Create Your Strategy 2013

Happy New Year!

How to  Create Your Strategy for 2013 with Simon Zutshi

How to Create Your Strategy for 2013 with Simon Zutshi

Top property expert and founder of the Property Investors’ Network Simon Zutshi has stayed on the orange juice [with perhaps with the smallest amount of Champagne] during all of the New Year’s celebrations, so he can bring YOU the BIGGEST amount of value tomorrow evening at 8pm.

You’ll only get the best if you attend LIVE

Simon Zutshi presents…

‘Create Your Strategy 2013’,

Thursday 3rd January at 8pm

To register for F R E E – CLICK HERE

80% of the registrations were already taken by the end of yesterday, to reserve your place Click Here

Here’s what to expect…

1. You’ll be given a copy of Simon’s new Strategy Planning Tool [ONLY if you attend LIVE]
2. Simon is going to SHOW you HOW to use the Strategy Planning Tool
3. Simon is going to give you the voucher code to get the best price EVER on his one-day PIQS [Property Investing Quick Start] events in January and February, plus show you how to bring a friend for F R E E
4. Simon is going to reveal HOW you can gain access to his new pin Academy membership [with over 400 members in under 2 months] for just £1

I said to Simon I wanted everyone who attends the get the BEST value for their 60mins
Sound fair?

As well as ALL of the above Simon will share:

1. Risks vs. Opportunities – they can both be big – HOW do you max one and min the other in 2013?
2. More people now rent than own – it’s official – HOW can you make money in this market place?
3. Simon’s invested since 1995 – he will use HIS experience to help you craft YOUR own plan including where to invest, what to say to sellers and HOW to finance the purchase

You will also be able to ask Simon your OWN questions

See you tomorrow, Thursday 3rd January at 8pm!

You can register by CLICKING HERE


PS If you haven’t even thought about New Year’s Resolutions yet, this will be a GREAT place to start!
The webinar is F R E E, You can register by CLICKING HERE

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