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Invest In Yourself Before Investing In Property

Invest In Yourself Before Investing In Property

Education Is The Key To
Property Investment Success

It is now 2014 and there will be many people who have made New Year resolutions to better themselves and get started with projects that could transform their lives, other less motivated people will have already broken whatever half hearted resolutions they made – do you want to be one of them or is this the year when your revolution begins?

Property investors who attend property networking events, webinars and online training events will already have heard about the importance of goal setting in order to achieve success, this is a very true and accurate idiom as without something to aim for there is no drive to reach it.

Knowing what you want before you start is only half the battle, the hardest part is working out what you need to know and what action to take in order to get there, and that is where education becomes vitally important – Knowledge = Power.

If you want to successfully invest in property, you need to learn how to do it the right way and invest in your own specialist property investment education.

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More UK Property Investment Needed according to a new study

The UK needs a Housing Revolution say FHC

The UK needs a Housing Revolution say FHC

A study by the Future Homes Commission (FHC) reckons that 3 times the current amount of new houses being built is needed in Britain in order to stop the blight of poor housing.

The FHC, set up by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), is calling for a housing revolution in the UK and wants another 300,000 houses each year to be built on brownfield land in areas close to almost all cities, towns and villages.

The FHC study states that such a proposal would create tens of thousands of new jobs and promote UK property investment and the plan would not cost the UK Government a penny so long as the dysfunctional way we build homes is radically overhauled.

The FHC’s recommended plan of action would see local authorities start rental housing developments for taxpayers by bringing their funds together to give the UK better houses.

Five main modifications are recommended which would see a radical improvement in UK housing, with the first being a rise in the amount of new houses built each year increasing from 100,000 to 300,000.

Future Homes Commission chairman, Sir John Banham, said: “There is no better time to tackle the UK housing crisis. After a year-long national inquiry, the Future Homes Commission has concluded a housing revolution is entirely possible and will lead economic growth.”

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