Shelter Target PRS Landlords Again!

Shelter Target PRS Landlords Again!

Shelter Attacks PRS Landlords With
More Bogus Propaganda

The homelessness charity, Shelter are once again targeting private rental sector landlords, with claims of abuse and neglect being aimed at the sector.

Shelter claim that that 125,000 tenants have suffered abusive behaviour from landlords in the past year and the health of 1 Million private rental sector tenants have been affected by rogue landlords not doing property repairs or dealing with poor conditions in their rented property, with almost 300,000 parents who rent reporting serious impacts on their children’s health caused by poor property management.

The charity maintain that damp, mould, and bad ventilation in private rented sector properties are causing asthma, allergies, breathing problems and worse among tenants, and they are laying the blame squarely on landlords shoulders.

The fresh attack appears to stem from an extension of a previous survey rather than the charity freshly surveying real tenants in the private sector and provides no fresh evidence or contributing factors, such as tenant lifestyles and habits to back up these serious allegations.

Shelter actually only surveyed 3,792 tenants in rented properties earlier in the year and found that only 60 tenants had claimed that their landlord or letting agent had been abusive towards them or another tenant in the last year, although there was no mention of what evidence was supplied to the charity to substantiate these claims. However, according to their latest public rant, all private rental sector landlords are bad and don’t care about their tenants.

RLA Chairman - Alan WardEven the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) have questioned the figures quoted by Shelter, after discovering that the number of tenants cited as calling the charity’s helpline was actually less than 17,000. RLA Chairman Alan Ward has written to the chief executive of the charity saying the figures do not add up, accusing Shelter of being selective in the data it chooses to publish. The information published by the homeless charity exceeds the published national figures and the RLA want clarity on how the quoted numbers were obtained

It is ludicrous that UK private rented sector landlords are being broadly lambasted by a national charity, when we are all in the position of helping people find homes.

Yes the industry has some rogue operators, however we are not all bad people, we provide decent housing for people who need homes and have a duty of care to provide tenants with a safe and habitable environment to live in.

We are not all money grabbing b******s, in reality, 99.9% of us have a conscience and are bound by Government legislation as well as our own morals, Shelter have obviously never heard of the adage “treat others as you wish to be treated”.

However, there is plenty of factual evidence available from the courts (via the Freedom of Information Act) to show the number of rogue tenants who were evicted from private rental sector properties for failing to pay their rent for months and months, causing financial hardship to the property owners, even forcing a few to lose their property assets, reducing the number of rental properties available to tenants, but this fact is not even considered or acknowledged by the charity.

Whilst I agree that there are a few rogue operators in the sector that do need to be rooted out, the majority of us are good, honest and decent law abiding property professionals, so I would implore Shelter to choose the wording for their campaigns a little more carefully and check the figures being quoted before publishing anything!

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