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Fresh Warnings Over Rent-To-Rent

Fresh Warnings Over Rent-To-Rent

Rent-To-Rent Contracts May
Breach Mortgage Agreements

National newspapers are claiming that the Rent-To-Rent strategy for maximising profits from rental properties is immoral and illegal

Private rental sector landlords who utilise a rent-to-rent strategy, by which a property investor agrees to rent a property from the owner with the intention of sub-letting it to tenants for a profit, are being urged to check with their mortgage lenders that the practice will be allowed.

The warning was printed in The Sunday Times and follows last week’s news published by The Guardian newspaper and landlord news portal, on the rent-to-rent phenomenon, which drew a mixed reaction.

Some lenders will not allow sub-letting, including The Mortgage Works (TMW), although BM Solutions does permit sub-letting.

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As previously reported on “Spotlight”, the UK rental market has already seen an increase in the number of foreign investors looking to get involved in the buy-to-let sector. Read the article here

Successful Property Investor warns UK rental market is target for foreign investors

Successful Property Investor warns UK rental market is target for foreign investors

This phenomenon was recently commented on by successful property investor, mentor and professional speaker Dr Rohan Weerasinghe who regularly speaks at UK Property Networking Events. He explained that overseas property investors are keen to secure properties that can produce “a positive monthly cash flow”, and the UK certainly has a healthy rental market.

Dr Weerasighe claimed that the overseas investor focus is “less on capital growth” as investors are aware that the UK has not yet moved on from the effects of the recession. As a result most investors are more interested in acquiring an income from renting properties, as a way of providing “long-term security”.

Many investors are keen to purchase run-down properties with a view to renovating them and selling them back to the market to create cash profit which can then be used to buy further rental investments. This pattern is particularly popular with Italian and German property investors and can be a very lucrative method of producing a positive monthly cash flow.

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