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Property Deal Sourcing And Packaging Webinar Saturday 22nd November 11.30am

Property Deal Sourcing And Packaging Webinar Saturday 22nd November 11.30am

Webinar Teaches Property Deal Sourcing And Packaging

Last week Simon Zutshi ran a no cost webinar all about professional deal sourcing and packaging, an important area for property investors to focus on.

It was a very popular and oversubscribed webinar that generated some fantastic feedback and so as a bonus opportunity PIN are going to run it again this Saturday 22nd November 2014 at 11.30am.

This time the guest presenter will be Gavin Barry, who as well as being a PIN meeting host is a very experienced and successful deal packager.

To register for this webinar all you need to do is click on this link now and PIN will email you with the webinar joining instructions.

If you are looking for property deals for yourself, then you will undoubtedly come across a number of deals that don’t work for you because:

  • They are out of your local area
  • They don’t fit your investment strategy

As long as they are good deals you could potentially package them up to sell to another investor and make thousands of pounds per deal.

Simon has asked Saj Hussain to host this webinar, in which Gavin will explain how most property investors get deal packaging wrong and miss out on thousands of pounds of potential extra revenue.

To reserve your place on this webinar, all you need to do is click on this link now and register your details, then an email will be sent to you with the webinar joining instructions.

Join Saj and Gavin at 11.30am on Saturday morning, it could be the most important webinar that you ever attend, and all from the comfort of your own home!

Kind regards

Simon Zutshi

Founder, Property Investors Network  

PS PIN only have capacity for 500 people on this webinar so click on this link now to secure your place.

This month on Monday 24th September we have a speaker giving a very interesting talk that may help property investors doing deals.

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His name is Saj Hussain and he hails from The West Midlands and Saj is known as a property Joint Venture (JV) expert.

Many property investors struggle to either find the deals or find the money to fund the deals. For quite some time Saj suffered with the same problems. 

He knows exactly what it feels like to find a great deal only to find it slip away because he was unable to see it through to completion.

That was until he discovered the power of working with other people and creating property joint ventures, since then he has become the JV expert and has created many different types of win-win JVs.  

Saj willl share why you’re leaving money on the table if you are not using Property Joint Ventures in this market.

From Zero To £2M In 2 Years Using Property Joint Ventures

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Saj will reveal his personal 5 step model to JV Mastery.

This is the winning formula he has used to create over £500K of equity from nothing. He will show you how to position yourself as a property joint venture magnet.

At the meeting you will learn:

  *  Why JV’ing is the strategy that all investors   
     should be using

  *  How to find cash rich investors fo r your deals

  *  How to find the perfect deals for your cash

  *  What to say to potential JV partners

  *  All Your Questions about JVs answered

By the end of the evening you will be able to structure property joint venture deals and attract the right type of partners to sky rocket your property business.

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