Tenant evictions increase because of severe rent arrears

as rents and utility bills rise

Rise in Tenant Evictions

Rise in Tenant Evictions

UK landlords are well aware that continuing to house tenants that are already in rent arrears can be a costly exercise, unless swift action is taken to evict them.

Hiring eviction experts can help speed up the eviction process of these non paying tenants and using eviction experts should avoid the case being thrown out of court due to minor inaccuracy or mistakes in the required paper work.

Landlords are moving faster than ever to evict tenants who fall into rent arrears according to the latest figures from Sweet & Maxwell, the leading legal information provider.

Any tenant more than two months behind on their rent is classified as being in severe rental arrears. The number of tenants affected by rent arrears rose nearly 5% during the last quarter of 2012.

The level of those in severe rent arrears over the last twelve months is 20% above the long-term average, representing 2.3% of all tenancies in England and Wales.

The number of tenants facing eviction through court orders reached 25,286 from October to December 2012, up 5.7%, putting evictions at the highest level ever recorded in an individual quarter, and 10.2% higher than a year before.

In addition, in the first three months of 2013, the number of tenants reported to be in severe rent arrears jumped by 4,000 to 94,000, marking the fourth highest figure on record, as tenants continue to struggle with increasing bills.

The use of accelerated repossession orders in England and Wales has also increased with reported cases jumping up by 42% within the past year.

Accelerated repossession procedures enable landlords to evict tenants once their rental agreement or rental contract has expired, without having to go to court.

Accelerated repossession orders can be filed online, although, unlike traditional repossession orders, landlords do need to launch a separate action to reclaim any rental arrears.

There were 10,244 accelerated possession orders on rental properties through courts in England and Wales in the past year compared to just 7,196 the year before.

High unemployment, increasing rents and falling wages mean an increasing number of working tenants are among those falling behind on their rent, and the governments welfare reforms could add significantly to the eviction figures.

For many UK landlords with buy to let properties, emptying a loss-making property becomes a priority when there is no rental income to cover the buy to let mortgage. Landlords have wrongly assumed that they would be unlikely to recover either the arrears or court costs from defaulting tenants, however this is untrue.

Tenant Evictions are UK eviction specialists, highly experienced in all areas of Landlord and Tenant law with a 99% success rate. Tenant Evictions have eviction lawyers ready to start on landlords cases immediately and offer a fast and reliable eviction and rent recovery service as our scale and volume enables us to provide our expert tenant eviction services for UK landlords at the lowest possible prices.

  • Save approximately 6 – 8 weeks in lost rent
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Tenant-Evictions will act fast to resolve eviction cases, typically aiming to save landlords 6-8 weeks of lost rent by quickly completing paper work and filing applications, ensuring any potential legal loopholes are plugged before the case even goes before a court to ensure a water tight case which offers no alternative outcomes with no loop holes, getting the eviction order first time, without delay.

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