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Rob Moore

Rob Moore

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From Your Property Investments!

A couple of weeks ago, Rob Moore from Progressive Property surveyed a segment of their 126,000 property investment subscribers including the newest people to join their email list. Progressive asked property investors what were their biggest roadblocks to getting those first few CASHFLOWING buy-to-let properties into their portfolio.Property investors, just like you, say they’re struggling with:

  • Lack Of Finance
  • Sourcing Below Market Value Deals
  • Buying 5 Investment Properties In A Year
7 Property Investment Top Tips and The “No-Money-Left-In” Secret!

7 Property Investment Top Tips and The “No-Money-Left-In” Secret!

And those property investors who answered the progressive survey wanted more practical and useful resources and additional online training to help them smash through the negative roadblocks that were holding them back.

So with that in mind Progressive have launched the  The Buy Refurbish Remortgage BlueprintThe “No-Money-Left-In” Secret [PDF] and it is available for a limited time so grab your copy now! 

Below is a copy of the responses that the survey generated:

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You may have already heard that two young, renegade property investors have raised a few eyebrows because they uploaded a video interview with a disillusioned NHS Nurse, Beckie Cooper…

In this video you’ll see how Beckie sacked her boss in the NHS to make over £8,000 (GBP) income per Month & secure a multi million pound Property Portfolio in the Crash [as a newbie]…

She also tells you exactly how she raised almost £300,000 (GBP) of other people’s funds to build this portfolio without banks & mortgages –

And that’s not all because you’ll also get exclusive access to 3 zero cost chapters from a new book by two double best selling property investors…

See this weeks’s exclusive article on the success of property investors who dared to attempt to make cash from property during the crash, and did rather well !!!

Revealing the secrets within the stories, this upcoming release will show you:

How ordinary people achieve extraordinary results in Property that changed their lives

How they vanquish [necessary] challenges with their mental game

Access to the exact ‘how to’ strategies they use that work right now in a tough economic climate, producing income

How simple it can be to change your life through Property Investing, with the right systems and processes

Go here to watch this video interview – if you copy Beckie’s strategy you could start making personal income sooner that you think

Invest for Freedom, Choice & Profit

Rob Moore & Mark Homer

[the “two young renegade property investors”] 🙂

The Progressive Group Over 350 Properties Bought since 2005 Double Best Selling Property Authors £25 Million (GBP) JV Partners

P.S. Watch this video interview explaining how a disillusioned Nurse Beckie Cooper Sacked the NHS
to Make Over 8K per Month & secure a multi million pound Property Portfolio in the Crash…

P.P.S. Get your zero cost chapters & ‘how to’ material from “Beginners to Winners the Secrets within the Stories” and make money in property through knowledge and motivation

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