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Calling All Serious Property Investors – An offer too good to ignore!

An amazing, strictly time sensitive opportunity to get EVERY TALK from the Progressive Property Super Conference (PPSC) on audio CD’s –

No sales pitches, just 21 hours of the best, most innovative and up to date Cashflow strategies, from real investors and Entrepreneurs, with over 1,650 properties / HMO rooms to their name.

You must have seen the mass buzz of the last PPSC all over the web, here’s Your chance to own it forever:

Take a look – it’s all here (in detail) If you miss this opportunity there will be no chance to repeat this offer: take a look – it’s all here (in detail)


Property Super Conference CD's

Property Super Conference CD’s


You snooze You lose!

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Rachel & Mike with Frank Bruno

Rachel & Mike with Frank Bruno

Inspiration comes in many shapes and sizes and meeting the legend that is Frank Bruno last weekend at the Progressive Property Super Conference at Wembley stadium was really exceptional for me.

The British former World Heavyweight Champion boxer has faced more than just a few problems in his life, made rather public by the UK media, and he has not only overcome them but has turned them to his own advantage.

The man mountain, with hands the size of dinner plates, is a gentle giant in real life and his struggle to reinvent himself and overcome mental illness has been well documented but he keeps going… and going and going!

There may have been a few raised eyebrows when Frank was announced as one of the keynote speakers at the Property Super Conference and scepticism abounded among the property investment community as to why he was a keynote speaker but in truth he was really inspirational.

Frank is a Private Rented Sector (PRS) landlord owning just a single rental property these days, he had owned more property in the past but didn’t have the time to give it his full attention so sold up. I found his approach to life and positive mindset an incredible inspiration and was very glad to be in the audience.

In front of over 1000 people Rob Moore interviewed Frank alongside Multi Millionaire Neville Wright (former owner of Kiddiecare) at the end of the last day of the Super Conference and between them they had the room enthralled with light hearted banter whilst providing some real gems about business, mindset, property investment, perseverance, drive and determination.

I got the chance to publicly ask both the guests about the best advice they had ever been given when they were just starting out, Frank replied “Keep your hands in your pockets and for every pound you spend you must earn two”.

Neville Wright said “It doesn’t matter how long it takes, just make sure that you do it right!”.

Hearing these two successful people from different walks of life and their approach to business, life and the universe was refreshing, uplifting and heart warming, to say the least.

I left the Super Conference with a real spring in my step and renewed vigour for property investment as I really took on board what was shared with the audience by these inspirational men.

Many thanks to Rob Moore, Mark Homer and all the Progressive team for organising a fantastic event that will be very hard to beat!

If you want to attend any of the superb JV Buying Frenzy property events around the UK then click here

Being a property investor can be rewarding in many ways, from financial gain to habitual harmony providing quality rental property to those who need it.

You could be at the biggest property event of 2013 – Get Your Discounted Tickets Here

Many property investors originally decided that to invest in and owning rental properties was the way forward and many have since gone on to become portfolio landlords with sizable property assets, however even they still struggle with some aspects of the profession that being a landlord brings.

Dealing with property management agents, tenants, insurance and mortgages does come at a price, be it financial or mental, there are always issues that have to be dealt with when looking to invest.

However, there are opportunities to become even better at what you do and taking the time and making the effort to invest in yourself should always be at the top of every landlord and property investors “To Do” list.

Professional Development or Continuous Personal Development (CPD) forms the basis of all the best professions around the world, and property investment is no different!

March 2nd & 3rd sees the very last Progressive Property -Property Super Conference at Wembley Stadium with some great speakers to learn some gems behind success from some high profile famous names including Frank Bruno and Karren Brady.

Last Chance To Get Tickets To The Property Super Conference March 2nd & 3rd 2013

Last Chance To Get Tickets To The Property Super Conference March 2nd & 3rd 2013

Don’t make excuses for not attending, you are missing out on possibly the best opportunity this year to discover what you need to do in order to achieve success from the people who have already been there and done that, wrote the book and designed the T shirt.

The Biggest Property JV Property networking

Opportunity of 2013…

If You’ve ever wanted to know how to invest in order to build multiple and passive income streams using the most cutting edge contrarian investing property strategies, then read on…

The annual Property Super conference is the vehicle for taking your property investing strategies to the next level. This 2-day Property investment extravaganza provides a range of more strategies, techniques and systems to invest in the property world in 2013 than you’ve ever heard before!

You could be at the biggest property event of 2013 – Get Your Discounted Tickets Here

Come and experience the biggest UK Specific Property leading investing event. Over 1000 plus industry professionals attend the PPSC each year – no other property training event in the UK attracts such a large percentage of the total industry population.

Now in its 4th year, the PPSC is THE biggest independent Property specific training conference in the UK

This conference is an absolute MUST for anyone who’s an active investor in UK property wanting to move their property investing career to the next level and continue their learning experiences.

You could be at the biggest property event of 2013 – Get Your Discounted Tickets Here

The Property Super-Conference will prove an amazing resource to you whether you are starting out in the industry or have many years experience behind you. All of us can be inspired to improve and grow and our amazing property speaker line-ups and considered program designs are there to take you forward.

These are the Halcyon Days For the Contrarian Brigade

We are so excited about the Year ahead. Not because I have 100% confidence the economy will provide the perfect contrarian opportunity for smart, switched property investors like yourself, but because it doesn’t really matter what the economy does.

Great entrepreneurs like You & great businesses will grow massively this year irrespective of what happens with the economy.

As Sir Bob Geldof, (guest keynote speaker at PPSC2012) stated “Don’t turn inward. Don’t be scared of the future. All change comes from unreasonable people. Look at it cold-eyed and try to create a new world, with your values…

If you don’t LIKE CHANGE

you’re gonna like extinction even less!

Great entrepreneurs like You & great businesses will grow massively this year irrespective of what happens with the economy.

As Sir Bob Geldof, (guest keynote speaker at PPSC2012) stated “Don’t turn inward. Don’t be scared of the future. All change comes from unreasonable people. Look at it cold-eyed and try to create a new world, with your values..”

The Agenda & Line up for the Property Super Conference 2013

The Property Super Conference 2012 with Sir Bob Geldof LIVE sold out 900 tickets in just Days

And in 2013 we are going EVEN BIGGER…

in attending the Property Super Conference you will learn, gain access to and benefit from:

  • Brand new Cash flow JV Strategies for 2013
  • The Latest No mortgage, No Deposit Innovation: just think, that is no cash needed and no need to go through any mortgage application.
  • The UK’s Biggest Property Event for JV’s & Private Finance: we have created a qualified audience of like-minded Investors all in one place – PPSC 2013.
  • The Biggest Property Networking Opportunity of 2013

You could be at the biggest property event of 2013 – Get Your Discounted Tickets Here


14 reasons to attend PPSC 2013…

Last Chance To Get Tickets To The Property Super Conference March 2nd & 3rd 2013

Last Chance To Get Tickets To The Property Super Conference March 2nd & 3rd 2013

1. Uncover new & latest property investing opportunities as you hear top keynote speakers share their ideas for success

2. Experience enhanced personal growth and development from our unparalleled property professionals speaker line-ups

3. Keep up to date with regular updates on our changing but opportunistic UK property market

4. Be inspired and utilise that as your catalyst for growth, personal development and reason for taking action

5. Learn new skills & techniques to grow and run your own property business successfully

6. See displays of the latest products & services offered by numerous specialist suplliers

7. Meet amazing professional property people and network with 1000 potential JV partners & investors

8. Provide yourself the Opportunity away from your normal routine to learn & discover how you can lift the bar even higher and reach success without having to break sweat.

9. NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES with some of the UK’s best-known Property Investors and property professionals – make lifelong friends & mentors who can guide you to success.

10. Stay in touch with latest property industry products, services and innovations.

11. Most up to date Cash flow investing strategies for 2013 – (3 Stages, choose Your talks)

12. New Contrarian JV Finance raising strategies that will totally blow your mind

13. TWO FULL DAYS of intensive training from the UK’s leading property education experts

14. UNRESTRICTED ACCESS to our private and closed Facebook group including live discussions, monthly interviews and exclusive offers & updates

All at the Last Ever Progressive Property Super Conference 2013

Get Your Discounted Tickets Here


7 Steps to get the most of PPSC 2013…

1. Prepare in advance. Establish what skills & strategies you want to get from the Progressive Property Super Conference 2013 & arrive with a clear set of take-aways. Remember, preparation is free!

2. Don’t just turn up, fully engage! Play full out & commit that you will be an active participant over the two days.

3. Get networking. Meet people, JV partners & other investors. Share ideas. Swap business cards. Even with the amazing on-stage learning you’ll get, you will get just as much talking to other delegates.

4. Allow time to create an implementation strategy after the event. Follow up with your contacts. You will need at least two hours (within 48 hours of the event) to decide what changes you’ll make as a result of this life changing event.

5. Meet the speakers. Most of the property speakers will be accessible over the two days, so introduce yourself to as many as you can. Just meeting great people makes You even greater!

6. Bring a colleague. If you bring a business colleague & then commit to a peer partnership the learning will have far greater impact when you get back to implement your property strategies. 1 + 1 = 11

7. Consider bringing your spouse & even family [potential JV’s]. We believe in total life balance & that real success is in sharing & having an amazing time. You will have plenty of time before & after the sessions to enjoy with your loved ones so make it even more special with their presence.

All at the Last Ever Progressive Property Super Conference 2013

Get Your Discounted Tickets Here

Last Chance To Get Tickets To The Property Super Conference March 2nd & 3rd 2013

Last Chance To Get Tickets To The Property Super Conference March 2nd & 3rd 2013

LAST CHANCE to be a part of this massive finale

Get your ringside seat

From the desk of Rob Moore – Progressive Property

I’m not about to start bashing ‘religious beliefs’, but some of what I’m about to say may offend… It’s meant to challenge you, positively.

PPSC 2013 Heavyweight Line Up

PPSC 2013 Heavyweight Line Up

In a moment I’ll share with You some common beliefs that may be holding You back. First, here’s why I’m telling You this… (this will take you just 48 seconds to read!) After spending the last seven years training hundreds of thousands of property investors, I’d have to be crazy to not notice the common traits that define successful investors. Those who start out with no contacts, no cash, no network, no experience… and yet they’re the ones who find the best deals time and time again… Building their cashflow and, ultimately, achieving the goals they set out from day 1.

So what’s stopping You?

Don’t miss out – get one of the last remaining discounted tickets

For some investors, merely mentioning attending a live event causes them to put their ‘wall’ up… You know what I mean… “not interested Rob, it’s a waste of time, I don’t need it… just give me the strategies, ok?” Problem is, You can teach 100 people the step-by-step how-to via email, but you know how many of them will actually get out there and try it..? About 3 out of every 100, at best. The rest just tuck away the step-by-step in their ‘to-do’ pile… and it never gets looked at again.

But when you see the success that investors like Beckie Cooper have had (secured 200k of JV finance off the back of the Superconference, now cashflowing 10k net per month from multiple buy-to-let strategies, owns a property business, quit her day job)

…or Deena Honey (secured half a million in JV finance from one of our JV networking events – as a complete novice, without even knowing what to do with the cash!) …and those are just two of many, many similar examples

When you see those successes it becomes clear that being a part of the community is SO important to You making it! With that in mind, I want to challenge You on some of the most common (mis)beliefs around attending the biggest property event on the calendar: …and if You think of something that I haven’t answered here, please hit reply to TELL ME SO. You’ll be surprised that you’ll actually get an answer! 🙂

Don’t miss out – get one of the last remaining discounted tickets

* “I don’t like large events, I prefer local property meets!” – It’s in Your interest to be part of the biggest UK Property Event where You can meet over 1000 like-minded people. Just imagine how much networking you could do, aside from learning the newest strategies which your local events won’t get to hear about until way after the Superconference. Early-mover advantage!

* “I don’t want to go on my own and I can’t find someone to come along with me” 🙁 – With over 1000 people attending, you’ll be in good company. We really encourage a friendly community atmosphere, where you’re definitely going to bump into some lovely people (who are also keen and knowledgeable on property!) You’ll never run out of things to talk about. Plus we have plenty of knowledgeable staff on hand to help You feel comfortable and well informed

* “I’ve been to other large events before… they were just a sales pitch!” – We’ve been to those events before, and we agree: pitch-fests are bad news! Which is why our team pour hundreds of hours of hard work into making the Superconference the showcase event of the year! You’ll get well over an hour of deep, actionable content in every unique talk. And, if you wish to take the next step, we will be offering a follow-up plan at the end of each talk to fast-track your implementation of what you have learned. As our previous attendees have told us, we’d be doing you a disservice by not telling you what we offer.

* “What do Frank Bruno and Karren Brady know about property?” – All three of our keynote speakers are there to do one thing, and do it well – challenge You! Prod you, wake you up, and stir you to taking action. Maybe even helping you see your own personal challenges from a different perspective. Every year, our keynote speakers leave our attendees positively influenced and grateful for being a part the event. “The skillset without the mindset will leave you upset!”

* “I’m broke and can’t afford a ticket!” – Beg, borrow or barter – but don’t miss out! Think about how much you’d spend on concert tickets this summer… to hear a few songs? Will that ever improve your bank balance? Remember, these prices are for both full days at the biggest event of the year! – You have three keynote speakers, 20 strategy speakers, and multiple networking breaks. Massive value! And guest tickets are half price!

* “It’s too far for me to travel!” – Really? We have attendees coming from Holland, Ireland and Spain for this event… How far will you go to succeed? How much do you want it? People go through life regretting what they should have done… don’t let this be one of them. We’ve even made it super-easy for you to join us by listing all the travel options and directions on the “Venue” page of our website (link below)

On March the 2nd & 3rd, myself and our speakers will detail more than 20 property investment strategies that YOU can use right now. You’ll be inspired, and well connected! It’s not too late to order a ticket at the discounted price (and get all the bonuses when you order) So take a look HERE, now:

Your LAST CHANCE to be a part of this massive finale 

Click HERE to see what you’re about to miss out on


Last Chance to get tickets for the biggest property conference of the year

Last Chance to get tickets for the biggest property conference of the year

Mike and Rachel from are  looking forward to attending this amazing event, we have already booked our hotel and hope to see you there in person, please come and say hello !

Since the start of January You, our lovely readers, may have been aware that we have been promoting a couple of important property investment webinars by some of the top property investment educators in the UK, Simon Zutshi and Progressive Property.

Property Investment and the Property Investor 2013

Property Investment and the Property Investor 2013

I was fortunate enough to take part in these webinars and even though I am an experienced property investor, both webinars challenged my perceptions and beliefs in property investment and business to the point that I have re-evaluated my financial strategies when it comes to property and have already pinned my goals to my office wall in front of my PC.

Simon Zutshi helped me to define what I could realistically achieve and gave me fresh impetus to go out and get things done!

Business does not have to be a lone struggle and the best results can be obtained by joint venturing (JV) with others. Nothing is ever beyond our reach and the only limiting factors to our success is ourselves!

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Top 7 Property Predictions & Early Mover Opportunities for 2013

Top 7 Property Predictions & Early Mover Opportunities for 2013

Property Investment Just Got Easier

If UK & Overseas Property Investors want to get the real inside story on what’s REALLY going to happen in the UK property investment market in 2013, then listen in on Wednesday 16th January @ 8pm as 2 of the UK’s most prolific contrarian property investors reveal the “Top 7 Property Predictions & Early Mover Opportunities for 2013”, during an exclusive online event: REGISTER NOW

As 2013 stretches before us, we’re all looking to learn about the best of property investment from other successful property investors that will hopefully help us improve and grow our own property business’.

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2012 Property Investment Review

2012 Property Investment Review

Well it’s the end of the year that was supposed to mark the end of the world for mankind and yet we survived and it wasn’t all doom and gloom, 2012 did bring the UK some joy with events and celebrations across the country, including:

For the general public: An inferior team, who hadn’t won anything for over 34 years, winning the 2011/12 Premiership title with virtually the last kick of the season, (not that I am a biased Man Utd fan or anything….), the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics, the end of the double dip recession,

For Property Investors and landlords: 2012 saw the emergence of Rent Guarantee products that are good value for money, property prices continuing to behave like a roller coaster ride but eventually recovering and ending the an average of 1% year up on last year’s prices and lets not forget the return of some decent Buy To Let mortgage products to the UK mortgage marketplace.

How was 2012 for you? Has the year lived up to your expectations and did you achieve any of your property investment goals?

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Successful property investing is not as easy as it used to be, before the 2007 financial collapse that shook the economies of the world, these days there are a select few who are still making real money from property, and now there is the opportunity for a few of our readers to join them.

Invitation Only VIP JV Angel Network Day


  • Property Investment Success Is One Step Away!

    Property Investment Success Is One Step Away!

    What is the ONE HUGE barrier that professional property investors always get asked to help people with time after time…?

  • What is the ONE thing that sabotages so many smart, hard working people’s investing successes…?

Where even beginner level investors get SO CLOSE to success they almost start spending the profits.

Yet they fail…

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