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UK Housing Minister Grant Shapps announced last week that he wants to make the eviction process easier for social housing providers to eject unruly or anti social tenants.

The mandatory power of repossession would allow housing associations and local authorities to take into account previous convictions for bad behaviour and base decisions on ‘trigger offences’.
Which include:

• A conviction for a serious offence related to housing, including violence against neighbours, drug dealing and criminal damage
• Breach of an injunction for anti-social behaviour obtained by a landlord
• Closing of a premises under a closure order. This could be where a property has been used for drug dealing

 The UK Housing Minister claims the current UK eviction process takes far too long, leaving social housing providers and innocent tenants suffering at the hands of a few offenders, and he wanted to speed up the eviction process, particularly in cases where a disruptive tenant already held a conviction for anti-social behaviour.

 Mr Shapps said : “Eviction is a drastic step and should be the last resort that landlords take to tackle this menace, but when all other options have failed to stop this yobbish behaviour, victims should not have to wait months or even years to see justice done.”

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