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Government End Outdated Law To Allow Short Term Letting In London

Government End Outdated Law To Allow Short Term Letting In London

New Measures Allow Londoners To Conduct Short Term Letting
Of Homes For Extra Cash

The UK Government have announced that they are set to introduce new measures that will bring to an end outdated rules from the 1970’s that prevented home owners in London from renting out their properties on a short-term basis to visitors.

Communities and Local Government (CLG), Secretary Eric Pickles said that there were almost 5 million overseas visitors to the capital between July and September 2013, and thousands of properties were advertised as being available as holiday lets on travel accommodation websites such as Airbnb.

However, under laws dating back to the 1970’s, Londoners who want to rent out their properties for less than 3 months, technically still have to apply for planning permission from the council, which does not apply anywhere else in the UK.

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11 property portfolios for sale

11 property portfolios for sale

Here are the latest batch of property portfolios
being offered by one of our trusted property sourcers

To enquire about any of these property deals please
telephone Mike – 07977220380

Sourcing Fees Apply

West Yorkshire – Portfolio of 85 apartments + 1 house 

West Yorkshire based portfolio of 86 properties that consists of 85 apartments and one house.

They sold off the freeholds to all the developments a few years ago which is a shame as they have almost an entire block or two in the portfolio.

The properties held within a specific purpose Limited Company and the book value is circa £7 Million (GBP)

The developers are looking to net £5.5 Million (GBP) or very close to.

Fully let currently it generates some £447k (GBP) pa in income before ground rents and service charges.

Net yield is over 7%


Liverpool PBSA site 1

OIRO £2,000,000 (GBP)

•   Land Sold with Planning Permission for 356 Student Rooms

•   Site Size 1.195 acres, 4830 Square Meters

•  Nov 2012 Lending Val £3,450,000.00

•   Building can Start in August

•    In Clusters with Open Plan Lounges and Kitchens

•   Contemporary Building Over 5 Floors

•  Student Lounge, Cate, Gym Laundrette and Player Room

•   5 Wings, 5 Lifts

•   Parking Spaces and Bike Ports

•  Commun11I Gardens

•   200 Yards from Liverpool University

•   A short Walk to Liverpool’s City Centre

•   Lifetime Covenant  indemnity  insurance


Liverpool PBSA site 2

Opportunity in Liverpool for PBSA with Planning Permission for 140 units.

There has also been a favourable nod from the council to increase to 284 units.

Purchase Price: £1.75 Million (GBP) – as is – for the site with full planning permission as above.

Site with full planning permission for new 6 storey building consisting of 122 student rooms in 22 clusters, 18 self contained flats and 1 retails unit with associated parking and landscaping.

The planners have indicated that they would be sympathetic to an amendment to the above application in line with the proposals outlined in the Concept Design brochure to uplift planning permission to 284 beds. They also agreed that they accept that an increase in the number of units to 284 would be a more effective use of the site along with a design more consistent with the current surrounding buildings. Potential GDV £18 Million (GBP)


Sheffield     47 apartments

Sheffield 47 apartments 9.4% net yield / 26 % BMV

42 units available made up of studios, 1 bed & 2 beds all fully let and 5 commercial units.

The price also includes the freehold on the whole development.

Sheffield Facts:

·       Freehold of 120 including commercial units.

·       Commercial Units- 1-5 see spread sheet. upon request

·       2 Bedroom flats-6 see spread sheet. upon request

·       1 Bedroom flats-27 see spread sheet. upon request

·       Studios-9 see spread sheet. upon request

·       Total number of properties 47.

·       Lease 150 years from November 2007.


•         Bank valuation = £4,380,000 (GBP) + Freehold. Valuation was done in December 2013

•         Sales price = £3,909,000 (GBP) if each unit is sold individually (10.8% discount)

•         Sales price = £3,225,000 (GBP) if purchased as bulk as one transaction (26.4% discount)

•         Net income from rental income & ground rents = £302,378 (GBP)

•         Net Yield = 9.4%


Nelson     17 houses

Offers circa £620,000 (GBP) for 17 houses.

All fully renovated to an excellent standard and local agents say the 2 beds would go for £50k and the 3 bed £60k.

Only two minutes walk from the town centre.


Balham, London


Beautiful victorian luxury development of 16 tenanted, fully

furnished apartments of which 13 are available to acquire.

All current tenants are on 6 months AST’s.

The Estimated Rental Value (ERV) is £400,000 (GBP) p.a.

We are proposing either individual sales (see individual price schedule TBC) or

will consider selling all 13 apartments as a single asset sale and include

the entire freehold for £9,250,000 (GBP)


Social Schemes/sites

1.        Mossley Hill, Liverpool.

Approx. 2 acres with consent to erect 1, 2, 3 and 4 storey buildings comprising a) 95 bed Residential Care Facility b) 23 Sheltered Accommodation apartments c) 90 x children nursery d) 46 x children after school accommodation.

2.       Randlay Centre, Randlay, Telford.

Approx. 1.24 acres with consent for 72 bed care Home and 18 apartments.

3.        Blythe Bridge, Staffs.

Listed building in poor state of repair with current planning for 14 apartments but owners are applying new consent for 40 bed Care Home plus two guest rooms and managers accommodation at the luxury end of the market. Set in own grounds.

4.        Wem, Shropshire.

Currently owners in for planning for 9 houses and 13 apartments but essentially application made to establish to total approved square footage of 25,000. There is a demand locally for Care Home facilities and a waiting list. This square footage would translate into say 60-80 beds.


Gravesend, Kent

Full planning 86 flats (1,2&3 beds) + c.900 sqm commercial/retail unit

Est. Build costs £5.6-6Million (GBP) (£65k per unit)

Est. GDV £15 Million (GBP) (avg. £185K per unit) + up to £3 Million (GBP) for retail unit

Site value £3.6-4 Million (GBP)

Offers above £3 Million (GBP) for a quick sale

Sales fee 2%

Gravesend has links to the Ebbsfleet train station so direct fast service to London St Pancras

The proposal is as follows:

Demolish existing 6 storey office block

Build 4 new blocks (1×4 storeys, 1×5 storeys & 2×6 storeys)

86 flats (30×1 Bed, 48×2 Bed & 8×3 Bed 4 of which will be penthouses and 26 affordable units)

923m2 of mixed commercial units (A1,A2 and D)

98 car parking places

Original planning was back in 2008, but was revised in 2013. Full planning is in place.



Rusholme student Properties 3 Bed 2 reception terraced houses – Potential student 4 bed let

Hartington Street 3 bed property recently refurbished 2 Receptions tenants in place 12mths A £600

Cowesby Street 3 bed property recently modernised 2 double bedrooms 1 single bedroom and 2 Receptions tenanted at £600 PCM

Both properties cash purchasers only current market values £115K-£125 therefore both properties should cost £235,000 (GBP) MIN, time is of the essence and these properties will sell very quickly as both are tenanted and have been modernised.



Two terraced properties in Doncaster that we can let go for £65,000 for both, one needs and update (heating system and some new windows) and one is good to go. Both 3 beds with a potential rental return of between £350-400pcm.  Brochures on request and find it’ll return minimum 14.7% gross yield…



Victoria Road – Widnes – Google maps

– Estimated Value – £288,000 (based on comparable property + sq footage)

– Estimated Income – £1,670pcm (based on previous income NET of management fee)

– Offer needed – £200,000

End plot spread across 3 stories including basement and attic space.

Recently updated but minus a kitchen. 3 Rooms on the top floor. 2 reception rooms (open plan) on the first floor.

Chicken Shop on ground floor fully fitted with £60,000 worth of equipment still under warrantee.

Reason for selling, need to release some capital and previous business didn’t take off under franchise. Not to say it can’t be better managed in the future.

An alternate route may be converting the commercial aspect to residential to produce a high returning flats / bedsits depending on the sort of tenant you’re likely to attract in the area.

Closest market comparable is below, please bear in mind it is a mid unit and nowhere near the size of the premises on offer
Comparable Commercial Unit – Widnes

To enquire about any of these property deals please
telephone Mike – 07977220380

Sourcing Fees Apply

Property Sourcing Revolution Report is causing controversy already and it hasn't been released yet

Property Sourcing Revolution Report is causing controversy already and it hasn’t been released yet

Property Sourcing Revolution Report

The UK’s biggest property buying educators, Progressive Property, have just released a fascinating training report and video guide on CD that shows how you can identify and snap up a house at up to £25k off the market value!

It’s revolutionary because it requires no ‘negotiation’ or ‘sales’ skills – You just need to know what to look for, using a major website that house buyers and tenants use every day.

The report is called “Property Sourcing Revolution” so click the link below and take a look.

Grab your copy –> Click Here Now! <–

The report details examples of properties bought using the exact techniques laid out in the pages, and there is a detailed video training CD that accompanies the report to show you the exact how-to steps that the author used to find them!

What this report is NOT about!

  • This report has nothing to do with posting adverts in newspapers or putting ‘I Will Buy Your House’ stickers on cars in order to find cheap properties
  • This report is not about buying properties for £1, purchasing under someone else’s name or rent-to-buy or any other insider ‘tricks’ or ‘3 step secrets of the professional  formulas’
  • This report will not show you how to ‘click your fingers’ and ‘make millions overnight’ from property.

Let’s be realistic, that doesn’t happen in real life, otherwise everyone would be doing it!

The techniques described in this report are far better and much smarter than that!

This report will show you in detail how to quickly build up an expert-level of knowledge about your local area (or any area of the UK in which you’d like to buy a house)…

Allowing you to find and buy good properties quickly and easily at well below their market value.

Grab your copy –> Click Here Now! <–

It’s already causing quite a stir on Facebook due to its controversial but easy to copy tips!

What’s more… the tips included in this report actually do work! (with plenty of proof provided)

I’ve read the “Property Sourcing Revolution” report and I would say that it is well worth a read, even if its just to discover the techniques that house buyers across the country are .

Rob & Mark from Progressive Property are giving a limited number of copies of the “Property Sourcing Revolution” report away to get some reader feedback before it goes on open sale in a few weeks time.

Grab your copy –> Click Here Now! <–

If it’s not for you at this time, you’ll still be able to order this 24 page printed report and video training CD in a few weeks time when Progressive release it via their online shop for £47 (GBP).


Owning Property Is Better For Financial Security

Owning Property Is Better For Financial Security

Mortgage Payments Vs Savings: Property Provides Better Returns Over Traditional Saving Methods

There was a report in the Daily Express last week that said property owners have saved more than others with traditional savings accounts and ISA’s.

The report reckoned that the Bank of England’s record low interest rate has saved property owners almost £20,000 (GBP) over the last six years in inflated mortgage payments. However traditional savers have lost out by almost the same amount, prompting calls for more help for savers and warnings that borrowing could create a new debt crisis.

Bank of England statistics reveal that the record low interest rate of 0.5%, reached 5 years ago today, has been a mixed blessing for the UK.

Interest rates started to tumble back in 2008 and by March 2009 the Bank of England’s base rate had reached 0.5%, promoting cheaper borrowing.

Property owners with a £100,000 Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgage could have saved almost £20,000 (GBP), because mortgage payments were around £3,300 (GBP) a year lower than they were in early 2008 before the financial crash ended the previous property boom.

Savers with £100,000 (GBP) in cash ISAs lost around £18,500 (GBP) over the same period.

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Renting Property Can Be More Profitable Than Buying!

Renting Property Can Be More Profitable Than Buying!

How Next Generation
Landlords Earn Living

It can be infuriating when you’re shown an investment strategy that is so simple, and obvious, that you can’t understand just how you missed it?

So now an easy to follow, step-by-step guide is being made available to property investors (and first-time buyers) just in time… even if the next generation of young landlords are already familiar with it, and using it to fantastic effect.

UK property prices are finally getting back to record highs, and the newspapers are again telling us how property investment and controlling bricks and mortar is a very reliable way of multiplying monthly income.

Forget ‘buying’ a starter-house with your families hard earned savings as a deposit, because there is a much easier way…

Rent A House And Make Up To £1,000 (GBP) A Month Income From It!

Whether that is a house advertised in a local newspaper or one that you have seen in the estate agent’s window… it doesn’t matter.

Right now the UK’s biggest property education company is explaining how to use this simple strategy to great effect:

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Funding Boost For Government Build-To-Rent Plans

Funding Boost For Government Build-To-Rent Plans

Finance Secured To Build Thousands Of
Affordable Properties For Rental Purposes

Government housing minister Kris Hopkins has welcomed a deal that will release £500 Million (GBP) of additional funding to build new affordable residential properties in the UK.

The new investment finance has been secured through an agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB), that will help deliver up to 4,300 new and affordable homes to rent in areas of the UK.

The funding is set to form part of the £3.5 Billion (GBP) Affordable Housing Guarantees programme, which enables housing associations to use Government guarantees to secure private investment at more competitive rates than they would otherwise be able to secure.

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Special Property Masterclass With
The Queen Of Lease Options! 

Places Available for Reena Malra’s Lease Option Vs Instalment Contract Secrets Revealed Masterclass on 23rd November  2013 at Heathrow airport.

Places Available for Reena Malra’s Lease Option Vs Instalment Contract Secrets Revealed Masterclass on 23rd November 2013 at Heathrow airport.

 Reena Malra – The Queen of Lease Options, is offering to share in full a detailed case study of a recent Exchange With Delayed Completion (EDC) Deal or an Instalment Contract, that one of her mentees saw through to completion.

Reena would like to offer this great opportunity to find out exactly how her mentee, Vidas, put this fantastic London property deal together!

Here’s exactly what Vidas got out of the EDC property deal:

How To Do Property Lease Options Deals In London Or Anywhere!

How To Do Property Lease Options Deals In London Or Anywhere!

#1 – Vidas would have normally needed to put down a 25% deposit in order to secure this £250,000 (GBP) residential property, which works out at £62,500 (GBP).
But instead, all he had to do was pay the vendor’s arrears, which was a mere £8,000 (GBP), and the house was his!

#2 –  Vidas also inherited 25% of the freehold, as the property had 4 flats in it.

#3 – Upon buying the property, Vidas also inherited a whopping £33,000 (GBP) of equity!

#4 – Due to the mortgage payments and the rental figure, Vidas also secured an INSTANT monthly cash flow totalling an incredible £437 (GBP) !!

#5 – Finally, Vidas can exercise his option to complete at any time during the next 29 years!

Read The Full Case Study Here:

Reena believes that all property investors can achieve similar results to her successful students when they know what, how, when, why and where to implement these creative property strategies in order to create some truly cracking property deals. 

  • WITHOUT having to take out a mortgage
  • WITHOUT needing to pay any kind of deposit
  • WITHOUT having to borrow any money
  • WITHOUT the need for even a simple credit check?
  • WITHOUT the need for ANY previous experience whatsoever!

Find out how to do amazing property deals like the one described above for yourself Right Here!

Reena Malra is the UK’s leading female creative strategist and has earned her reputation as the undisputed “Queen of Lease Options”, and she has been helping property investors just like you, to make at least a 5-figure income each and every month using her secret underground creative strategies – and the results have been truly spectacular!

But crucially for UK property investors who want to expand their property investment strategies, Reena has been persuaded to open the doors again so that more property investors can benefit from using these superb creative strategies!

So on Saturday 23rd November 2013 and on the 25th January 2014 Reena will be hosting a special 1-day Property Master Class where she’ll personally be revealing exactly how YOU can duplicate her 7-step Command and Conquer System and bank 5 figure monthly profits yourself! 

New Bonus Material

There is a lot of excitement about Rent-to-Rent at the moment…This is a property strategy that Reena has successfully been implementing and teaching for the last 3 years, with a special secret highly profitable twist

Reena uses this strategy as a stepping stone to secure more lucrative Lease Option deals.

All will be explained on the following dates: Saturday 23rd November 2013 – London! or 25th January 2014 – Birmingham

The creative strategies being taught by Reena Malra are time-tested and proven to work, and are currently making many of Reena’s student mentees financially free!

Secure Your Place With Reena Malra on 23rd November 2013 or 25th January 2014

Secure Your Place With Reena Malra on 23rd November 2013 or 25th January 2014

To book your seat at Reena Malra’s property master class and become one of them yourself, Click Here!

Date 1: Saturday 23rd November 2013…**9 Places Left** – Ibis London Earls Court Hotel

Due to Demand…New Location and Second Date Added!

Date 2: Saturday 25th January 2014…**16 Places Left** – Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC Hotel

Please Note: You can confirm which date you would like to attend after you book…

This is a genuine golden opportunity for property investors to make a life-changing income from UK property, but you need to register quickly because places are Extremely Limited, and always fill up fast!

P.S. – Reena has told us that she will also be giving away 7 incredible bonuses during the event, with a total value of £4,873 (GBP)! – You really don’t want to miss out on these!

Reena is able to boast an unprecedented number of success stories all over the UK where her student mentees make big money from the training. 

So how would you like to be Reena’s next success story? 

To get on the right path to property profits through Lease Options – GO HERE NOW!

Reena Malra - Lease Options Vs Installment Contracts 1 Day Event - 23rd November 2013

Reena Malra – Lease Options Vs Installment Contracts Event – 23rd November 2013 or 25th January 2014

Tenants Share To Cut Living Costs

Tenants Share To Cut Living Costs

Private Rental Sector Tenants
still struggling to make ends meet

With the amount of would-be tenants looking for shared accommodation is reported to be up by 31% since 2011, suggesting that UK tenants are looking at sharing property with other tenants in order to counter increasing living costs and ensure that the rent is paid, however, Rent Guarantee Insurance is a better idea.

Research by house-share website found that for single tenants, renting property by themselves is not really an affordable option, so many tenants are turning to flat or house sharing in a bid to save cash.

The website recently surveyed its users and discovered that 51% had returned to flat and house sharing after previously renting property in the UK PRS alone or with a partner.

Spareroom tell would-be tenants that huge financial savings can be made by renting a room in a shared rental property, rather than renting the whole property.

The average cost of renting a one-bedroom flat in the majority of the UK, is £12,669 (GBP) per year (including bills), while the cost of renting a room in a shared rental property is just £6,079 (GBP) with bills included, a saving of £6,590 (GBP) per year.

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Help-To-Buy Heralded As UK Property Market Saviour

Help-To-Buy Heralded As UK Property Market Saviour

RICS Claim Help-To-Buy Is Reason
For UK Property Market Recovery

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) have stated that the Government’s Help-To-Buy scheme and other financial initiatives have seen the UK property market turn the corner after the post recession slump.

In its monthly report RICS said property prices are up for a fourth consecutive month as the largest number of property buyers in 4 years return to the market.

The RICS report particularly picked out the West Midlands and the North East, as two areas which had suffered more than most in the UK property market crash, but these areas experienced the biggest increase in property buyer activity during July.

The widespread pick-up in the UK property market has seen residential property prices rise at their fastest rate since the peak of the property market in November 2006.

There is a growing chorus that the Government’s Help-To-Buy scheme, which was introduced in April to provide equity loans for first time buyers of up to 20% towards the cost of a new build property worth up to £600,000 (GBP) is creating a new property bubble.

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New Affordable Housing Guarantees Funding Is Intended To Deliver

New Affordable Housing Guarantees Funding Is Intended To Deliver
Thousands Of Affordable Properties

New Affordable Housing Guarantee Funding Is Intended To Deliver Thousands
Of Affordable Properties

On the 24th July 2013, Government ministers announced a multi-million pound boost to build thousands of new and affordable residential properties in the UK.

69 different housing associations and developers will each receive a share of £220 million (GBP) to deliver almost 14,000 new and affordable residential properties outside of the London area.

Work on the new residential properties will be started by March 2015 and will be expected to be completed by 2017.

The move is part of wider government efforts to get Britain building, which will lead to the fastest annual rate of affordable house building for over 2 decades.

The increased funding is part of the expanded £450 million (GBP) Affordable Housing Guarantees which will support up to £3.5 Billion (GBP) in government debt guarantees to deliver thousands of new homes.

Of the almost 14,000 homes this money will help deliver, the majority will be available at an affordable rent with 2,000 of those available to buy through shared ownership.

Housing associations and developers who plan to use the guarantee scheme will now work with the Affordable Housing Finance to finalise the details of the loan funding that will work alongside today’s grant allocations.

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