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Property Super Conference CD's

Property Super Conference CD’s


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Every Single Talk From THE **LAST** & Most Talked About Property SuperConference in the Last 10 Years

on 16 CD’s!

16 CDs - 1 great price!

16 CDs Packed With Cashflow-Generating Strategies, including…


Mark Homer
The Latest Urgent Economic Update for Investors

• Important recent Economic changes
• Why the US is on the turn & what it means in the UK
• The Mortgage market eases. So what?

Rob Moore & Peter Iwaniszewski
9 *Brand New* Joint Venture & Finance Raising Hubs

• 9 New Portals to Raise Finance on Your Terms Without Greedy Partners
• Live on screen Demo’s & walk-throughs
• The Previously Unreleased *Glitter* Model – the exact ‘How-to’ of raising more of other people’s money

Iain Wallis
Legally keep More Of Your Property Income

• How to get 100% deduction for your repair bills
• How to pay Inheritance Tax @ 8% not 40%
• How to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax @ 50% of the published rate on purchases over £400,000

Simon Zutshi
How to make more money in less time with big deals!

• How to find profitable big deals in your area
• How to structure a deal using other investors money
• How to minimise the risks of big deals

Rob Moore & Mark I’anson
How to Build a Job Replacing Property Business in 30-90 Days from Today

• Create a sustainable brand & business selling on deals you don’t want or can’t buy
• The Progressive Deal Packaging & Trading Cashflow Matrix
• Where & how to find willing, qualified customers & JV partners

Lauren Ratcliffe
Property Millionaires are Using Social Media to increase their bank balance, NOT to chat. Are You?

• Make £6,957 a week in just 15 minutes a day using Social Media!
• Learn how to earn a Guaranteed 6 figure income, in just 15 minutes a day using Social Media!
• Social Media Making the Hard Yards Easier For You!

Rob Moore
THE Most Important Property Investing Fundamental – How to Dominate Your Local Area In 7 Steps

Mark Homer
Commercial Finance & Property


Peter Hogan
How To Claim Unwanted Property For Free

• Want to know how a tramp named Harry Hallows acquired a £4m mansion in North London completely free?
• Want to know how I acquired approximately £15m worth of land in 2012 alone?
• All free and completely legal!

Rob Moore, Jim Haliburton, & Special Guests
Multi Let Without the Sweat Cashflow

• The 4×4 HMO Cashflow Formula
• How to JV on HMO’s to make them No Money In -Multi Let Without the Sweat – High Income HMO’s Without
• Deposits -Live interviews with 3 *Next Door* UK Cashflow Experts

Beckie Cooper & Simon Grace
Partnering & JV’ing with Local Estate Agents – Build Your Cashflowing, Equity Heavy Property Empire Almost for Free

• How to Ethically pull in the biggest discounts & desperate sellers for Free before they hit the window
• Get the pick of the Repossessions & build a constant deal flow without wasting money on ‘Marketing’
• The techniques to be positioned as the ‘Top Dog’ investor of choice, even if you’re a beginner

Daniel Wagner & Mark Homer
The Auction Profit System – How To Gain An Unfair Advantage At Property Auctions

• How to Create £100k+ Cashflow from Un-Mortgageable Properties Systematically
• The Single Resource You Must Use to Get the Best Leads Sent Directly to Your Inbox – on Autopilot
• How to Use a Simple Spreadsheet and Free Information to Accurately Predict your Profits and Avoid Buying a Kipper

Rob Moore & Jamie Madill
Your Expert Brand, Your Property Event

• How to build your own local, systemised property event
• How to earn 5 Figures a year on one evening a month
• The C.U.S.T.O.M.E.R Property Event Income System

Stephanie Hale
How To Write A Bestselling Book in 28 Days… And Attract Thousands Of New Clients Hungry For Your Expertise

• How to write your book in 28 days or less
• How to write your book in just one hour per day fitted around your existing commitments
• How to get your book on to the bestseller list… guaranteed

Rob Moore
Undercover & Low Cost ‘Guerilla’ Deal Sourcing

• Virtually Free ways to Source Discounted Deals
• Get direct access to motivated & distressed sellers
• Data & results shared of a £10M marketing spend

Mark Homer
Multiple Streams of Property Business Income

• Building Robust Property Business Models in tough economic times
• The Progressive *Property Related Business* Income Models Exposed
• How to endure crashes & recessions to build a lasting, saleable 7-9 Figure Business

Simon Coulson
How to use the internet to grow your property business in 2013

• The essential 3 components to making money online
• How using the Internet you can DOUBLE your business in 6 months or less
• How to leverage the power of social media

Rob Moore
New & Experienced Successful Property Investors’ Live Grilling

• Live ‘No Holds Barred’ Candid Interviews from New & Experienced Progressive Investors
• Ask your Questions Live & unedited in an Intimate Environment
• Over £50M of Property Bought by the Interviewees

Trevor Cutmore
No Money Down Cashflow Control

• Control Cash Income of properties without mortgages or deposits
• How to Build faster bigger portfolios with less interest rate and downturn risk
• Structure, package and turn most dying deals into recurring income

Rob & Special Guest VIP
The Progressive 70-20-10 Strategy

• Control Cash Income of properties without mortgages or deposits
• How to Build faster bigger portfolios with less interest rate and downturn risk
• Structure, package and turn most dying deals into recurring income

Yvonne Emery
From Mould To Gold In 6 Weeks Or Less

• Don’t run away from the difficult projects, learn to smell the money
• No holds barred on how to charge Joint Venture partners
• Brand new secret revealed on how to do flips with no deposit, no mortgage and none of your own money

Karl Spencer
Handsfree Investing, The Baby Without The Labour Pains

• How to be a leveraged Handsfree property cash flowing investor
• Handsoff Investing strategies for busy people with money to invest but concerned about risk
• How to decide which JV partner, sourcer, packager & portfolio building company to align with

Frank Bruno & Neville Wright
An evening spar with Frank Bruno and Neville Wright

• Why & how Frank Bruno can help investors & Entrepreneurs grow their business
• Candid Q&A and a surprising revelation
• Battle of the Heavyweights with a £100M Investor

16 CDs - 1 great price!

16 CDs – 1 great price!

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