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Two Property Investors and good friends of ours, who’ve raised over 25Million of JV finance to build a portfolio of over 350 properties [by the age of 30]… have cleared 3 days in their diary at the end of this year for 3 very small, intimate, Joint Venture Property Consultation days.

These days they are very busy running larger Events, and you’ve probably seen them working more with James Caan, Lord Sugar and bigger audiences of up to 800 people.

In fact it’s been a long time since they’ve consulted to any small group, let alone just 11 people in an intimate, closed door Private Property & Joint Venture Consultation Day…

But to avoid wasting your time, this probably isn’t relevant to 99% of our subscribers. This will only be relevant to you if:

1. You are already a property Investor OR you are already committed to being one and have taken necessary steps such as invested in yourself, reduced your work hours etc
2. You are positive, creative, and are open to finding new ways to fund deals and build your portfolio faster
3. You want to raise Joint Venture Finance and like working with partners and being part of an investing community
4. You have access to at least 5K [This is not needed for your application – it’s just to ensure you know how to find some funds]

If you’re still here, you’re about to get a very limited one off opportunity, I am excited for you because…

A large percentage of the professionals you may know teaching in the market now were taught by these guys.

They built their reputation in the early days on Mentoring and 1 to 1 Property Consultancy, spending personal days with serious people, and achieving life and income changing results getting down, dirty, strategic, technical and personal

Time doesn’t permit them to work individually with Property Investors anymore, so these rare, clear days [that they haven’t had in a long time] mean the following to you:

1. They will be holding 3 separate Joint Venture Consulting Days in their offices in Peterborough
2. There are only 11 spaces per day [and over 10,000’s will receive an invitationl]
3. It is for serious Property Investors only who want Joint Venture consultancy
4. This is an Application Only process. The details of the application are below

Here’s how it works:

You get invited after application to their personal offices, spend one full day with them and just 10 other serious Property Investors and they give you applicable Joint Venture and time sensitive Investing strategies you can implement right now to skyrocket your Portfolio

You’ll have an open brainstorming session together in the group and overcome your problems, challenges and pains personally – you leave with the tools and mindset you need to be a professional investor immediately

There are only 11 places on each date, strictly by application only

Each day is GBP1,000 + VAT per person BUT…

They are offering a limited number of scholarships to those who prove in the application that you will action what you learn and will guarantee them that you will implement immediately and prove the day to be worth at least GBP100,000 to you

They are looking for just 33 extraordinary Property Investors, with a limited number of scholarships up for grabs.

Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. 33 spaces ONLY are available. If your application is not successful, you will be given first option on any future consulting days. If they happen, they are likely to be 2014

They’re also doing this because they’ve missed the buzz of transforming results in a personal capacity. If that gives you a buzz, this might be for you

Below is a link to the application form. If this is of interest then you should do it now:


 We hope this information helps you Profit from Property!

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