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Buy “Buy To Let Boom” CD set + get free Multiple Streams Of Property Income Event tickets HERE!

Buy “Buy To Let Boom” CD set + get free Multiple Streams Of Property Income Event tickets HERE!

Purchase The “Buy To Let Boom” 10 CD Box Set + Get 2 Free Multiple Streams Of Property Income Event Tickets…For Just £15 (GBP)

There’s a real frenzy of activity taking place among serious property investors right now… and it if you are quick it could involve YOU!

Last night Rob Moore, director of Progressive Property Education, hosted what he threatens to be his last ever online video training for 2013, LIVE to over 1,400 property investors on a special webinar, hailing it “The Imminent Buy To Let Boom”.

And as a thank you to every serious action-taking investor who attended, Rob gave out a link to Progressive Property’s flagship 10 CD training pack, which normally sells for £149 + VAT (GBP)

AND 2 tickets to the next Progressive “Multiple Streams Of Property Income” Live training event… for just £15 (GBP) !

Purchase Your “Buy To Let Boom” CD set + get free MSOPI Event tickets HERE!

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Today the entire property industry just got exposed

A brand new, controversial book exposing the property world has just launched on Amazon [for TODAY only] entitled:

Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore plus launch bonuses TODAY only!

Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore plus launch bonuses TODAY only!

“Multiple Streams of Property Income”

  • The real income strategies are revealed and the false get rich quick scams of the property industry are shamelessly exposed…
  • The 6 Stages of the Property Investor from zero or in debt, to Multi-Millionaire status are mapped out …
  • The 4 income quarters, the passive income reality, & 15 quick income generating models are revealed…

All in a book for less than a tenner here

Plus if you order **Today** you get 2 tickets to the
Multiple Streams of Property Income Event – LIVE
worth almost a grand…

AND if you’re one of the 1st 50 you could win a place on a year’s property mentorship programme worth many thousands.

Amazon Book Launch TODAY Only with up to 4 Bonuses realistically worth a total of £20,731 (GBP)



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Insider-Tipped Investing Book Set To Top The Charts On Amazon!

Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore plus launch bonuses TODAY only!

Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore plus launch bonuses TODAY only!

Of ALL the investment books, guides, and strategies you will read this year, don’t miss this one!

There’s a very good reason why you won’t have seen this coming (I’ll tell you in a moment…)

It launched discreetly on Amazon at 6am… the first 2,000 printed copies are selling fast to investors on a ‘private’ insider property email list!

Here’s why…

260 content-packed pages of proven investment strategy and case studies in which 3 Time Best-Selling property author Rob Moore reveals to YOU his fourth blockbuster: “Multiple Streams of Property Income” (7 years in the making)

This point-by-point blueprint of a zero-to-seven figure property business gives you the plain English exact steps to receive recurring, passive income from all 4 income ‘Quarters’ (and proves you don’t need pots of cash to do it!)

In a series of shocking revelations (including very recent media commentaries), the £25 Million (GBP) JV expert author of this new book opens the case files to present the cold truth on the scams and income drains which plague many aspiring property entrepreneurs and exposes the ones that could leave you bankrupt!

Act on the knowledge from this book, and you’ll be safeguarded.

Multiple Streams of Property Income is on offer TODAY ONLY for just £7.49 (GBP)!

EVERY ORDER includes a very special invitational BONUS worth nearly £800 (GBP)

But ONLY for orders submitted TODAY – see below
Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore - Bonus Offer

Multiple Streams Of Property Income by Rob Moore – Bonus Offer

Take A Look HERE -> Tipped to be the biggest Property Investment book to launch this decade!

No other Best-Selling-authored book brings you so many high cash-flowing strategies, in clear detail, in steps YOU can go and implement immediately


  • If you want simple systems to ‘set and forget’, giving you multiple cashflow streams year on year, then this book is for you.
  • Desperate for unrealistic get-rich-quick schemes?
    Want to work yourself to the bone for the next 50 years? Then this book is NOT for you.

Take A Look HERE -> Tipped to be the biggest Property Investment book to launch this decade!

If that direct, zero-fluff tone resonates with you –it certainly does with me! – then take a copy of this book while you still can.

Be quick: Only the savvy investors on the ‘Progressive Insider Strategy’ list have been emailed a link to buy before this offer runs out and I’m breaking the rules by giving you a heads-up on this ‘private’ one-day only offer!

And if, like me, you’re fed up with seeing the best-seller list flooded with samey books about:

  • dieting
  • cooking
  • cooking on a diet
  • the highway code

…then grab your copy of this disruptive investment strategy book now:

Take A Look HERE -> Tipped to be the biggest Property Investment book to launch this decade!

It’s on track to reach best-seller status today, and the offer will be gone by midnight.

A property best-seller beating Dan Brown’s latest thriller…
THAT is worth £7.49 (GBP) to see, right?

Take A Look HERE -> Tipped to be the biggest Property Investment book to launch this decade!

Sorry if you Missed Simon Zutshi’s Property Investment Strategy Planning 2013 Webinar Last Night


But if you couldn’t get on, I have Good News

Property Investment Strategy Planning 2013 with Simon Zutshi

Property Investment Strategy Planning 2013 with Simon Zutshi

On behalf of Simon we have been asked to say sorry to all those people who could not get on the webinar. Please accept our humble apologies; there were some technology challenges last night due to the sheer VOLUME of people trying to join Simon Zutshi’s Property Investment Strategy Planning 2013 webinar all at the same time

For those that did manage to get through to Simon’s ‘Create Your Property Investment Strategy 2013’ webinar last night – It was amazing, wasn’t it?

 Starting the day with a plan is good, starting the week with a plan is great, but starting the year with a plan is excellent! Planning is the right way to go forward and every property investor should do it

So, because of the previous technical difficulties, Simon has agreed to hold the LIVE webinar again, one last time on
Monday 7th January at 8pm

Simon Zutshi presents…for the final time

Create Your Strategy 2013 Monday 7th January at 8pm
To register for F R E E – CLICK HERE

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Online letting agents voted best in the UK 

Online Letting Agents Voted 2012/13 Letting Agent of the year

Online Letting Agents Voted 2012/13 Letting Agent of the year

Online letting agents, the low cost letting agent service, has just scooped ‘National Letting Agency of the Year’ at the 2012/13 national Landlord and Letting Awards.  Known as the letting industry Oscars, this award reflects the transformation happening within the lettings industry. 

Just as the Internet turned the world of High Street travel agents upside down, it appears that a similar fate could be looming for High Street lettings agents. 

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Property investors aspire and aim to be giving up the day job within a few months / years of investing in property and MyPropertyPowerTeam are pleased to be able to offer our readership this exclusive offer to receive one of the best property investment magazines on the market.

YPN readers share the TRUTH about becoming a full time property investor. We’ll give you 20 lessons you need to learn before you give up the day job. 

It CAN be done , but how do you make it work for YOU!

20 Lessons YOU need to learn including: 

  • Cash-flow = Oxygen
    Making sure you can replace that reliable monthly salary
  •  SWOT Analysis
    How well do you really know your own strengths and weaknesses?
  • Time Resources
    Getting ready to trade time for money again, BUT this time it is on YOUR terms! 

Get the full 20 lessons in YPN’s Sell-Out September Edition.

Digital Edition exclusively available NOW to new to subscribers!

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Take Action Today with YPN Magazine

Take Action Today with YPN Magazine

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  •  F.R.E.E Access YPN 2012 Back Catalogue
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Giving up the day job just got a whole lot easier thanks to YPN magazine! 

Sept 2012

  •  Become a Property Social Entrepreneur – Be a force for good in your community whilst still making a profit.
  •  From Side Street to High Street – Making the move from residential to commercial investment.

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 Recent “Sell-Out” issues of YPN magazine:

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  •  Retire on 5 properties or less! We show you how to secure your financial future with a handful of properties!
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Every month YPN covers a diverse spectrum of content for the UK residential property investor: 

Buying strategy, refurbishment tips or handling problem tenants, our editor and team of expert writers give their opinions and advice on all the pressing property matters in the month ahead!

According to the latest property report from property advisors Colliers International, the UK is still seen as a safe haven for property investment.

The Colliers report shows that overall property transaction levels remain fairly limited as property investors take stock.

London continues to lead the way for the UK for international property investment, however, regional markets are seeing some movement and prime rental yields are stable.

In the residential property sales market property price declines are expected to be modest in 2012 as banks and other lenders begin to push up mortgage rates.

Director of research and forecasting at Colliers International, Walter Boettcher, said: “The UK economy remains flat with GDP in the first quarter of 2012 falling by 0.2% quarter on quarter. In contrast, the weighted average of purchasing manager indices over the first quarter was 54.5 consistent with economic expansion. Retail sales volume rose 0.8% over the quarter; and unemployment improved slightly, falling from 8.4% to 8.3%. Capital markets showed few effects of the announcement. Positive news from the US and successful bond auctions in the Eurozone suggest that weak performance is accompanied by stability. The downside has already been factored in and other data sources suggest greater underlying strength. The French election has also had a very limited effect. If anything, the result has boosted safe haven property investment both in the UK and Europe”.

UK investors are facing stiff competition from foreign markets as international property investors, who are able to obtain finance, look to the UK for bargain property prices and high rental yields

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UK landlords with rent guarantee insurance stay happy despite property doom and gloom

Landlords with Rent Guarantee insurance remain happiest

New data released by Nationwide and Hometrack show that overall UK residential property values have fallen when compared to this time last year and the fall has been attributed to the changes in stamp duty.

The average residential property value in March 2012 was £163,327. That is 0.9% lower than property prices were in March 2011, the largest fall in UK house prices since June last year.

Nationwide’s figures showed a fall in nearly every region of the UK, compared with the previous quarter and data from Hometrack shows a clear North – South divide.

However residential property prices increased by 0.6% in the north of England, property values also increased in Scotland, and Greater London.

UK mortgage applications were also affected by Stamp duty changes, approvals dropped to 48,986 in February 2012, some 9,000 lower than the 25-month high recorded in January 2012, the lowest mortgage approval figures for three years, according to the Bank of England.

UK residential property prices may have fallen for the first time in six months, but UK landlords with Rent Guarantee insurance are still smiling.

Buy To Let landlords remain unfazed by the dip in UK residential property prices as they continue to maximise their rental returns, as demand for rental property continues to increase. In fact BTL landlords have been experiencing higher rental yields during the past 6 months than at any other time since the economic crash in 2007.

UK landlords are utilising specialist products and services such as Rent Guarantee insurance to keep the cash coming in, ensuring that the rent is paid, irrespective of any changes to their tenants circumstances.

New property instructions coming to market have seen vendors raise the average asking price by 4.1%

The average property asking price for new instructions put on the market within the last 4 weeks is now £233,252.

The almost £11,000 increase is up from January’s average asking price of £224,060, despite a warning that much of the residential property stock already on the market in some parts of the UK, is “over-priced and unsaleable”.

Rightmove have described the highest monthly increase since April 2002, the biggest rise in UK property asking prices for nearly ten years as “a surprisingly strong uplift given the challenging economic environment”.

But it said that the rise is partly fuelled by cash-rich sectors of the market, where buyer demand is exceeding suitable property supply.

Director Miles Shipside warned property vendors: “There is pricing power if you are selling the right type of property in the right place, where enough potential buyers have access to funding. But if your local market does not have those characteristics and your price-pump is based on little more than seasonal optimism and an estate agent’s hot air, then be prepared for buyer response to be a let-down.”

He added: “In some micro-markets, sellers have the upper hand, but on the whole, a buyer with cash or a mortgage offer is the one in the driving seat.”

After depressed activity in the UK property market over the last four years, some households have decided they had to get on and move. This means that here could be a growing acceptance by the British public that the state of today’s housing market is the new norm.

Mr Shipside said: “Search activity on Rightmove is up by 19% on January 2011 and it could be a sign that some of those who can afford to move have decided to get on with their lives, driven either by desperation or by coming to terms with the constant barrage of negative economic news being the new norm. You can get tired of gloomy news or get used to it, and indeed for some cash-rich buyers, life has moved on to such an extent that it’s like the Lehman Brothers collapse never happened. Stock levels are still on the high side in some less active parts of the country, but much of that stock is perhaps over-priced and unsaleable. However, in some micro-markets, the shortage of existing and new instructions has helped contribute to the largest monthly jump in new selling asking prices for nearly a decade. While the mass-market stays at home, those that have access to funding continue to be active and have spending power, resulting in this month’s big price hike.”

Average weekly listings on Rightmove are currently 30% below 2007 (pre-credit crunch levels), with a weekly run rate of 24,406 new listings.

Rightmove’s current asking price of £233,252 appears to be £70,000 ahead of current actual property selling prices, when compared with the selling prices currently being reported by Halifax and Nationwide of £160,907 and £162,228 respectively.

North East Investment Property 

Investment deal priced to move quickly, Don’t Delay – Call Today quoting Ref: MPPT

property solutions

Property Sourcing Specialists based in The North East

An excellent investment property which has been re-furbsihed throughout to a very high standard.  The property is located in an area which has easy access to all major routes and is within walking distance to local amenities.  The property is offered at 20% BMV and the current owner has a tenant ready to move into the property.  Here is the deal.

Purchase Price          £48,000

Market Value           £60,000

Rent                         £400pcm

Yield                        10%

For further details and photographs click here

Castledene also have a cash purchase property at £27,000 which has been fully re-furbished and would provide a yield of 16 – 20%.  The property is not located in the most popular location however based on the current LHA the minimum yield achieveable would be 16%.

If you are interested in this property or for information on any other deals that Castledene have available please do not hesitate to contact Lisa on 0191 527 4007 quoting referenceMPPT.

Castledene Property Management

Professional Property People

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