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OFT Investigating Property Quick Sale Companies

OFT Investigating Property Quick Sale Companies

Property Quick Sale Companies Face
Investigation By Office Of fair Trading

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) have announced that they are investigating 3 property quick sale companies for unfair practices after it was alleged that some customers had lost out on many thousands of pounds.

Property quick sale companies offer to buy property from distressed vendors within a short time frame, however some companies have brought the practice into disrepute.

The announcement comes as the Office of Fair Trading publishes a report on the sector, which found that property quick sale firms can be beneficial to consumers who need a fast, hassle-free property sale.

In fact the OFT found that many other property quick sale companies in the sector were operating in an “open and fair” manner.

Quick sale property providers offer to purchase properties from struggling consumers within as little as seven days, but at a discount – typically between 10% and 25% – of the property’s full market value.

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Discoveries That Change Property Investors Lives

Discoveries That Change Property Investors Lives

I was fortunate to attend the PIN National Conference at the weekend and I found the attitude of new property investors is far hungrier than my own property ambitions were when I first started out.

These days property investors are becoming far more creative than they were a few years ago and new ideas and investment strategies are emerging almost daily that enable investors to control and profit from property using other people’s money, other peoples mortgages and even ways to profit without actually owning property.

I started my property investment journey in 2005 when I bought my first property at a price that was significantly well below the true market value (BMV) and used that to leverage my position and raised enough finance to enable the purchase of a few more investment properties.

I entered the property investment arena reluctantly on the advice of my wife and I wish I had listened to her a few years earlier as I would have not dragged my feet and we would have bought significantly more investment properties before the peak of the UK property market was reached in 2007, followed by the property crash in 2008 as the financial reasoning of many western nations was rocked by the collapse of the US real estate market and the aftermath affected property markets around the world.

My wife had realised far quicker than I had that there was profit to be made in property and she set about educating me on the benefits. It was one of those discoveries that changed my life and I remain eternally grateful to Rachel for opening my eyes to the possibilities that property investment can bring.

The property crash forced property investors to examine the strategies that had previously enabled them to profit from property and the contraction of financial availability meant that investors had to become even more creative in order to obtain investment properties. Among the new strategies was the emergence of Lease Options (LO) as a method to control property without owning it outright in the UK. The opportunities seized on by property investors already existed and was already being used by investors to control residential property in other countries. This investment method kept savvy investors ahead of the game and has now become widely adapted as a mainstream strategy.

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UK Buy-to-Let Needs New Landlords

UK Buy-to-Let Needs New Landlords

The demand for rental property in the UK is such that many experts are predicting that as many as 1 in 5 households will be living in rental property as tenants by 2016.

In order for this estimate to be accurate there will need to be an additional 1.1 Million more rental properties made available in the UK private rented sector.

Experienced property investors are expanding their rental property portfolios and the demand for rental property is so strong that many new property investors are being encouraged purchase property for longer term rental yields and become landlords.

UK PRS landlords are reported to control as many as 4.8 Million PRS rental properties throughout the UK, up from the reported 2.5 Million in 2002.

PRS rental properties in London account for 27% of all residential properties while social renting now accounts for just 24%.

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Property Investors Solicitors Regulation Authority concern over fake solicitor

SRA warn property investors over unregulated solicitor

SRA warn property investors over unregulated solicitor

Buy-to-let property investors are being warned to always be on their guard when they receive emails offering investment properties at discounted prices.

The latest warning has come from the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) which says that the scammers are claiming to be from Swift Properties and the legal work is alleged to be being handled by a firm called Tams & Co Solicitors.

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Quick Property Sales Fraud Risk

The FSA has warned homeowners in financial difficulties who are looking to sell their home fast to beware of committing fraud.

FSA Warns of BMV Property Fraud

FSA Warns of BMV Property Fraud

The financial regulator says it has evidence that some below market value (BMV) or distressed property sales may involve fraud, where the buyer (a company or an individual), asks the selling homeowner to state that the property has been sold for its full open market value, rather than the agreed purchase price.

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Repossessions, Below Market Value Properties and Large Residential Portfolios For Sale

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