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UK Buy-To-Let Property Returns Better Than Fixed Rate ISA’s

UK Buy-To-Let Property Returns Better Than Fixed Rate ISA’s

UK Property Investment Offers Better Returns Than Fixed Rate ISA’s

UK investors are putting even more of their money into property investments rather than saving using an ISA because the returns can be far better.

UK property values have increased 11% year on year despite the property crash in 2008, however, the best fixed rate ISA offered by UK banks only offers savers an annual return equal to 1.85%.

The rise in UK property prices has caught the attention of diverse investors who would usually opt for different types of investment products to give them good  returns on their investment funds.

Property investment in the UK’s private rented sector allows investors to build profitable rental portfolios that produce better yields than other types of investment funds, including ISA’s.

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Mortgage professionals have reported that Buy-To-Let (BTL) business was responsible for 21% of new introductions in the first quarter of this year.

Remortgaging was responsible for 41% of new business and next-time buyers 23%.

Specialist mortgage lender, Paragon, released the data this week as part of their quarterly FACT survey. They asked mortgage intermediaries for their views on the condition of the mortgage market, as they see it.

  • 79% expect growth in the Buy-To-Let market this year.
  • 35% said Landlord demand was strong
  • 46% said demand was stable

Intermediaries also reported an increase in first-time landlords.

The following reasons were stated for landlords obtaining a Buy-To-Let mortgage in the first quarter of 2012.

  • 39% – portfolio expansion
  • 31% – remortgages
  • 23% – first-time landlords
  • 5% – property substitution
  • 2% – other

Director of Paragon Mortgages, Mr John Heron, said: “Whilst we are not back to post-credit crunch business levels, and will not be for some time, there has been a steady improvement in buy-to-let business. It is particularly interesting to see the increase in first-time landlords entering the market. This not only demonstrates confidence in the market but also that buy-to-let remains an attractive business.”

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