic foundation and open up the cities for modern knowledge workers and businesses. 

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