More Severe Weather Warnings For UK Property Owners

More Severe Weather Warnings For UK Property Owners

Landlords Urged To Ensure Insurance Is Up To Date Before Severe Weather Hits Again

There was more bad news for property owners and landlords this week as the UK Meteorological Office (Met Office) has issued further severe weather warnings for the week ahead, bringing more misery for landlords and property owners in the South of England already seriously affected by flooding.

Met office staff have predicted a “Valentine’s Day Massacre” as the UK prepares to be battered by 80mph winds and more torrential rain on Friday 14th February, however there will be much more rain before then, with a slightly weaker weather front expected earlier in the week (Tuesday 11th – Wednesday 12th February).

Government departments, local authorities and agencies are working together to do everything they can to help communities at risk, but landlords are urged to check that they are adequately covered by specialist landlord insurance policies.The Environment Agency will continue to work alongside emergency services and other local specialist agencies to get affected communities ready for the next band of bad weather and landlords are urged to check on the condition of their property assets before the next series of severe weather systems hit the UK.

The Environment Agency are running the biggest pumping operation ever seen on the Somerset Levels, with around 2.9 million tonnes of water being pumped out every day, enough liquid to fill Wembley Stadium 3 times over.

The severe weather and continued downpours of rain have seen the land become saturated in much of the South of England, with Somerset and Devon bearing the brunt of the heavy rainfall.

The Government have ordered specialist pumping equipment to help clear roads, in addition to the pumps already working flat out, and all options for pumping and dredging will be investigated.

Demountable flood defences and sandbags are being given out in the worst affected regions and the Environment Agency continues to clear waterways to ensure as many residential properties as possible are protected.

No amount of pumping will solve the current problem because of over-saturated land, and the dredging of rivers is expected to start as soon as the waters recede enough for it to be safe to do so.

Military personnel, including Royal Marines, are deploying sandbags and helping residents and EA staff to improve flood defences. In the Moorland area of Somerset, the military are helping to evacuate 140 properties and planners are already working with a number of relevant agencies at a range of locations in the South of England to identify where further support can be offered by the military.

Landlords Urged To Ensure Insurance Is Up To Date

Landlords Urged To Ensure Insurance Is Up To Date

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited Somerset on Friday to see the impact of the floods and meet local residents, farmers and emergency teams and work has already begun on an action plan to deliver robust defences against floods in Somerset over the next 20 years.

In Dawlish a section of the railway, adjacent road and the sea wall was destroyed by high seas that washed away the foundations on which the railway line was built. There is also severe damage to the track and platforms at Dawlish station and train operator First Great Western have said that the line between Exeter and Plymouth will remain closed until further notice.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “As we continue to face these extraordinary weather events, I have made clear again in COBRA this afternoon that every resource is available to the local communities affected. We will keep providing whatever immediate practical support and assistance is needed, whether that is extra pumps and sandbags; military support on the ground; emergency funds from the new £7 million (GBP) severe weather assistance fund for local councils. In Somerset, the Environment Agency is starting a further flood alleviation plan and, as I’ve said before, when the water levels come down and it’s safe to do so, they will be dredging to make sure that these rivers and ditches can carry more water. With significant disruption to rail lines across the South, but particularly in the South West, I have asked Network Rail to closely monitor the situation and do whatever it takes to restore the lines. And as we continue to work on a long-term solution to alleviate the risk of flooding, leading scientific and hydrological experts from the UK and abroad met at Downing Street this afternoon, ensuring that we are drawing on the widest possible pool of scientific expertise. I want to assure the public and communities affected that we are doing all we can to get them back on their feet.”

Severe Weather Warnings For UK Property Owners

Severe Weather Warnings For UK Property Owners

To keep up with the latest information and advice about the severe weather and floods from government agencies and partners.

Environment Agency – For advice on the risk of flooding in your area and how to prepare, visit the Environment Agency’s website  or follow them on Twitter: @EnvAgency.

Met Office – For the latest severe weather warnings visit the Met Office website or follow them on Twitter: @MetOffice.

Highways Agency – For advice on travel by road visit the Highways Agency website or follow them on Twitter: @Highways_Agency.

Local councils –  find your local council

National Rail – Check with National Rail Enquiries for the latest updates on service disruptions.

If you have a power cut, you need to contact the local distribution network operator who maintains the power lines that connect your home or business to the network not your chosen electricity provider who sells you energy.
Further information: Who to call when you have a power cut

Numerous government departments and agencies are working together to provide support throughout the severe weather.

In addition to those listed above, further information and advice can be found on the following websites and Twitter channels:

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