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Today the entire property industry just got exposed

A brand new, controversial book exposing the property world has just launched on Amazon [for TODAY only] entitled:

Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore plus launch bonuses TODAY only!

Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore plus launch bonuses TODAY only!

“Multiple Streams of Property Income”

  • The real income strategies are revealed and the false get rich quick scams of the property industry are shamelessly exposed…
  • The 6 Stages of the Property Investor from zero or in debt, to Multi-Millionaire status are mapped out …
  • The 4 income quarters, the passive income reality, & 15 quick income generating models are revealed…

All in a book for less than a tenner here

Plus if you order **Today** you get 2 tickets to the
Multiple Streams of Property Income Event – LIVE
worth almost a grand…

AND if you’re one of the 1st 50 you could win a place on a year’s property mentorship programme worth many thousands.

Amazon Book Launch TODAY Only with up to 4 Bonuses realistically worth a total of £20,731 (GBP)



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Insider-Tipped Investing Book Set To Top The Charts On Amazon!

Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore plus launch bonuses TODAY only!

Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore plus launch bonuses TODAY only!

Of ALL the investment books, guides, and strategies you will read this year, don’t miss this one!

There’s a very good reason why you won’t have seen this coming (I’ll tell you in a moment…)

It launched discreetly on Amazon at 6am… the first 2,000 printed copies are selling fast to investors on a ‘private’ insider property email list!

Here’s why…

260 content-packed pages of proven investment strategy and case studies in which 3 Time Best-Selling property author Rob Moore reveals to YOU his fourth blockbuster: “Multiple Streams of Property Income” (7 years in the making)

This point-by-point blueprint of a zero-to-seven figure property business gives you the plain English exact steps to receive recurring, passive income from all 4 income ‘Quarters’ (and proves you don’t need pots of cash to do it!)

In a series of shocking revelations (including very recent media commentaries), the £25 Million (GBP) JV expert author of this new book opens the case files to present the cold truth on the scams and income drains which plague many aspiring property entrepreneurs and exposes the ones that could leave you bankrupt!

Act on the knowledge from this book, and you’ll be safeguarded.

Multiple Streams of Property Income is on offer TODAY ONLY for just £7.49 (GBP)!

EVERY ORDER includes a very special invitational BONUS worth nearly £800 (GBP)

But ONLY for orders submitted TODAY – see below
Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore - Bonus Offer

Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore – Bonus Offer

Take A Look HERE -> Tipped to be the biggest Property Investment book to launch this decade!

No other Best-Selling-authored book brings you so many high cash-flowing strategies, in clear detail, in steps YOU can go and implement immediately


  • If you want simple systems to ‘set and forget’, giving you multiple cashflow streams year on year, then this book is for you.
  • Desperate for unrealistic get-rich-quick schemes?
    Want to work yourself to the bone for the next 50 years? Then this book is NOT for you.

Take A Look HERE -> Tipped to be the biggest Property Investment book to launch this decade!

If that direct, zero-fluff tone resonates with you –it certainly does with me! – then take a copy of this book while you still can.

Be quick: Only the savvy investors on the ‘Progressive Insider Strategy’ list have been emailed a link to buy before this offer runs out and I’m breaking the rules by giving you a heads-up on this ‘private’ one-day only offer!

And if, like me, you’re fed up with seeing the best-seller list flooded with samey books about:

  • dieting
  • cooking
  • cooking on a diet
  • the highway code

…then grab your copy of this disruptive investment strategy book now:

Take A Look HERE -> Tipped to be the biggest Property Investment book to launch this decade!

It’s on track to reach best-seller status today, and the offer will be gone by midnight.

A property best-seller beating Dan Brown’s latest thriller…
THAT is worth £7.49 (GBP) to see, right?

Take A Look HERE -> Tipped to be the biggest Property Investment book to launch this decade!

Hi My Property Power Team readers…

Top property sourcer, trainer, property coach & author Mark I’Anson wants to help you on your property investment journey

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I'Anson

Dominate Your Ground by Mark I’Anson

Mark has designed a one day workshop which will help you find motivated sellers, convert these leads into property deals and then support you to either grow your own property investment portfolio or become a property sourcer. 

In the workshop Mark will take you through his straight forward process which enables you to maximise your property investment and business resources. He does this by focusing on one area for your properties which reduces your entry costs and get better results. 

Mark will work through this process together with you, which will enable you to tailor it to your needs. You will gain confidence in speaking to vendors ….. This day will also give you a range of transferable skills as the content can be used as a “bolt-on” with many other property investment strategies.

  • Are you starting out on your property journey?
  • Or part-way through?
  • Are you confused by all of the strategies out there?
  • Are you looking from some new ideas or just losing motivation?

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Last Ever Progressive Property Super Conference Leaves Investors Buzzing With Inspiration!

You may have been aware from some of our previous blog posts that there was a very special property event on at the weekend at Wembley Stadium and we wanted you to join us and share in the knowledge and passion alongside over 1000 like minded people interested in property investment, business and entrepreneurship.

Property Super Conference March 2nd & 3rd 2013

Property Super Conference March 2nd & 3rd 2013

It was great to meet quite a few of our valued readers and subscribers, thanks for taking the time to come and say hello, we are delighted to hear that we have helped you on your property investment journey and that you value what we do. Thanks for that, it does make all the effort worthwhile and makes us determined to bring you even more value and useful content that we know you want.

From an investor, entrepreneurial and business point of view, it was great to hear moving, inspirational and motivational talks and presentations from real people with a story to tell and to discover those golden nuggets of practical and useful educational material from some very successful people at the top of their game!

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Banned Property Report

We have just read a property report that was previously banned about 4 months ago because it revealed inside knowledge that other property experts didn’t want made public.

Get The Property Report The Experts Dont Want You To Have

Get The Property Report The Experts Dont Want You To Have

The property report was meant for a group of private VIP property investors but I’ve been forwarded one of their private emails and having read the explosive content contained in the report I thought it should be shared with our readers, so now you can access it too (while it’s still live):

Download “The State of The Property Market Report & Predictions For 2013” PDF report

This report details the previously unspoken risks and opportunities that savvy property investors face in the property market right NOW

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Are you committing Investment suicide?

Avoid Property Investment Suicide - Talk To Experts

Avoid Property Investment Suicide – Talk To Experts

Now before you judge us for being straight to the point. If you’re not keeping up to date with these 3 things then successful property investors do…

  • Property networking
  • Joint Ventures
  • Education

 Then it won’t be long until your property investment business starts to show cracks…

And if you don’t handle them now. Then you may NOT be in business 6 months to a year from now!

Because networking, joint ventures and education are what separates the successful investors from those who choose to dabble. If you dabble then you may get lucky from time to time.

But to have a REALLY successful property business that generates positive cashflow month after month and has thousands of pounds of cash equity profit waiting for you to pull the trigger and release it. Then you need to learn from the mistakes of others.

You need to be surrounded by a community of property investors, know where to look for joint venture partners and source the right education to keep you at the forefront of property investing strategies.

Now you could try to figure this out on your own. We can tell you from experience that this will cost you a lot time and money, because we’ve been there before.

An easier way for you to fast track your success is to check out the “Progressive Property Investors Community & Resource Academy

3 Secrets to Successful Investing

We know from a recent survey that our community say they really struggle to find JV partners. The “Progressive Property Investors Community & Resource Academy” will reveal proven ways to find joint venture partners on demand! Go here to get the full story

Check out the “Progressive Property Investors Community & Resource Academy

And you’ll be able to leverage the online network so you can achieve more from less of your time.

That’s not all! You will have access to the Deal Analyser App/Software. This enables you to make faster and better informed decisions about your investment purchases. That’s because you’ll instantly see the amount required to make the purchase, the cashflow, and the amount left in after a re-mortgage. (This will save you hours of frustration and arm you with PROVEN facts to make fast, accurate buying decisions)

Check out the “Progressive Property Investors Community & Resource Academy”

And the “Progressive Property Investors Community & Resource Academy” will give you unlimited access to a vast online resource academy with video, audio and written reports, catering for all learning styles and preferences. The content is categorised by investment strategy making it easy for you to keep up to date with best practice for your chosen strategy. And to easily learn about new strategies that will compliment your portfolio.

Check out the “Progressive Property Investors Community & Resource Academy

Rob & Mark
The Progressive Group
Over 350 Properties Bought since 2005
Triple Best Selling Property Authors
£25 Million (GBP) JV Partner

 P.S. Just in case you missed this,

 1. The “Progressive Property Investors Community & Resource Academy” will give you unlimited access to a vast online resource academy with video, audio and written reports catering for all learning styles.

2. You’ll be able to leverage the time and experience of the online network so that you can achieve more from less of your time.

 3. You’ll discover insider secrets to finding joint venture partners

Unlimited access to the Deal Analyser App. Enabling you to make faster and better informed decisions about your investment purchases.  

And much, much, more!

 Check out the “Progressive Property Investors Community & Resource Academy



A gift for you…

Our friends and industry experts Mark Homer and Rob Moore are giving away a free 63 page JV Blueprint for Property Success (That is normally sold for £141).

I wish Rob was giving his helicopter away, but alas, not this time…maybe if I sweet talk him a little?… you never know.

In fact what Rob and Mark are giving away is more valuable than any physical object…they are giving away their knowledge.

Knowledge that has allowed them to become not only best-selling authors, property investment industry experts and be among the best property investment educators in the UK- Knowledge that has made them Multi- Millionaires !!!

Your amazing free gift details the killer strategies you need to grow your portfolio faster, with lower risk and more certainty through the downward market… And without using any of your own money.

Just click here to take advantage of this free offer…

Within your free 63 page JV Blueprint for Property Success you’ll discover…

  • How to set up a deal.
  • How to sell.
  • Plus additional bonuses.

But wait, there’s more…

You’ll also have the chance to get early notification of Mark and Rob’s Property Super Conference 2012 – the best Networking & Joint Venture opportunity of the year.

Claim you free gift (value £141) today…

Click Here


Wishing you every success in 2012.

Don’t you think 2011 was a crazy year for Property? 

The educated minority made it bigger than in the boom times…Yet the masses, in the guise of First Time Buyers,(FTBs), motivated vendors and uneducated Landlords & investors got hurt.


So what’s in store for 2012? 

If you’d like to get in early on the predictions (from experienced investors -NOT the papers) and early mover trends for property investing…

And if you’d like to know where the new low deposit income investing strategies are hidden, and what to avoid like the plague (that many people will flock to unsuspecting of the damage they may cause their finances)…

Then this special, one off online Event is just right for you:

It’s being held by an investor Entrepreneur who went from 30K in credit card debt to over 5Million (GBP) in income and 20 Million (GBP) in assets in 4 years…

All in the recession & Property Crash,

With no prior experience in Investing.

In amassing 25 Million (GBP) that investor learned a few little known secrets about contrarian income investing…

And for the first time ever He will be revealing his top 10 Property Predictions & early mover opportunities, in a very special online Event:

And don’t worry, you only need to spare 1.5 hours on Thursday 12th Jan at 8pm (tomorrow) from the comfort of your own computer…

And it won’t cost you a penny.

But fair warning, there are only 300 spaces available due to online broadband restrictions

So register now at no cost

To Your 2012 Property Income Investing Success

P.S: From 30K credit card debt to 5Million (GBP) in income & 20M in assets in 4 years is quite something, and you can learn how to do the same here:

You’ll need to register now though for this online Event:  

“Top 10 2012 Property Predictions & Early Mover Trends” as the bandwidth limit is just 300 people:

One HUGE barrier that professional property investors get asked to help people with time after time…

The ONE thing that sabotages so many smart, hard working people’s investing successes…

Where even beginner level investors get SO CLOSE to success they almost start spending the profits.

Yet they fail…

And the ONE thing that causes much frustration and damages confidence…

The ONE thing that, when overcome, doesn’t guarantee success, but makes it so much more within your immediate reach.

The ONE thing that is far more important than knowledge, training, education and even experience in many cases.

[Proof: I’ve seen total beginners leverage this ONE thing & raise 500K without knowing what to do with it!]

The ONE thing that you may need to ditch are the friends who have been constantly holding you back…

This ONE thing is your Network.

Your go-to experts that YOU Leverage.

Not your current friends who don’t want you to be successful.

I mean think about it. Imagine if you had all the answers you need just an email or phone call away. Imagine if you had expert level mentorship, guidance and availability. Imagine what you could achieve and the time you could save leveraging other people.

This is what the most successful people do, at the very highest level. Peter Jones calls Philip Green. The government call upon Alan Sugar. Richard Branson takes counsel from Nelson Mandela.

Napoleon Hill calls it a ‘Mastermind Alliance’ in the worldwide classic ‘Think and Grow Rich.’

So, we have arranged a private invitation for you.

Earlier this year 2 of the highest profile professional Property Investors  invited a select few people, including us, to apply to be part of a multi-millionaire network.

A network that unless they had been to their 3 day, three thousand pound flagship Property Masterclass…They never would have known about.

Well they have asked us to invite our readership to the re-opening of this unique invitation,

for *2 days only* on Thursday, 1st December 2011 or Thursday, 8th December 2011

Warning: they’re only looking for serious people who want to be part of a unique, underground mastermind alliance group.

 VIP JV Angel Network Day

People who want serious, life changing results, and are ready NOW.

This is not for everyone, it is application only. VIP JV Angel Network Day

Please don’t waste your time if you’re dipping in or just ‘researching…’

There you will have the chance to apply, and be picked to be invited personally to their head offices to meet current group members, discuss some hidden opportunities we’ve found in the current market and leverage professionals, ex estate agents, finance experts and students who are rapidly becoming experts.

 VIP JV Angel Network Day

If you are successful, or you want to be badly enough, you will be meeting them soon!

Many thanks for taking the time to read this important message

Everything Rob Moore & Mark Homer [so called Millionaire Property Investors] have done over the last 5 years Is totally exposed. You’ll be shocked you’re seeing all this!

This is Big News!

They hadn’t planned to release it until well after the summer but every year there are deals to be had when everyone thinks the market is dead, and your competition goes on holiday.

You know that’s the best time to invest and expand a cashflowing portfolio, right?

Find Out More Here!

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