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How does the cost of living compare for tenants and mortgaged homeowners?

For much of the UK population buying their own residential property will be the biggest financial commitment anyone undertakes and for many, owning their own home is essential. In the UK renting has traditionally been seen as an option for students and young professionals who need flexibility and also the ability to save up for a deposit for that all-important mortgage, but which is better value?

To Rent or Buy?

The ultimate aim of previous generations has always been to buy property. The potential uncertainties of renting property in the UK private rented sector (PRS) don’t always appeal to families.

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The extraordinary and frightening recent events in the Eurozone have sent many investors into a blind panic. We have seen yet another sell off within the stock market with an 8.7% fall from the FTSE in only 12 weeks, and property investors are having to rely on rental yields rather than capital appreciation.

There are a lot of investors now choosing to find alternative investments to provide a decent return and there is a very viable alternative….GOLD!

  • Gold was the best performing asset class over the first half of 2011, providing a return of 4.9 %, according to research.
  •  The price of Gold has gone up a massive 457% over a ten year period
  • Gold has always provided a high return over a long period of investment.
  •  Increase in the value of Gold is helped by a decrease in gold mining (supply) and increase in demand.
  • Resistance levels for Gold prices have broken through! Corrections in the next 3-6 months provide and excellent buying opportunity.

There is a way to Buy Gold and Silver at the lowest possible price that gives private investors around the world access to the professional bullion markets.

Investors can benefit from the lowest costs for buying, selling and storing gold and silver and is endorsed by the major gold mines.

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