Sorry if you Missed Simon Zutshi’s Property Investment Strategy Planning 2013 Webinar Last Night


But if you couldn’t get on, I have Good News

Property Investment Strategy Planning 2013 with Simon Zutshi

Property Investment Strategy Planning 2013 with Simon Zutshi

On behalf of Simon we have been asked to say sorry to all those people who could not get on the webinar. Please accept our humble apologies; there were some technology challenges last night due to the sheer VOLUME of people trying to join Simon Zutshi’s Property Investment Strategy Planning 2013 webinar all at the same time

For those that did manage to get through to Simon’s ‘Create Your Property Investment Strategy 2013’ webinar last night – It was amazing, wasn’t it?

 Starting the day with a plan is good, starting the week with a plan is great, but starting the year with a plan is excellent! Planning is the right way to go forward and every property investor should do it

So, because of the previous technical difficulties, Simon has agreed to hold the LIVE webinar again, one last time on
Monday 7th January at 8pm

Simon Zutshi presents…for the final time

Create Your Strategy 2013 Monday 7th January at 8pm
To register for F R E E – CLICK HERE

If you missed it the first time, technology doesn’t always work and sometimes things happen in life, so this is your second and last opportunity – please take it!

Here are 4 reasons why I’m going back for a second time with my notes at the ready, just in case I missed anything the first time:

1. Everyone was given a copy of Simon’s new Strategy Planning Tool [ONLY if they attended LIVE]
2. Simon SHOWED us HOW to use the Strategy Planning Tool
3. Simon gave us a unique voucher code to get the best price EVER on his one-day PIQS [Property Investing Quick Start] events in January and February, plus he also showed us how to bring a friend for F R E E
4. Simon revealed HOW you could gain access to his new pin Academy membership [with over 400 members in under 2 months] for just £1

As before, there are ONLY 500 lines for this webinar and it was previously massively oversubscribed,
so CLICK HERE to secure your place RIGHT NOW

Since it’s the beginning of the year and investors love to talk property in the UK, Simon’s has agreed to cover the most popular questions asked by property investors, including:

1. Risks vs. Opportunities – they can both be big – HOW do you max one and min the other in 2013?
2. More people now rent than own – it’s official – HOW can you make money in this market place?
3. Simon’s invested since 1995 – he will use HIS experience to help you craft YOUR own plan including where to invest, what to say to sellers and HOW to finance the purchase

 See you again on Monday 7th January at 8pm!

You can register by CLICKING HERE:


PS This will be the LAST time Simon will help YOU create YOUR property investment strategy for 2013 so REGISTER HERE

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