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UK Funding For Lending Scheme Flops

UK Funding For Lending Scheme Flops

The UK Government initiative to get banks lending again has become a bit of a laughing stock according to some economists.

The funding for lending scheme (FLS) was dubbed a “white elephant” after the first data showed that in the three months to the end of September 2012, just £500 Million (GBP) of lending was released by all the 35 banks and lenders signed up for the scheme, which was launched in August this year.

The funding for lending scheme was supposed to reduce borrowing costs for banks and other lenders, who are required to pass on the lower costs to their customers. But so far the lending appears to be lowering mortgage rates rather than helping small businesses.

Only six banks and building societies have used any funds from the FLS in the three months to the end of September 2012 and their net lending – which takes account of loans being repaid – was negative by £1 Billion (GBP) because customers repaid existing loans faster than new loans were granted.

At three banks, more loans were repaid than new loans actually taken out, leading to negative net lending at Royal Bank of Scotland of £642 Million (GBP) and Lloyds Banking Group took £2.7 Billion (GBP) from the economy during the third quarter while Santander removed £3.4 Billion (GBP).

The biggest injection of credit came from Barclays at £3.8 Billion (GBP), whilst Leeds Building Society added £212 Million (GBP) and Nationwide Building Society £1.8 Billion (GBP).

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