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2012 Property Investment Review

2012 Property Investment Review

Well it’s the end of the year that was supposed to mark the end of the world for mankind and yet we survived and it wasn’t all doom and gloom, 2012 did bring the UK some joy with events and celebrations across the country, including:

For the general public: An inferior team, who hadn’t won anything for over 34 years, winning the 2011/12 Premiership title with virtually the last kick of the season, (not that I am a biased Man Utd fan or anything….), the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics and Paralympics, the end of the double dip recession,

For Property Investors and landlords: 2012 saw the emergence of Rent Guarantee products that are good value for money, property prices continuing to behave like a roller coaster ride but eventually recovering and ending the an average of 1% year up on last year’s prices and lets not forget the return of some decent Buy To Let mortgage products to the UK mortgage marketplace.

How was 2012 for you? Has the year lived up to your expectations and did you achieve any of your property investment goals?

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Successful property investing is not as easy as it used to be, before the 2007 financial collapse that shook the economies of the world, these days there are a select few who are still making real money from property, and now there is the opportunity for a few of our readers to join them.

Invitation Only VIP JV Angel Network Day


  • Property Investment Success Is One Step Away!

    Property Investment Success Is One Step Away!

    What is the ONE HUGE barrier that professional property investors always get asked to help people with time after time…?

  • What is the ONE thing that sabotages so many smart, hard working people’s investing successes…?

Where even beginner level investors get SO CLOSE to success they almost start spending the profits.

Yet they fail…

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Have you got your copy yet?

There has been a huge campaign to educate property investors to enable them to get the most from investing in property and the “Property Investor Roadmap” has certainly started a great deal of controversy among UK investors.

The content of the report, and the person who wrote it, are renowned for controversial views and to say that the report has caused a bit of a stir, would be a massive understatement!

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Step by Step, Zero to Multi Millionaire Property Investor Roadmap

Step by Step, Zero to Multi Millionaire Property Investor Roadmap

Have you seen this…?

The message below has been emailed to the inbox’s of many educated property investors around the UK… 

It has caused a bit of a stir, to say the least, – the content, and the person who wrote it, are renowned for controversy. 

You’ll realise why if you read it!

 …and before this gets taken down, you should go take a look.

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The Biggest Property Networking Event of the Year

Property Super Conference 2012

Hi All

I’ve just received an email from Rob Moore of Progressive property, and it has left me stunned. It’s really touched a nerve and I just had to share it with you

Be warned, it is not for the victim or the feint hearted –

Over to Rob:

Dear Mike

For years now Mark & I were warning people about how BIG the Property Crash would be, & how the aftermath of the economy would spread through to repossessions, & many people, including some serious investors, would go bust.

We have to admit, we’ve felt some pain throughout this & the change took some serious adjusting for us, despite knowing the opportunity it brings.

We have a huge challenge right now in our business, and I’m going to share it with you as you may have experienced something similar…

However, Our challenge is not the economy. There are proven strategies to make money in a recession & many of the biggest businesses [like Microsoft] were built on a Recession

Our challenge is not the declining Property market:

  • Anyone can buy far far cheaper than they could before 2007
  • Estate Agents will talk to you now [they need you] & get you deals, even if you are a novice
  • Cashflow is massive & yields are almost double what they were pre 2007

So let’s not kid each other…

With well over 120,000 people subscribing to our newsletter, & over 100,000 people we’ve educated in Property in the last 5 years, We are in a good position to let you know ‘from the ground’ what the real problem is right now [& the experience of over 350 property purchases]…

And Our challenge is not finance:

  • There are more no money in & creative finance strategies now than there ever have been
  • There are more rich investors looking to give you money to invest
  • There are more deals to finance at better discounts

Why is it then?…

that while many ‘Ordinary People’ go bust, many people who’ve been to our events, are in our Community and study our material are buying 5-15 properties in less than a year, many with no money, many quitting their jobs, many making serious positive-never-to-look-back life changes, and many creating 3K – 10K net income per month…

The reality right now is that Darwin’s survival of the fittest is more here and now and real than ever before. And that’s what it’s all about. In these times of in or in the dips between serious Recessions, there are no ‘in-betweeners,’ there are just straight winners [‘contrarians’] & losers [the masses]. It’s as simple as that

So here’s the deal, & what you really must know now…

Our biggest challenge is that despite all that is happening, & all the messages we send out about:

‘Observe the masses, do the opposite’ ‘Be greedy when others are fearful & fearful when others are greedy’ ‘contrarian investing,’

‘Making cash in the crash,’

All of which are proven strategies that neutralise any Recession…

Our biggest challenge is that if we do not shout as loudly as we can about how serious things could be if you are one of the losers & If we don’t do everything we can to motivate, inspire, shock, scare or ethically bribe you into taking action, getting out of your comfort zone & doing something now:

Then we both lose

You lose because unless you are 100% happy with your life exactly the way it is, it won’t just stay the same in today’s economy, your finances & everything else will get worse

You lose because you miss the single biggest opportunity since Nationwide Property data began to make a huge killing in Property

We lose because we couldn’t help you, & we’re sorry, but we’re just not going to let that happen. & we lose because we run a business just like you. We offer products & services just like you. We have the same challenges just like you…

& that’s why this is the most candid thing we’ve ever written

I [Rob] used to be afraid to tell people this, but my mother has chronic arthritis & my father has manic depression, they stay in one of my houses & don’t pay me any rent, and I will not sit by and let this Recession affect them, or anyone that is close to me. I see it every day with all the houses we buy & all the repossessions, & although we help many, we can’t help them all…

But we can help you:

& we know in this email we risk alienating some, especially those who are scared of money & ‘selling’ or ‘being sold to.’ Hopefully not you, but we will get replies to this post & it will cut for some people.

We genuinely want you to succeed & would be honoured if we could help you, or just be a small chapter in a better part of your life & wealth story. However, if you don’t like our ‘directness’ then you really shouldn’t read on…

There are immediate actions you need to take right now in your finances, current business, portfolio or early property career that will see you well on the way to serious money for life, even perhaps before we get out of this Recession

These strategies are new, & not what is being taught elsewhere…

It’s the winners [‘contrarian’] & losers [‘masses’] scenario. We really believe that if you miss this opportunity you are not just ‘missing out on a couple of deals’ you are risking financial meltdown. We see it firsthand and it’s upsetting. If you are at all interested in Property as a vehicle for creating wealth, even if it is pure inquisition, just a 1% feeling, then you must cancel your plans & you need to be at the “Property Super Conference 2012”. Every event we have ever run has sold out & been full, you have seen the 100’s of video’s, audio’s & testimonials & we just wanted to give you one final chance to be there Saturday & Sunday March 3rd & 4th at Wembley stadium, London

We have personally been amazed at what ‘Ordinary People’ have achieved in a short space of time, far more than we did when we started, and we have taken a lot of time & put a lot of energy into getting as many experts as we could in one room for as powerful a weekend as you will find anywhere, with 6 new no money in strategies, 15-20 very candid interviews [2 are Ex Estate Agents!!] & a whole host of other benefits, 13.8K with of time limited bonuses & strategies that you would normally pay 1000’s for: all for less than a good meal for two

We can do nothing more. If you are prepared to give us a weekend of your time, go right now to this page, watch the video if you need details, then get an 85% discount, & please come up & say hi

There are 13.8K worth of genuine bonuses, a money back guarantee, 15 special guests & the most inspiring, controversial Entrepreneur speaker the UK has ever seen

Thank you for your time, it really means a lot

Invest for Freedom, Choice & profit

Rob & Mark

Co-Founders Progressive Property

Progressive Property Super Conference 3rd & 4th March 2012 - Wembley

The Biggest Property Networking Event of 2012

A gift for you…

Our friends and industry experts Mark Homer and Rob Moore are giving away a free 63 page JV Blueprint for Property Success (That is normally sold for £141).

I wish Rob was giving his helicopter away, but alas, not this time…maybe if I sweet talk him a little?… you never know.

In fact what Rob and Mark are giving away is more valuable than any physical object…they are giving away their knowledge.

Knowledge that has allowed them to become not only best-selling authors, property investment industry experts and be among the best property investment educators in the UK- Knowledge that has made them Multi- Millionaires !!!

Your amazing free gift details the killer strategies you need to grow your portfolio faster, with lower risk and more certainty through the downward market… And without using any of your own money.

Just click here to take advantage of this free offer…

Within your free 63 page JV Blueprint for Property Success you’ll discover…

  • How to set up a deal.
  • How to sell.
  • Plus additional bonuses.

But wait, there’s more…

You’ll also have the chance to get early notification of Mark and Rob’s Property Super Conference 2012 – the best Networking & Joint Venture opportunity of the year.

Claim you free gift (value £141) today…

Click Here


Wishing you every success in 2012.

Don’t you think 2011 was a crazy year for Property? 

The educated minority made it bigger than in the boom times…Yet the masses, in the guise of First Time Buyers,(FTBs), motivated vendors and uneducated Landlords & investors got hurt.


So what’s in store for 2012? 

If you’d like to get in early on the predictions (from experienced investors -NOT the papers) and early mover trends for property investing…

And if you’d like to know where the new low deposit income investing strategies are hidden, and what to avoid like the plague (that many people will flock to unsuspecting of the damage they may cause their finances)…

Then this special, one off online Event is just right for you:

It’s being held by an investor Entrepreneur who went from 30K in credit card debt to over 5Million (GBP) in income and 20 Million (GBP) in assets in 4 years…

All in the recession & Property Crash,

With no prior experience in Investing.

In amassing 25 Million (GBP) that investor learned a few little known secrets about contrarian income investing…

And for the first time ever He will be revealing his top 10 Property Predictions & early mover opportunities, in a very special online Event:

And don’t worry, you only need to spare 1.5 hours on Thursday 12th Jan at 8pm (tomorrow) from the comfort of your own computer…

And it won’t cost you a penny.

But fair warning, there are only 300 spaces available due to online broadband restrictions

So register now at no cost

To Your 2012 Property Income Investing Success

P.S: From 30K credit card debt to 5Million (GBP) in income & 20M in assets in 4 years is quite something, and you can learn how to do the same here:

You’ll need to register now though for this online Event:  

“Top 10 2012 Property Predictions & Early Mover Trends” as the bandwidth limit is just 300 people:

One HUGE barrier that professional property investors get asked to help people with time after time…

The ONE thing that sabotages so many smart, hard working people’s investing successes…

Where even beginner level investors get SO CLOSE to success they almost start spending the profits.

Yet they fail…

And the ONE thing that causes much frustration and damages confidence…

The ONE thing that, when overcome, doesn’t guarantee success, but makes it so much more within your immediate reach.

The ONE thing that is far more important than knowledge, training, education and even experience in many cases.

[Proof: I’ve seen total beginners leverage this ONE thing & raise 500K without knowing what to do with it!]

The ONE thing that you may need to ditch are the friends who have been constantly holding you back…

This ONE thing is your Network.

Your go-to experts that YOU Leverage.

Not your current friends who don’t want you to be successful.

I mean think about it. Imagine if you had all the answers you need just an email or phone call away. Imagine if you had expert level mentorship, guidance and availability. Imagine what you could achieve and the time you could save leveraging other people.

This is what the most successful people do, at the very highest level. Peter Jones calls Philip Green. The government call upon Alan Sugar. Richard Branson takes counsel from Nelson Mandela.

Napoleon Hill calls it a ‘Mastermind Alliance’ in the worldwide classic ‘Think and Grow Rich.’

So, we have arranged a private invitation for you.

Earlier this year 2 of the highest profile professional Property Investors  invited a select few people, including us, to apply to be part of a multi-millionaire network.

A network that unless they had been to their 3 day, three thousand pound flagship Property Masterclass…They never would have known about.

Well they have asked us to invite our readership to the re-opening of this unique invitation,

for *2 days only* on Thursday, 1st December 2011 or Thursday, 8th December 2011

Warning: they’re only looking for serious people who want to be part of a unique, underground mastermind alliance group.

 VIP JV Angel Network Day

People who want serious, life changing results, and are ready NOW.

This is not for everyone, it is application only. VIP JV Angel Network Day

Please don’t waste your time if you’re dipping in or just ‘researching…’

There you will have the chance to apply, and be picked to be invited personally to their head offices to meet current group members, discuss some hidden opportunities we’ve found in the current market and leverage professionals, ex estate agents, finance experts and students who are rapidly becoming experts.

 VIP JV Angel Network Day

If you are successful, or you want to be badly enough, you will be meeting them soon!

Many thanks for taking the time to read this important message

Two Property Investors and good friends of ours, who’ve raised over 25Million of JV finance to build a portfolio of over 350 properties [by the age of 30]… have cleared 3 days in their diary at the end of this year for 3 very small, intimate, Joint Venture Property Consultation days.

These days they are very busy running larger Events, and you’ve probably seen them working more with James Caan, Lord Sugar and bigger audiences of up to 800 people.

In fact it’s been a long time since they’ve consulted to any small group, let alone just 11 people in an intimate, closed door Private Property & Joint Venture Consultation Day…

But to avoid wasting your time, this probably isn’t relevant to 99% of our subscribers. This will only be relevant to you if:

1. You are already a property Investor OR you are already committed to being one and have taken necessary steps such as invested in yourself, reduced your work hours etc
2. You are positive, creative, and are open to finding new ways to fund deals and build your portfolio faster
3. You want to raise Joint Venture Finance and like working with partners and being part of an investing community
4. You have access to at least 5K [This is not needed for your application – it’s just to ensure you know how to find some funds]

If you’re still here, you’re about to get a very limited one off opportunity, I am excited for you because…

A large percentage of the professionals you may know teaching in the market now were taught by these guys.

They built their reputation in the early days on Mentoring and 1 to 1 Property Consultancy, spending personal days with serious people, and achieving life and income changing results getting down, dirty, strategic, technical and personal

Time doesn’t permit them to work individually with Property Investors anymore, so these rare, clear days [that they haven’t had in a long time] mean the following to you:

1. They will be holding 3 separate Joint Venture Consulting Days in their offices in Peterborough
2. There are only 11 spaces per day [and over 10,000’s will receive an invitationl]
3. It is for serious Property Investors only who want Joint Venture consultancy
4. This is an Application Only process. The details of the application are below

Here’s how it works:

You get invited after application to their personal offices, spend one full day with them and just 10 other serious Property Investors and they give you applicable Joint Venture and time sensitive Investing strategies you can implement right now to skyrocket your Portfolio

You’ll have an open brainstorming session together in the group and overcome your problems, challenges and pains personally – you leave with the tools and mindset you need to be a professional investor immediately

There are only 11 places on each date, strictly by application only

Each day is GBP1,000 + VAT per person BUT…

They are offering a limited number of scholarships to those who prove in the application that you will action what you learn and will guarantee them that you will implement immediately and prove the day to be worth at least GBP100,000 to you

They are looking for just 33 extraordinary Property Investors, with a limited number of scholarships up for grabs.

Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. 33 spaces ONLY are available. If your application is not successful, you will be given first option on any future consulting days. If they happen, they are likely to be 2014

They’re also doing this because they’ve missed the buzz of transforming results in a personal capacity. If that gives you a buzz, this might be for you

Below is a link to the application form. If this is of interest then you should do it now:


 We hope this information helps you Profit from Property!

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