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NLA Publishes Landlords At A Glance Guide To Voting

NLA Publishes Landlords At A Glance Guide To Voting

NLA Makes It Easier For Landlords To Vote
With At A Glance Guide To Main Political Party Manifestos

The National Landlords Association (NLA) have decided to make it a bit easier for floating landlord voters who may not have decided who they intend to vote for yet, by compiling a short at a glance guide to where each political party stands on key policies related to property ownership in the UK private rental sector and landlord life.
As we published on Spotlight yesterday, every political party have their own views on each of the following measures:

  • Rent Control
  • Longer Tenancies
  • Landlord Licensing
  • Landlords’ Register
  • Letting Agent Fees
  • Landlord Tax

Tomorrow is polling day in the UK (7th May), so if you haven’t already decided which of the political parties should get your vote as a landlord and business owner, the National Landlords Association has decided to make it a bit easier for floating landlord voters by compiling a helpful guide to where each of the main political parties stand on key landlord and property related policies.

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Labour Manifesto Aims To Change PRS Forever

Labour Manifesto Aims To Change PRS Forever

Labour’s PRS Rent Control And Tenure Plans Under Attack

Labour’s manifesto confirms their plan to introduce 3 year tenancies and a ceiling on excessive rent rises in the UK’s private rental sector (PRS).

Previous Government’s have tried introducing rent controls and the result discouraged the building of new homes as well as reducing more financial investment in their rental property portfolios by landlords.

For years rent controls caused damage to the nation’s housing market, reducing the number of properties being built and recovery took almost a decade. The current rhetoric being touted around by politicians could have disastrous consequences for house builders and landlords alike.

The introduction of longer term tenancies is very much geared towards tenants but fails to address the problems already faced by landlords when tenants abscond without giving any notice, leaving the landlord out of pocket and looking for new tenants.

The UK’s private rental sector (PRS) has improved dramatically over recent year’s thanks in part to the introduction of tighter legislation, but there remains a delicate balance between regulation and altering the relationship between tenant and landlord. Intervention on rents and security of tenure has in the past damaged both market liquidity and good business values within the PRS.

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Political Parties Focus On Housing In Attempt To Win General Election

Political Parties Focus On Housing In Attempt To Win General Election

Conservatives Want  Tenants To Have

Right To Buy Housing Association Properties

With the UK’s General Election called on the 7th May 2015 it is almost time to decide which of the political parties you will vote for.

Election campaigning usually sees a raft of ill thought out policy ideas being spouted by politicians in an attempt to win public support and publishing election manifesto’s that promise to deliver what each political party thinks the public want.

On the run up to the election Spotlight will examine some of the key statements and manifesto hype about the UK housing market and private rental sector used to influence public support.

It appears that all political parties will focus on these topics to win the hearts and minds of voters, regardless of whether the ideas are good or not.

In fact, housing will be one of the biggest issues facing the country at the General Election in May. Polling by Ipsos Mori suggests that the cost of housing is of growing importance to the UK public. In 2010 only 5% of those polled ranked it as their biggest concern but by 2014 this figure had almost trebled to 14%.

With this in mind, one of our reporters spotted this gem of an article in the Huffington Post written by David Orr, the Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation (NHF), entitled:

Seven Reasons Why Extending ‘Right to Buy’ to Housing Associations Is Plain Bad Policy

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