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An excellent opportunity to purchase this BMV investment property which is in good condition throughout.  Was marketed at £66,950 and we have secured a deal at £52,000.

Over the past 2 weeks we have been inundated with investment property which have sold within hours of being available. 

As we have a waiting list of investors the properties are sold on a first come first served basis and to clients who are serious about expanding or building a portfolio.  I therefore strongly advise you to register your interest if you are looking to purchase Buy to Let property with yields of 10% +.

This is the deal:-

Purchase Price          £52,000

Rent                         £485pcm

Market Value           Around £65,000

Yield                       11.1%

For photographs and further details please email

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If you would like to discuss this property further please do not hesitate to contact me on 0191 527 4007.  Quoting MPPT

Alternatively you can reserve this deal by e-mailing me Quoting MPPT

I would strongly advise that you are quick to secure as good BMV properties in good letting areas are selling fast.


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Hello all Spotlight Readers
Please see the post below on behalf of an investor who has become a victim of fraud

There is something very serious that I would like to make all property investors aware of…

I bought quite a few properties last year, and in January this year I found out that one of the properties that I bought the real owner of the property hadn’t actually given permission for the house to be sold.

It was a packaged deal that I brought and I only buy packaged deals from people who I know and trust. Everything was done correctly with very reputable and well known conveyancing solicitors.

It’s a very long story and I won’t bore you with all of the details!

Since January my hands have been tied with the situation as it’s out of my control and the police, land registry and my civil solicitor are dealing with this.

(Total cost so far this year in attempting to sort it out is £6k).

So what I have done is spent a lot of time this year looking into this type of property fraud. Since the electronic title deed was available to download in 2003 this type of fraud has increased tenfold and the conveyancing system has not been made more secure to accomodate this change.

I have written an article and those of you that subscribe to would have seen it published on 1st August, and if you haven’t read it yet, please follow this link and read it here!

I have also done a website called: you can find my article on here along with other articles and a audio of Simon Zutshi interviewing Andy an investor from Birmingham who this happened to also (he managed to get his money back 4 days after completion).

I have the backing of my local MP, to take this to parliament, so I would be grateful if you would log onto my website and sign the e-petition that I have on there.

 I know that this is not a nice story and we all want to be positive, but I think it’s really important for as many people to be aware that this is happening within the property world and is on the increase.

 The Land Registry are aware of my website and they are really pleased that I doing my best to raise awareness of this type of fraud. 

I would be grateful for any feedback about my website, and if any of you have any other contacts who would be willing to publish my article to reach out to as many investors as possible please do let me know.

Thank you for reading this

 Kind Regards

Donna Jeavons

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