Property Portfolio Building With Experts

Property Portfolio Building With Experts

Are you a new or seasoned property investor looking to expand your property portfolio?

Property investment across the world has changed over the last five years, gone are the days of same day purchase and re-mortgage, property investors can’t find No Money Down (NMD) deals and mortgage availability has been better.

Since 2007 /8 when the effects of the economic crisis were first being felt, property investors across the UK became fearful over the subject of finance!

Many property investors have been forced to face the dramatic changes in available property finance since the property crash, when decisions used to be based on providing ultra minimal information and excessive lending to the masses was the norm. In fact, confidence in property was so high that lots of mortgage lenders failed to carry out proper checks into affordability and individual earnings.

The arrival of the financial crisis in 2008 saw banks and Governments realise the extent of the problems caused by irresponsible lending and the result was a global economic meltdown and the introduction of strict lending criteria to such an extent that even the most experienced investors were unable to obtain finance .

Fast forward to now, in October 2013, 5 years on and there are much better prospects on the horizon for all property investors, from seasoned and experienced property investors with sizable property portfolios to new investors who are looking for fantastic deals to introduce them to the UK rental market for the first time.

Mortgage lending is being boosted by the introduction of Government incentives, like the Help-to-Buy scheme, but this does not help property investors.

Economists predict that mortgage lending will never return to the extremes observed during the last property boom, but mortgages are now back on the market in the affordable range, and these mortgage products are far more regulated than they used to be.

Mainstream mortgage lenders are now introducing good quality mortgage products for the buy-to-let market, which offer anything from 60-75% loan to value (LTV), however these mortgages do require a sizable deposit.

There is now a unique opportunity for property investors to build or expand their property portfolios, and I would like to introduce a company that you may have heard of – Platinum Portfolio Builders – Who we are going to be working closely with and intend to purchase a few properties through, so that we can report back to our readers on the whole process.

Platinum Portfolio Builder would love to help more property investors expand their property portfolio’s so if you want to contact them click on the PPB banner or send an email to with MPPT in the title or alternatively call 01226 732 606 and mention MPPT and they will be happy to offer you some expert advice.

Platinum Portfolio Builder builds and manages property portfolios for people who want to invest in property but who don’t have the time, knowledge or inclination to do it themselves.

They only buy properties where a minimum discount of 25% below an independent RICS valuation is achieved.

Property Portfolio Building With The Experts

Property Portfolio Building With The Experts

PPB have an in-house team of expert property buyers, project managers, builders and letting agents and so let and manage the properties for their clients on an on-going basis until they want to sell them and cash in their profits.

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