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Dramatic Fall In Number Of Empty UK Properties

Dramatic Fall In Number Of Empty UK Properties

UK Empty Property Numbers At All-Time Low

According to campaigning charity Empty Homes, there has been a dramatic fall in the number of empty residential properties in the UK.

The new research shows that the number of empty residential properties in the UK dropped by 75,000 during 2013, the largest-ever annual fall in numbers.

The substantial fall has reduced the total number of empty properties in the UK to 635,127, the lowest recorded level ever, according to campaigning charity Empty Homes.

The biggest falls in the number of empty properties were observed in the North West of England and London.

There was also a large fall in the number of long-term empty residential properties, with figures dropping by over 27,000 to a new record low of 232,600.

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National Empty Homes Loan FundNational Empty Homes Loan Fund To Bring
Empty Properties Back In To Use

A new scheme has been launched to bring almost ¾ Million empty residential properties back into full time use in a bid to tackle the UK’s current housing shortage.

Over 710,000 residential properties are currently lying derelict and empty across the UK, because the owners have not been able to afford to renovate or refurbish them back to a habitable standard.

In a joint venture initiative between Government, 39 participating local authorities, the Empty Homes charity and the Ecology Building Society, the scheme aims to provide loans of up to £15,000 (GBP) to owners of empty residential properties to help bring them affordably back into use.

The fund was one of the demands of last year’s Great British Property Scandal campaign led by architect and broadcaster George Clarke.

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Even though there is still a chronic housing shortage in the UK, a Lib Dem MP has enraged homeowners and landlords with his latest idea.

According to the Liberal Democrat regeneration minister Andrew Stunell
“…it is a crime to allow properties to lie empty for more than six months

In an impassioned speech at the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham this week, Mr Stunell vowed to crack down on the owners of long-empty UK properties, by empowering local authorities to add a levy to their council tax bills.

The Regeneration Minister spoke of his determination to move away from the current system, under which property owners are spared from paying council tax for the first six months of their properties being empty, after which time they are liable to pay the standard occupied rate.

In his speech he said “A tax hike would force empty home owners to return to the market”.

A £100 Million (GBP) pot would be set aside to fund the regeneration of empty properties.

This will allow community and voluntary groups to be able to apply for funding to do up a proportion of the 300,000 empty properties across the UK themselves.

These latest controversial proposals will now go for further consultation, while the Con-Dem Government drafts its new empty homes strategy that is due to be published this Autumn.

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