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SMTC in rehearsals for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

SMTC in rehearsals for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Dwarf Shortage Hits SMTC Panto!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 11th-14th December 2013 – The Little Shakespeare Theatre – Shakespeare Crescent – Eccles Manchester M30 0PE evenings at 7.30pm with a Saturday Matinee at 2.30pm

It’s time to gather the family and head to Salford this week as Salford Musical Theatre Company prepare to put on the classic pantomime fairytale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs… with a twist!

Writer, Director & Producer Mike Clarke wasn’t able to find any vertically challenged people under 3 feet tall within the Salford area of Greater Manchester to play the seven dwarfs, so he decided to rewrite the tale giving it an unusual angle!

Even the local press picked up on the challenges faced by SMTC prompting the “Dwarf Shortage” headline and article in the Manchester Evening News and a similar article in the Salford Advertiser, in the same week!

Mike Clarke said “I put out an appeal for adults under 4ft to come forward via social media at the start of September and unfortunately there were no takers, so I decided to re-write the story using acronyms and a little bit of clever wordplay to explain why adults ranging from 5’4 to 6’3 were playing the parts of the seven dwarfs. In this story D.W.A.R.F.S. stands for Drillers, Well Borers, Architects, Rubble Shifters, Fossil Hunters and Skilled Workers! Its just a little bit different, but we are still telling the traditional story of Snow White”

Tickets start at just £5 for children under 12, £7 for adults and £25 for a family ticket for 2 adults and 3 children.

Tickets for Thursday 12th and Friday 13th December have already sold out and seats are limited on all other performances.

To book please call the dedicated Box Office number 07565685671 or book online at (fees apply)

SMTC presents Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 11th-14th Dec 2013

SMTC presents Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 11th-14th Dec 2013

This years eagerly anticipated panto production follows on from SMTC’s award winning pantomime ‘Puss in Boots’, also written, directed and produced by Mike Clarke, which won the NODA District 1 Best Pantomime in 2012!


Rachel & Mike with Frank Bruno

Rachel & Mike with Frank Bruno

Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes and meeting the legend that is Frank Bruno last weekend at the Progressive Property Super Conference at Wembley stadium was really exceptional for me.

The British former World Heavyweight Champion boxer has faced more than just a few problems in his life, made rather public by the UK media, and he has not only overcome them but has turned them to his own advantage.

The man mountain, with hands the size of dinner plates, is a gentle giant in real life and his struggle to reinvent himself and overcome mental illness has been well documented but he keeps going… and going and going!

There may have been a few raised eyebrows when Frank was announced as one of the keynote speakers at the Property Super Conference and scepticism abounded among the property investment community as to why he was a keynote speaker but in truth he was really inspirational.

Frank is a Private Rented Sector (PRS) landlord owning just a single rental property these days, he had owned more property in the past but didn’t have the time to give it his full attention so sold up. I found his approach to life and positive mindset an incredible inspiration and was very glad to be in the audience.

In front of over 1000 people Rob Moore interviewed Frank alongside Multi Millionaire Neville Wright (former owner of Kiddiecare) at the end of the last day of the Super Conference and between them they had the room enthralled with light hearted banter whilst providing some real gems about business, mindset, property investment, perseverance, drive and determination.

I got the chance to publicly ask both the guests about the best advice they had ever been given when they were just starting out, Frank replied “Keep your hands in your pockets and for every pound you spend you must earn two”.

Neville Wright said “It doesn’t matter how long it takes, just make sure that you do it right!”.

Hearing these two successful people from different walks of life and their approach to business, life and the universe was refreshing, uplifting and heart warming, to say the least.

I left the Super Conference with a real spring in my step and renewed vigour for property investment as I really took on board what was shared with the audience by these inspirational men.

Many thanks to Rob Moore, Mark Homer and all the Progressive team for organising a fantastic event that will be very hard to beat!

If you want to attend any of the superb JV Buying Frenzy property events around the UK then click here


Merry Christmas from

Merry Christmas from

Mike, Rachel, staff and contributors at MyPropertyPowerTeam would like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year for 2013


With 2012 drawing to a close it is time for all property investors to take stock of their property portfolio’s and count their blessings. It hasn’t been the easiest of years for some and the shortage of finacial products has limited the portfolio expansion plans of many investors.

2013 will bring fresh challenges for us all and we welcome them and promise to rise above any adversity and triumph using skills, knowledge and education to defeat all obstacles that may attempt to block our way. The team here at MyPropertyPowerTeam aim to provide property investors with the best and most trusted resources to help them navigate the maze of the UK property market and will endeavour to provide information on all of the various opportunities that exist for ethical property investment.

May 2013 turn out to be the year of the Property Investor!

Merry Christmas from Mike & Rachel at / .com

Merry Christmas from Mike & Rachel at / .com


Together We Will Succeed and Profit!

Over 440 property investors gathered at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham to join PIN founder and top property investment educator, Simon Zutshi, for the Property Investors Network formal celebration dinner last Friday (16th November).

The Property Investors Network Formal Dinner 16th November 2012

The Property Investors Network Formal Dinner 16th November 2012

New and established property investors were joined by graduates, property mastermind course delegates, PIN hosts, industry experts and celebrities from the property world as the PIN founder threw open the doors for a fantastic celebration. The guest list included, Sylvia & Juswant Rai (Berkshire Property Meet), Mark I’Anson, Andy Phillips, Matthew Moody, Jim Haliburton, Hanif Khan, Ant Lyons & Mike Kyte (Your Property Network magazine), Bobby Gill, Susan Alexander, Richard Ignatowicz and of course Rachel & I.

Mike & Rachel with Simon Zutshi

Mike & Rachel with Simon Zutshi

The room was buzzing, catching up with old friends, new friendships being made and business deals discussed, all the talk was property related as like minded people sat down to dinner. On estimate I would think that the net worth of the gathered throng exceeded well over 500 Million (GBP).


Attendees were left stunned and speechless as top international speaker Richard Mcann shared his sensational life story and enthralled the room with how he turned adversity into positive energy and turned his life around, a truly inspirational moment for many in the room and he left the stage to a standing ovation.


PIN Dinner 2012

PIN Dinner 2012

Although the monthly networking meetings have drawn to a close for this year, PIN currently run 34 property investor meetings across the UK and in 2013 this will increase further with new meetings planned for Dublin, Belfast and Edinburgh, adding even more value to the services provided by Simon and the PIN team.

A huge thank you must go to Sarah Emmerson for organising such a fantastic event and Donna Jeavons for all the backroom work that goes into running the Property Investors Network (PIN).

Don’t forget if you want to attend any of the PIN meetings for the first time in 2013, quote “MPPT” at the door for complimentary entry on us! Saving you £20!

For a full list of all the property networking events taking place every month please visit our property networking events page

UK Landlords avoid housing benefit tenants

Private Rental Sector Landlords Avoid Tenants Claiming Benefits

The results of a recent survey show that due to misconceptions over Government Welfare Reforms increasing numbers of private rental sector landlords are now refusing to even consider applicants claiming Local Housing Allowance (LHA), when searching for new tenants.

The survey showed that out of 1000 UK landlords surveyed:

  • 87% had problems with non-payment of LHA by tenants at some time
  • 47% refused to even consider LHA tenants because of the potential payment problems.

This shows a real lack of understanding from UK landlords as many LHA claimants are often far more reliable than employed tenants, and all the media hype surrounding the Government’s welfare reform package has a lot to do with it.

Mike Clarke from Castledene Property Management, who are letting agents specialising in LHA tenants, explains: “UK landlords have often felt that tenants claiming benefits were far too much trouble and effort, as granting a tenancy (AST) meant endless forms and supporting documents had to be submitted before a claim could be processed. Landlords operate under the assumption that there will be delays in payments and if tenants were paid directly, there is also the risk that the landlord would not see any money for the rent. They only see the negatives and often ignore some of the positive aspects.”

  • LHA tenants generally remain in a rental property long term as they view the property as a home rather than just a place to live.
  • LHA tenants also care for the rental property as if it was their own.
  • The rental income from LHA tenants can still be significantly higher than from employed tenants.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Landlords can still get direct payments from local authorities.

Legal 4 Landlords recommend that UK landlords should always conduct thorough tenant referencing and always take out Rent Guarantee insurance for their tenants as a back-up in case there are problems with rent payments or delayed LHA claims in the future.

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