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Join the PIN Mastermind Finalists LIVE

on Friday 22nd March at 11:30am For Free!

PIN Founder Simon Zutshi

PIN Founder Simon Zutshi

Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind Programme has been running since 2007 and over 700 property investors have now completed this amazing, life changing programme.

The goal of the Mastermind Programme is to achieve £1,000,000 (GBP) in property with £50,000 (GBP) of cash-flow in 12 months, and many go way beyond this.

Free Web Access To The Last Day Of PIN Mastermind 11For every Mastermind group, Simon likes to celebrate and share the top 5 success stories so everyone can benefit.

On the final day of Mastermind Simon invites these property investors [many of whom started with no property only 12 months before] to take to the stage and share their story of the past 12 months, including:

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Last Chance For 50% off Property MMX

As you may already be aware, the special discounted offer on Simon Zutshi’s ‘Property MMX’ programme expires at midnight tonight (31/08/12)!

Simon Zutshi's Property MMX

Simon Zutshi’s Property MMX

This will be your last chance to join at 50% off, so get all the details and enrol now:

Over the last 5 years Simon has helped literally hundreds of investors to accumulate over £1 Million (GBP) of property and generate an income of £50,000+ in just 12 months through his acclaimed Property Mastermind programme.

With results like that, no wonder it’s the most popular programme of its kind in the UK!


Even though there’s no doubt whatsoever his Property Mastermind works, there are still three ‘sticking points’ that prevent people from joining…

1. LOCATION: Even though Simon hosts the monthly meetings in Birmingham (which is fairly easy for everyone in the UK to get to) some people are still reluctant to commit to travelling there every single month.

2. TIME: Even though it’s just one day a month, some people are still reluctant to commit to that amount of time out of their diary every single month for a whole year. And most importantly…

3. THE INVESTMENT: Even though Simon’s members accumulate an average of £1million of property and generate an average of £50,000 in cash in their first 12 months, prospective members are sometimes reluctant (or unable) to invest the £11,997+VAT joining fee in order to get started…

…And that’s what makes ‘Property MMX’ so special.

Now you can get all the benefits of Simon’s Property Mastermind programme, without having to travel to Birmingham once a month, and for a fraction of the £11,997+VAT-a-year joining fee!

So if you want to accumulate £1 Million (GBP) in property AND generate over £50,000 (GBP) in personal income in the next 12 monthsgo here for all the details:

P.S. The 50% discount expires at midnight tonight, (31/08/12) so click the link now and check out everything you’re getting:

Simon Zutshi's Property Magic

Simon Zutshi’s Property Magic


    P.P.S – Don’t forget you can still get a FREE copy of Simon’s best selling book “Property Magic” by clicking Here

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