Top 7 Property Predictions & Early Mover Opportunities for 2013

Top 7 Property Predictions & Early Mover Opportunities for 2013

Property Investment Just Got Easier

If UK & Overseas Property Investors want to get the real inside story on what’s REALLY going to happen in the UK property investment market in 2013, then listen in on Wednesday 16th January @ 8pm as 2 of the UK’s most prolific contrarian property investors reveal the “Top 7 Property Predictions & Early Mover Opportunities for 2013”, during an exclusive online event: REGISTER NOW

As 2013 stretches before us, we’re all looking to learn about the best of property investment from other successful property investors that will hopefully help us improve and grow our own property business’.


Every year around this time people from every walk of life, like to reflect on what practices worked for them during the previous year and look forward with new goals for the coming year. With that in mind we thought it would be helpful to promote a very special property investment webinar that is happening Wednesday 16th January @ 8pm with 2 of the UK’s most successful contrarian property investors.


How much easier and profitable could your 2013 be if you could to listen in on the answers to these BIG questions:

*What will be the new ‘No Money Down’ of 2013?
*What Investor Types will Survive, Thrive or Fail?
*Residential, Commercial or Private finance for 2013?
*What will happen to house prices in the next year?
*What are the best & worst Cashflow strategies now?
*Which significant new regulations affect you?
*Which surprising budget change could wipe ALL your income tax in the next 12 months?


Well, if You want the inside story on what’s REALLY going to happen in the UK property investment and the UK property market in 2013…

Rob Moore will finally be unleashing the knowledge of Mark Homer for this online event Wednesday 16th January @ 8pm That’s 5 yrs of relative public silence unlocked for just one evening: REGISTER NOW

Rob Moore & Mark Homer have bought over 230 properties since 2005 for themselves and their investors 

In 2006 Rob & Mark set about buying properties full time for themselves. They never actually intended to build one of the largest Property companies in the UK, they simply wanted to buy Property with big discount & good cashflow for lifestyle choice

Things snowballed from there, & having sourced those properties in 2006 & built many relationships with Estate Agents, they were sourcing more Property than they could logistically buy. From there they started to buy for friends & family

And so Progressive Property *Hands-Free* was born in January 2007: for people who want all of the benefits of Property without having to do the work themselves.

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