Why Successful People Have A Mentor

Why Successful People Have A Mentor

Why It Is Worth Having A Mentor If You Want To Be Successful 

Over the 14 years that we have been in business, in various industries, we have had our share of ups and downs but there has been one thing that has remained constant throughout our journey, and that’s having a mentor to call on.

We have always looked to people who have achieved a great deal of success in their chosen fields, as they have skills and experiences to share that are invaluable, be that in business, property, life or even to just participate in a hobby, we have mentors influencing many aspects of our lives, and it has helped us reach success in all of those aspects.For business we respect the valuable input from multi-million pound business owner, Matthew Moody, for property investment we have been mentored by property millionaire, Vanish Patel, and for our musical theatre hobby, we turn to successful North West acclaimed director/producer Howard G Raw.

There have been a number of different research panels over the years investigating the positive outcome of mentoring and statistically speaking it has been said that you are between 26% – 76% more likely to succeed and achieve your goals WITH a mentor than without.

That’s over double the success rate that you could achieve on your own, just through having someone to talk to and someone who can guide you through the challenges!

Mentoring certainly helps those who seek it, as the mentor can help sharpen your business or persoanl focus, overcome challenges and boost confidence as well as providing valuable help and guidance in other aspects of life and business.

So what stops people from finding a mentor to help them?

Cost – Mentor’s can short-cut learning and provide good solid advice when you need it as well as challenging you to reach greater heights!

Time – How precious is your time and how is best to spend it?  Planning action should take more time than doing because you’re doing what you planned.  A mentor can help you focus your efforts onto the tasks that count and give you the tools to manage your time better.

Not sure where to look – We don’t always know where to start.  But that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to not seek out a mentor who can help you on your journey.  You can find them at work, clubs, societies and you can also use my business mentor Matthew Moody as your own personal and business mentor, if you like.

You see, Matthew has officially declared May as MENTORING MONTH.

Matthew has been running various mentoring and coaching programmes for a few years and is now formalising the mentoring structures that has in place.

To learn more about these options and to register yourself on the Wealth Success Alliance “mentoring” mailing list, please click on the link below and complete the short form to let Matthew know what type of mentoring you’re interested in.


There are mentorship programmes seemingly everywhere nowadays but here’s two facts about Matthew’s  6 Figure Business Circle programme through Wealth Success Alliance:

1)    50% of the mentees in my current 6 Figure Business Circle are doing multiple property deals every month (2 or more) and achieved this by Session 2!

2)    I only work with up to 10 businesses at a time so the programme is like being part of an exclusive members club – the only difference is I help you to build up your 6 figure business and we have a lot of fun at the same time.

If you like the sound of earning 6 figures per year putting you in the top 2% of wealth in the UK, then this Saturday 24th May I am holding my final 6 Figure Business Circle event of this term and you can attend as a VIP guest for just £297.00.

You get to experience the full velocity, drive, passion and community of the “Sixers” as we like to call ourselves and learn a ton of new content in the process.

Book your place here!

If you can’t make this date, then I do have limited consultation spots available this week and next where we can get on the phone and have a discussion about your business and over a 30-45 minute call, I’ll show you the steps to fix one area of your business.

Just fill out our short form here https://www.facebook.com/WealthSuccessAlliance/app_106171216118819   to apply for a limited consultation spot.

So, what’s it to be?

Are you going to look back 6 months from now and wish you had had the courage and the vision to join the 6 Figure Business Circle or are you going to be one of the elite few who joined and made their business a viable profit-generating machine.

Below is Matthew’s personal invitation to come along to the Preview Day for the 6 Figure Business Circle on 24th May at Kilworth House, Lutterworth Leicestershire. The link to register is below the video.

Book Your Place By Clicking Here!

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