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Real Property Investment Success By Real People

Real Property Investment Success By Real People

I have been fortunate enough to interview many successful and high profile property investors for and there is nothing more motivating than speaking to people who have achieved property investment success against all the odds.

Last week I spoke with Multi-Let Success Strategy founder – Peter Singh, who some of you may remember from the Super Conference at Wembley stadium in March 2013.

Peter bared his soul and shared his emotional property investment journey stood on a stage in front of over 1000 super conference attendees, and I can honestly tell you that it was both moving and inspirational.

From regularly gambling away every penny he had, to being unwittingly involved in a multi-Million pound VAT fraud, for which he had to stand trial, to controlling 11 houses of multiple occupation (HMO’s) or multi let properties, generating £7,000+ (GBP) per month cashflow, in a short space of time.

Peter knew that property investment would provide him with enough income to clear his debts and set him up for life and set about arranging his first property investment deal while he was in court during the day and working night shifts in a local factory to make ends meet. Everyone he talked to about his property vision thought he was mad, including his own legal team, family and friends.

Multi-Let Success Strategy Course with Peter SinghPeter was acquitted of all charges and set about building up his property investment portfolio, which now generates a healthy income that allows Peter the luxury of financial freedom.

Peter employed a cutting edge and under-utilised property investment strategy to build his property portfolio and now he is giving other property investors the chance to learn, understand and use what has already proved to be a very successful business model.

Peter has condensed many months of his own experiences into a jam packed 2 day Multi-Let Success Strategy course that offers terrific value for money, and there are still a few places available for motivated property investors who want to develop their property knowledge and employ cutting edge investment strategies to generate excellent returns.

Watch the interview with Peter Singh below and follow the link underneath to find out more about Multi-Let Success Strategy courses coming up soon.

Multi-Let Success Strategy Course with Peter SinghMulti Let Success Strategy

A Multi-Let property or House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) is a particular type of property which is readily available from Estate Agents and other Landlords. 

The property is leased as a single let at a fixed monthly rental price, the rooms of the multi let property are then rented out individually to professional tenants. 

The difference between the rent you pay for the house and the rent your tenants pay you is your profit margin also know as CASHFLOW.

The cashflow can be over £1000 (GBP), without ever having to own the property. 

So, how many of these properties would you like? 

What You Will Learn From Peter Singh’s Multi-Let Success Strategy 2 day course 

  • HMO/ Multi-let Intro to the Law
  • How to find your £1000 Goldmine area
  • Estate Agent insider’s knowledge
  • The FIVE tenant profiles to know
  • Maximum effect strategies for sourcing tenants and keeping them.
  • Staging the property and the safety lessons
  • Systemised Business – maximum cashflow with minimum time
  • Where to get furniture at MASSIVE discounts
  • Power team – where to assemble your discounted tradesmen
  • Legal packs
  • All the templates, notices, tenant spread sheets and manuals

Multi-Let Success Strategy Course with Peter Singh




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