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Last week, I spent a couple of days talking with Multi-Let Success Strategy coach, Peter Singh who overcame tremendous obstacles in his personal life to achieve real success in property investment and become a real life inspiration for many property investors by using a unique Multi-Let Success Strategy to bring in almost £8,000 (GBP) per month (pcm).

Peter is a genuinely nice guy and his story is fascinating and compelling, there were stages in his life when he was a gambler who faced death threats for not winning money for other people and this affected the financial well being of his entire family in the process, resulting in death becoming a very realistic thought for him.

Multi-Let Success Strategy with Peter Singh

Peter was also used as part of a £38 million VAT fraud for the benefit of others and he was expected to take the blame and again faced death threats if he did not do as he was told and the gang used bent solicitors to ensure that he gave “no comment” at police station interviews, really scary stuff, however, he refused to accept the cr*p that life threw at him and took a stand that would change his life forever.

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Peter used this horrific and life threatening situation to turn his own life around. He became financially free within a matter of months by investing in property and was acquitted after enduring a 3.5 month trial for a crime he did not knowingly commit.

Peter has overcome some tricky obstacles in his life and has still managed to achieve remarkable success, an inspiration for many investors looking for property to be their route to financial freedom.

During his 3 and a half month trial, Peter was acquitted by a jury, and determined to turn his life around, he purchased his first property and turned it into a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) that he expected to provide him with a monthly income of £5-600 as a multi-let property, in fact he ended up earning £950 pcm, from his first property and used this successful methodology to acquire his 2nd, 3rd and 4th in quick succession.

Now with 10 Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s) or Multi-Let properties, Peter has turned his life around and spends much of his time teaching property investors how they too can achieve Multi-Let Success.

In fact Peter is offering property investors the opportunity to follow his successful property investment strategy and will be holding two unique 2 day Multi-Let Success Strategy Workshops at the Hilton Hotel in Dartford on 24th-25th August and again on 5th-6th October.

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Multi-Let Success Strategy with Peter Singh

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