Since the start of January You, our lovely readers, may have been aware that we have been promoting a couple of important property investment webinars by some of the top property investment educators in the UK, Simon Zutshi and Progressive Property.

Property Investment and the Property Investor 2013

Property Investment and the Property Investor 2013

I was fortunate enough to take part in these webinars and even though I am an experienced property investor, both webinars challenged my perceptions and beliefs in property investment and business to the point that I have re-evaluated my financial strategies when it comes to property and have already pinned my goals to my office wall in front of my PC.

Simon Zutshi helped me to define what I could realistically achieve and gave me fresh impetus to go out and get things done!

Business does not have to be a lone struggle and the best results can be obtained by joint venturing (JV) with others. Nothing is ever beyond our reach and the only limiting factors to our success is ourselves!

2013 is only 2 weeks old and I already have this year’s goals and objectives planned with the correct investment vehicles and JV partners in place and I have already identified my overall dream goal and will endeavour to work towards making that a reality.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to participate in Simon’s webinars then you missed out, however all is not lost and you can still join in with thousands of other like minded property people on the PIN Academy forum.

Rob Moore and Mark Homer from Progressive Property also ran an amazing webinar last week and the content was mind blowing, Rob revealed lots of insider information and resources that I didn’t even know existed, and its my job to know these things! It just goes to prove that there are a wealth of useful resouces out there and the people who are in the know are very reluctant to share the knowledge…Until Now!

Rob & Mark have been persuaded to do a re-run of the massively oversubscribed webinar, this Wednesday 16th January 2013 and they have made extra registration spaces available, so don’t miss out.

7 predictions for the property market in 2013” includes:

*What will be the new ‘No Money Down’ of 2013?
*What Investor Types will Survive, Thrive or Fail?
* Residential, Commercial or Private finance for 2013?
* What will happen to house prices in the next year?
* What are the best & worst Cashflow strategies now?
* Which significant new regulations affect you
* Which surprising budget change could wipe ALL your income tax?!

There were 2,300 people registered for the first webinar and there were only 500 places available so if you can spare the time I RECOMMEND registering for this amazing webinar, the content WILL surprise you and could make all the difference to how you approach your property investments during 2013 and beyond.

You still have time (but not much) to get registered for this:

this is the last one of 2013 – don’t miss out

This coming Wednesday night , 16th January 2013 @ 8pm Progressive’s last  Top 7 Property Predictions Online Event of 2013.

There are some VERY SPECIAL offers within this webinar that WILL make all the difference to your property investments.


Breaking News

I have just received an email from Rob Moore, it reads as follows…

Due to a genuine mix up on Friday 11th January, Simon Zutshi offered tickets to the Property Super Conference at the (expired) early bird price (not his fault)

We made a big thing about the seriousness of the deadline, because many people just use ‘deadlines’ as a marketing gimmick

We don’t use gimmicks. We believe in the value of what we do.

To be fair to everybody, and due to this genuine mix up, we have no choice but to reopen the early bird ticket deadline until 15th January, at 12 noon.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important email

Invest for Freedom, Choice & Profit

Rob Moore
The Progressive Group

That’s Midday TODAY!

Get In Quick because the ticket prices will continue to rise as the event gets closer, last year tickets to the PSC were being traded well above their original face value because it was the Property Investment event of the year and the 2013 last ever Property Super Conference (PSC) is set to be bigger and better with over 1500 property investors expected to attend.

Would being there boost your business?

I can honestly answer that on your behalf…


Register For the Webinar Now!

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