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Great news for international property investors, the strength of the UK pound (GBP)proved too much for weaker currencies and finished higher in March against all major currencies, according to the Currency Index.

Good exchange rates mean overseas buyers can now find property investment bargains in many countries.

The Currency Index have confirmed the opportunity for UK based international investors after examining local property markets around the world.

Excellent prospects for property investors include Australia and New Zealand where residential property price drops of 5.38% and 5.06% have respectively been observed and the Australian dollar currently has the most improved exchange rate, at over 4% cheaper.

In Europe, Greece has shown to have seen the worst property price falls with residential accommodation values 6.3% cheaper than previously. Spain has also seen property prices fall by 3.3%

Sterling (GBP) has become a strong currency and UK based property investors should be ready to cash in now whilst the exchange rates are good, there are some great bargains to be had, all you have to do is look…

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