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Investors Prefer Property Over Stocks And Shares

Investors Prefer Property Over Stocks And Shares

UK Property Investors are far more positive about continuing to invest in bricks and mortar over stocks and shares as the outlook for the UK property market continues to improve.

The latest Lloyds TSB Private Banking Investor Confidence Index shows that positive sentiment in the UK property market has improved massively in the last 3 months, whilst investors shy away from speculating in other markets with stocks and shares.

In April the positive sentiment for property was only 8%, and improving sentiment in regions such as Wales, West Midlands and North West has added to the strong confidence in London to lift the overall UK property sentiment level to 32%.

This means that UK property is now the fifth highest asset class, behind gold, emerging market shares, commodities and UK company shares. Over the same timescale, sentiment for gold showed a remarkable slump, dropping from 46% to just 12%.

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The extraordinary and frightening recent events in the Eurozone have sent many investors into a blind panic. We have seen yet another sell off within the stock market with an 8.7% fall from the FTSE in only 12 weeks, and property investors are having to rely on rental yields rather than capital appreciation.

There are a lot of investors now choosing to find alternative investments to provide a decent return and there is a very viable alternative….GOLD!

  • Gold was the best performing asset class over the first half of 2011, providing a return of 4.9 %, according to research.
  •  The price of Gold has gone up a massive 457% over a ten year period
  • Gold has always provided a high return over a long period of investment.
  •  Increase in the value of Gold is helped by a decrease in gold mining (supply) and increase in demand.
  • Resistance levels for Gold prices have broken through! Corrections in the next 3-6 months provide and excellent buying opportunity.

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