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property networking events in the UK - The webs most comprehensive list by

property networking events in the UK – The webs most comprehensive list by

The way of the world is meeting people through other people. – Robert Kerrigan

There are many benefits to attending a Networking Event and seeing as there are over 65 already organised across the UK, and more new property networking events in the pipeline, there will be one near you.

What are the benefits of attending a property networking event?

  1. Meeting like-minded people who understand what you are doing and provide a supportive environment for you to learn more. This is particularly important if your family and friends just don’t get it. Investing in property can be a very lonely activity.
  2. The ability to find contacts and service providers from word of mouth recommendation, to minimise the element of trial and error that most investors experience.
  3. The opportunity to keep up to date with what is happening in the property market and new strategies. This is particularly important now when the market has changed so much over the last 18 months. The strategies which worked two years ago are probably not the best strategies to use right now.
  4. Learn from other property investors and landlords experiences and get inside tips from industry experts. Knowledge is power and a little self education can help avoid some of the pitfalls that can happen when investing in property
  5. To find other investors who can look after your property for you and even source good investment opportunities. This is particularly useful if you want to invest in an area a fair distance from where you live. Simply attend a few networking events close to your desired investment area and you will probably find full time investors who can help look after and grow your portfolio.

So there are lots of great reasons to attend property networking events, in the UK, so get along to at least one of the 65+ Events listed here

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