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The World’s Most Expensive Residential Properties

The World’s Most Expensive Residential Properties

Residential properties come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes in the form of an astounding castle fit for a queen, or a billionaire mansion that can be the perfect little house in the country that every rich man loves.


No matter whom the owner of the residential properties are, if he or she has an unbelievable piece of property, you can be assured that there is a lot of money involved.


Inspired by this idea and to help every curious person out there, created a complete infographic with the theme “The World’s Most Expensive Residential Properties”.


This is a list of the most amazing residential properties on earth, the kind of real estate that people only see in the movies or if they are sightseeing in a different country.


When you consider that on average residential properties in England and Wales are worth almost £250,000 (GBP), the value of some of the world’s most impressive residential properties is just staggering.


Starting with the Buckingham Palace, which is worth £5 Billion (GBP), Windsor castle £166 Million (GBP) and ending in the humble Balmoral Castle £160 Million (GBP), Her Majesty the Queen is the owner of the most expensive property in the world and her total property wealth is estimated at a staggering £5.326 Billion (GBP).


Distinguished billionaires and millionaires own some of the most fabulous real estate in the world, like the Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich, who owns the 80,000 square foot, Villa Leopolda in France worth £460 Million (GBP).


The Yemeni businessman Mukesh Ambani, the richest man currently living in Asia is the current owner of Antilla house in India, 27 storeys tall with 400,000 square feet of floor space worth over £1.3 Billion (GBP).


The founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner owns the world renowned playboy mansion in the USA, worth a mere £35 Million (GBP) complete with its own private zoo.


The infographic shows how much each of these properties are worth, how many rooms there are in each one, when were they built and also their amazing features like big pools, tennis courts, bowling alleys, gyms or even zoos.


This infographic even shows the major events that have occurred in each property’s unique history, like the fire that partially destroyed the Windsor Castle in 1992.


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International Property Investors Green Light

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Ironically it is the weakness of Sterling (GBP) that has made residential property in the UK capital attractive to international property investors, helping to fuel strong demand for residential property in London from foreign investors, according to one residential estate agent.

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