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Matthew Moody’s “Cracking the Property Code” workshop on March 29th 2014 at the Park Inn Hotel, Silver Street, Northampton, NN1 2TA From 9.30am-6pm.

Matthew Moody’s “Cracking the Property Code” workshop on March 29th 2014 at the Park Inn Hotel, Silver Street, Northampton, NN1 2TA
From 9.30am-6pm.

Cracking The Property Code with Matthew Moody 29th March 2014

  • Are you somebody who’s interested in finding out the holy grail to building a six figure income in property?
  • Are you somebody who has decided that investing in property is for you – but you’re not sure what strategy to follow or even how to get started?
  • Or are you somebody who already has a successful business but wants to learn how to fine-tune and enhance your property investment profits further?
  • How do you get from where you are right now to where you want to be?

Let me introduce you to Matthew Moody’s “Cracking the Property Code” workshop on March 29th 2014 at the Park Inn Hotel, Silver Street, Northampton, NN1 2TA – From 9.30am-6pm.

This 1 day workshop is just the thing to help you focus your efforts and increase the rewards, as Matthew provides valuable insight into “Cracking The Property Code”.

I attended last year and the information that Matthew shared has enabled me to kick start my property investment strategies and has already provided 2 great cashflowing investment opportunities that I would have previously dismissed.

Matthew has already sold out of heavily discounted early bird tickets and the remaining few places can be snapped up for just £197 each.

But be warned…There are only 50 places available for this workshop, so be sure to reserve your seat today to avoid missing out.

follow a straightforward step-by-step process to become one of the top 1% of people in this country earning a six figure income.

follow a straightforward step-by-step process to become one of the top 1% of people in this country earning a six figure income.

If you’re still unsure how to move your property business forward, let me say this, for less than the cost of an overnight stay in a hotel, you can spend a full day learning the in-and-outs of building a property business that guarantees you a SIX FIGURE INCOME every year (that’s £100,000 (GBP) in your pocket).

There’s nobody out there teaching you this because to be fair most of them can’t replicate it themselves in their own businesses – but if you follow a fairly straightforward step-by-step process; you can become one of the 1% of people in this country that is earning six figures.

  • If you’ve got the CTPC book and have read it but have not taken action yet, then come to the event.
  • If you’ve got the CTPC book and not read it, then come to the event.
  • If you’ve been to the event before and not taken the action that gives you results, then come to the event.
  • If you’ve never read the book or been to an event before, then in the words of YPN “possible the best 300 pages you could ever read in property
  • If you are not earning six figures from your property business, come to the event.
  • If you don’t know what strategy to choose or you are following more than 3 at a time, come to the event.
Make £5,000 Per Month Part-Time From Property!

Top UK Property Guru Shares How To Make An Extra £5,000+ (GBP) Per Month, Part-Time From Property!

Top UK Property Guru Shares How To Make An Extra £5,000+ (GBP) Per Month, Part-Time From Property!

Opportunity to learn from top property investment professional on a webinar that only costs an hour of your time!

  • Would you like to discover property investment strategies that can generate over £5,000+ (GBP) per month from property?
  • Would that allow you more freedom to do what you want?

Well we have some good news for you, Simon Zutshi, founder of the Property Investors Network, and author of the best-selling book, “Property Magic” is running a NO COST webinar on Monday 3rd February 2014 at 9pm (GMT), when he will share with you two simple property strategies, either of which could make you £5,000+(GBP) per month, part time from property.

To secure you place on this valuable free webinar with Simon, you will need to register your personal details and you will automatically be sent an email with all the webinar joining instructions – CLICK HERE NOW!

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Join the PIN Mastermind Finalists LIVE

on Friday 22nd March at 11:30am For Free!

PIN Founder Simon Zutshi

PIN Founder Simon Zutshi

Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind Programme has been running since 2007 and over 700 property investors have now completed this amazing, life changing programme.

The goal of the Mastermind Programme is to achieve £1,000,000 (GBP) in property with £50,000 (GBP) of cash-flow in 12 months, and many go way beyond this.

Free Web Access To The Last Day Of PIN Mastermind 11For every Mastermind group, Simon likes to celebrate and share the top 5 success stories so everyone can benefit.

On the final day of Mastermind Simon invites these property investors [many of whom started with no property only 12 months before] to take to the stage and share their story of the past 12 months, including:

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This is meant to be private, but it’s the start of a new year, and we exist to help property investors find the resources they need to profit from property, so let’s not waste time!

Register for YOUR Unfair advantage NOW!

The Top 7 Property Predictions for 2013 – Exposed -Register for YOUR Unfair advantage NOW!

Here at MyPropertyPowerTeam, we want YOU to start 2013 fully armed, so you can smash those property investment resolutions and show the world that you have the knowledge to succeed as a successful property investor. 

So its time to gain a really unfair advantage!..

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The forces that brought about the financial turmoil and economic mess around the world are still present and the majority of developed nations are not going to be able to figure out a quick solution…and sometimes the proposed plans for economic recovery don’t look all that promising.

The media keep spreading doom and gloom with daily news reports and depressing financial statistics, but is it the real, true, honest picture?

The honest answer is…..NO!

Property investors have been forced to use creative strategies, since the property crash in 2007/8, in order to profit from property as banks stopped lending, investment mortgages were withdrawn and access to alternative finance dried up.

Investor attitudes were labelled as falsely positive by many sceptics but the determination remained and only those with a firm belief, sound finances and solid investment strategies continued to prosper.

However, a renewed optimism has swept the nation following an uplifting and inspirational summer of achievement, with Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, the European football championships, the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics taking place and the effort and determination to succeed demonstrated by Team GB and athletes from around the world.

There is renewed hope emerging from the shadow of the last 4 years and a sense of purpose has returned to the UK Buy-To-Let market.

In recent weeks there has been a dramatic change in attitude towards UK property investment, despite the Bank of England’s quantitive easing policy and the raft of Government welfare reforms, banks are beginning to lend again, (although they are being quite selective at present). There has been an increase in the number of Buy-To-Let mortgage products hitting the market and property investment in the UK is up!

Even speculative investors are attempting to get in on the action, without any real idea of what they are doing. They realise that there is profit in property and their intention is to replicate the strategies of successful investors as property bargains abound.


Because life goes on! 

If you want to stay ahead of the game be concerned about YOUR own economy:

  • How will you cover future wants and needs? You know; University education for the children, your own retirement and life in general!
  • Can you hedge your own greatest financial asset – your job – and be assured it will always be there?
  • Will your salary grow substantially over time?
  • Can owning property replace your current income?
  • Is financial freedom really your goal?

These are questions millions of ordinary people, not investing in property, are asking, but the institutional answers are not really that clear or reassuring. 

Savvy property investors have already planned their investment strategies and have allowed for contingencies and have an exit strategy in place BEFORE spending a single penny.

If the current economic state is going to become the new normal, it doesn’t matter for property investors who have invested in themselves and have learned to earn!

Successful property investors realise that the only economy to be concerned about is their own and they are the ones that will always come out on top. 

Investors are finding ways of protecting and even growing their incomes, assets and plans for the future despite the fragility of global economies, including developing properties into HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation), aquiring expert knowledge on Government proposals for welfare reforms including how to get LHA and Housing beneft payments for tenants direct from local authorities and seeking educational courses or investment forums with successful property investors who run workshops to help property investors.

There Will Never Be A Better Time To Invest In Property helps property investors and landlords build their own property power team to enable them to profit from property - Visit our main site now!